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4.4 out of 5 stars68
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 12 July 2000
I remember buying "Bleach" when it was first released in 1989,and it was so fresh compared to the other alternative music of that time. it was one of the most outstanding releases from the Sub-Pop label and is still one of my favourites... Nirvana became less and less underground from then on but "Bleach" is a definite must-have album from the Grunge era. From real down and dirty heavy stuff like "Negative Creep" to slow ballad type music like "About A Girl" this album is quality from start to finish. It rocks!
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on 5 October 1999
They had total control over the album,as it says on the back cover it was made for just $606.17 Dollars. Sub Pop released it and then Nirvana was born. Kurt was angry that 'Love Buzz' was the biggest song of the album as it was a cover. Such songs as 'School, Negative Creep and Floyd the Barber' prove that this band was the back bone of the Seattle scene with songs like these this will make you want to start your own band. You will dance, rock and totally enjoy this album through and through.
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on 26 March 2003
It would be wrong to give this album 5 stars, as it isn't 5-star material - as much as I'm a Kurt Cobainiac, I must admit that they didn't start churning out the really good stuff until Grohl jumped aboard and Nevermind was released.
But that isn't to say that this isn't any good - Floyd the Barber is brilliance, and About A Girl is one of my personal favourites. When you think that this is Nirvana's first studio recording (they started as a live band), it's quite good - but it's done in such a way that the thing has the aura of an "inside joke" - almost as if Cobain balked at the band taking off (he didn't, of course).
If you enjoy the work of Nirvana, this album is interesting, as it helps to see where the band started off. Also, this album is like someone explaining the key line of a story you don't understand - when you listen to this album, most of Nevermind and In Utero becomes alot clearer. A must have for any rock/Nirvana entheusiasts.
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on 15 February 2000
modern music in the late eighties was going belly up like a fat decadent aging rockstar. T-RExs eventually suffered gout according to paleontologists. and punk was dead. the music was sentimental no-brainer trash. even the innovative heavy metal acts from the mid to late-seventies were suffering. in a garage in seattle, according to legend, a band were making grunge, a type of music that spewed forthe a bile of reaction from the decadence and inhumanity around it [musically]. not that i credit nirvana for creating grunge..but as early pioneers who pushed it forward. This debut album is work of genius and turned heads when it was first released failed to reach a huge audience. but even now this album is innovative and a must have. especially those who already own nevermind, see where it came from, the great lyrics and rhythms and 'who cares? rawness' really make its milestone.
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on 18 January 2003
First things first DONT make this your first Nirvana album. If you've heard Nirvana on MTV (boo) or Radio and want to get into them then make Nevermind or In Utero your first purchases. If this was the first Nirvana album i heard i would probably not listen to them again simply because you need to have the "ears" for it. Bleach is quite rightly held in high esteem by most Nirvana fans because it is simply a must-have Grunge album. This is their sludgiest album by far and great songs like Blew,School,Love Buzz and Negative Creep show that Nirvana could do heavy. About A Girl is a Nirvana classic and i prefer this version to the Unplugged one. The album is only let down by Chad Channing's drumming and a few songs later on in the album which just seem out of touch with the rest of the album. If you already own Nevermind then this album is a MUST, but dont go thinking its going to sound anything like it. Also people who say Bleach is Nirvana's greatest album need to check their heads. :P
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on 11 February 2001
As a debut album this is brilliant, Kurt Cobain's raw, rock, voice shines through. Chad Cannings drum playing is excellent while Christ Novoselic's bass is a treat. This is how the band enjoyed playing the most and we can hear this in the songs. The expression Kurt puts into his voice is unmatchable. "About a girl" is later remembered on their unplugged cd and has one of the impressive melodys Nirvana are famous for. This album is a good start for a previosly unknown underground band, evenso it is not in the league of, "In Utero", the bands best album. If you are a determined Nirvana fan you will love this album. Nivana WERE grunge.
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on 25 January 2002
its true that this album doesnt have the same class that in utero had, but Nirvanas style changed when they created Nevermind. There are some amazing tracks on it like mr. moustache, downer, about a girl etc. for a debut album it is clear that this is a damn good album. it is also clear that they put loads of effort into writing and performing their music when they started. This is a brilliant grunge album which needs to be listened to a few times to be truly appriciated, it is more grungy instead of pop like Nevermind seemed to be so if you want a change from listening to the more recent Nirvana albums then definutly get this'n. The drumming of Chad Channing is impressive and all of the songs are performed brilliantly by the whole band, with a lot of effort i feel from Kurt.
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on 4 November 2000
Bleach is easily Nirvana's best album, followed by incesticide, and outshines Nevermind as a work of pure passion and energy. Whereas Nevermind only had Breed and Territorial Pissings, Bleach has a slew of amazing sonic nastiness that floors the listener when he first hears it. Negative Creep is a scream along classic and Blew has one of the best basslines of all time. Kurts fantastic screeching guitar work and asome of the heaviest riffs of all time make this the must have sub pop title. Along with the work of Tad, Mudhoney, and the Melvins, the classic Seattle rock album.
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on 29 June 2015
My first copy of 'Bleach' was bought in 1992 on vinyl from HMV in Reading. I was somewhat intimidated by the ferocity of the album at first, but grew to love and admire it. For me, this low-budget recording is one of the most significant albums of all time.

I actually prefer the shorter, 11 track version of 'Bleach', even though I like the extra songs 'Love Buzz' and 'Downer'. Having said that, the album could have been better still as a longer version, perhaps with a second disc, with brilliant recordings such as 'If You Must', 'Pen Cap Chew', and 'Blandest' left in the can for years. Other great material, such as 'Big Long Now' and others ended up on the rarities collection 'Incesticide'. 'Spank Thru', Nirvana's most complicated song, initially found a home on the 'Sub Pop 200' sampler.

Kurt Cobain introduced an extreme form of music to the mainstream, using intelligence, a great, expressive, 'whisper to a scream' rock voice, and a unique ability to communicate angst, depression, and a world-weary view of life, as well as having a superior gift for song structure, however strange or far-out the material was.

On 'Bleach' Kurt demonstrates a fascination for words with different meanings which sound the same. On the later hit 'Teen Spirit' he sings "hello, hello, hello, how low". Here, on 'Bleach' he uses the words stain/strain/shame in 'Blew', and shaved/shamed in 'Floyd The Barber'. Many other examples of this can be found on other songs such as 'About A Girl'.

Another interesting feature of 'Bleach' is the brief lyrical content. Songs such as 'Blew', 'School', 'About A Girl' and 'Negative Creep' actually contain very few lyrics. This may not be noticeable because of the changing ways that the words are articulated and repeated. Even the cover of Shocking Blue's 'Love Buzz' uses fewer lyrics than the original.

The song 'Paper Cuts' is very unusual musically and lyrically, and conveys something sinister. 'Sifting' is remarkable in the way it communicates a kind of 'attitude' and alienation from society.

I have always thought of 'Mudhoney's' classic 'Superfuzz Bigmuff' album (released by 'Sub Pop' in 1988) as an excellent companion piece to 'Bleach', as well as one of the key albums from the Seattle grunge scene.

To me, 'Bleach' is the definitive Nirvana album. A lingering feeling still persists that the aforementioned 3 songs 'If You Must'/'Pen Cap Chew'/'Blandest' belong with/are missing from, the record, and could have added even more to an already classic release.
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on 11 February 2000
I first got this album of a mate when i was 14. It meant a lot to me then, and it still does today. It represent Nirvanas smash into a scene that still has musical influences today. Some may say that this album is bad, because they heard Nevermind first. This album is the first and most pure of all of Nirvana's work and a definite must have for any fan
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