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3.8 out of 5 stars49
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 19 November 2009
With all of the poor comments against what was a classic 1980's LP I decided to investigate what could have been so wrong about these CD releases. It appears that the initial CD release effectively was the original 'cassette album' (which included extended versions of a number of tracks as well as a bonus track: "Behind Your Smile"). The original LP had shorter and superior versions of the famous tracks. The 25th Anniversary CD release appears to include most of the original LP tracks with the exception of "Come Back and Stay", "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and "Love of the Common People" which all appear to be shorter edits (and also "No Parlez" is 5 seconds shorter - possibly the fade out). Now, as far as I can tell, the first CD version of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" IS the LP version at exactly 5 minutes, whereas the 25th CD is an edit at 4 minutes 25 seconds. I don't believe that you can get the original LP versions of "Come Back and Stay" or "Love of the Common People" anywhere on CD (other than a CD-R if somebody has transferred their original LP across). Anyway, you'll need to burn your own CD-R if you want to attempt to reproduce the classic "No Parlez" original LP, but you'll have to produce 'Edits' of the first CD versions of "Come Back and Stay" from 7:56 to 4:57 and also "Love of the Common People" from 5:51 to 4:56.

Full Breakdown of track times:

Track----------------------LP--Cassette--Orig CD--25th CD
Come Back and Stay--------4:57---7:55-----7:56-----4:24
Love Will Tear Us Apart------5:00---5:00-----5:00-----4:17
Wherever I Lay My Hat------5:18---6:00-----6:01-----5:17
Ku Ku Kurama---------------4:19---4:19-----4:20-----4:18
No Parlez-------------------4:57---4:57-----4:54-----4:52
Behind Your Smile------------------4:08--------------4:08*
Love of the Common People-4:56---5:51-----5:51-----4:00
Oh Women-----------------3:35---3:35-----3:34-----3:34
Iron Out the Rough Spots---4:47---7:27-----7:29-----4:48
Broken Man----------------3:54---3:54-----3:55-----3:55
Tender Trap---------------4:32---4:32-----4:32-----4:31

*Note that Behind Your Smile is a bonus track on the 25th CD and appears on the 2nd CD not with the original album on the 1st CD. It is the same version as the bonus track on the original cassette.

Hopefully that helps to make this CD saga a lot clearer. Now Sony better sort their act out and release the definitive Original LP version of "No Parlez" on CD...
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on 12 September 2008
I owned and loved the vinyl LP of this album in the 80's. When CD came onto the market, I taped my LP collection and ditched my records and record deck through lack of space. Now, years later, I was keen to re-buy the album on CD.

This version is awful though. Every track (I think) is a kind of disco mix of the original with lots of digital drums and 'scratching' thrown in. Utter rubbish.

One of the tabloid papers was recently giving copies of this CD away, so I got one of those........and it's exactly the same!! Have Sony/BMG somehow lost the original masters or something? It seems it is not possible to buy a CD copy of the original vinyl release.

I'm going to get myself a vinyl copy on Amazon or at a car boot sale, and archive it to CD (I've bought a record deck again in the meantime!) as this seems to be the only way.

Very disappointed!!
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on 17 July 2008
The initial CD version of No Parlez included only longer versions of the hit singles alongside a few other songs. The album versions from the album were, however, nowhere to be found. In the liner notes of this re-release Paul Young describes those versions as being wearing; not an understatement. According to Paul, the album version was always the true version and finally one can listen to it on CD a quarter of a century later.

It took me not a whole lot longer than zero seconds to realize that something was wrong. The starting crushing interplay of bass & drums on Come Back and Stay is nowhere to be heard, the songs simply "starts". When I heard that the middle section where Paul sings "Since You've Been Gone...." is truncated did I realize that this is the single version being used, NOT the original album version. Things get worse: Love Will Tear Us Apart is presented here without the intro on the original album, again it simply "starts". Similar story with Love of the Common People, the long intro on the album has been shortened, similar as to the single version although I am not sure whether its identical, it is a bit longer than the version on his Time compilation. I think/hope I have spotted all the faults.

The production at the time was revolutionary; Lauri Latham (later worked with Echo & the Bunnymen, Squeeze and The Stranglers) came with a distinctive glossy and crisp sound. Although it became soon dated, it sounds today very fresh. The re-mastering is good, it is as if the tapes were cleaned with the separation much clearer. The music has also aged well, Paul Young's voice still gives me goose bumps. A bonus CD is included with the boring 12 inch versions but an interesting version of Tears For Fears' Pale Shelter and 2 great live recordings.
In whole, a major disappointment due to shortened versions, and simply baffling since it is stated that this IS the original album. I thus give it only three stars, which may be generous. Any comments, especially from someone responsible for this re-release would be welcomed.
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on 29 June 2013
There have been many reviews regarding this album already. It seems that the CD releases do not match what was originally released on LP back in the 80's.Is it too much to ask for a CD that is remastered properly with the original versions? The problem with this CD is not with Amazon but the record company. Most of the reviews of the CD versions are not liked but the record companies do not respond & don't care. I used to own this LP & I want a CD that reflects that release. I'm put off buying the CD because of the previous reviews. The only way to get this album is buy the LP & copy it to CD. Not what I really want to do but at present it's the only option.
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on 24 March 2013
A reminder of the vinyl days when records or albums could tell a story. The album has heavy influences of Soul, motown and even new wave. The classic hits Where ever I lay my hat and Love of the common people were of the soul variety and Come back and stay a more pop song. Paul Young also was one of the first to cover a Joy Division song. It has divided opinion but it was a difficult choice to do a cover of Love will tear us apart.

Young also contributed to two of the songs Broken Man and Tender Trap and they don't look out of place on this album.

This was his debut album and to be fair I don't think his subsequent releases ever matched it in terms of style and substance. It was a huge album in 1983 and doesn't sound old fashioned a true classic album.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 13 May 2010
Please tell me whose bright idea it was to take a classic album and screw around with the arrangements. Someone with too much time on their hand, for sure. There was absolutely no need to mess around with the tracks on this album; all the most famous ones have been 'extended' as the publishers are calling it. I was not happy when I heard it. I bought this album for nostalgic reasons; I was extremely fond of it back in 1983 but just never got around to buying the CD. Looks like I left it too late. GIVE US BACK THE ORIGINAL!! not awkward scratchy remixes.
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on 14 October 2014
The vinyl version of this album was one of the soundtracks to my youth, so I purchased this CD in the anticipation of a nostalgia trip. Unfortunately, instead of the originals, the CD has a number of 'extended remixes' of the more popular of these lovely songs, which rather spoiled my enjoyment.

The tracks didn't need extending; they were fine as they were. The extensions comprised interposing some stock 'record scratch' sounds (wacka wacka), repeating section of the lyrics sometimes at different speeds ('ego, eeeego, ee, gggo, gggo, go, eeego in your lust') , or adding in extra loud drum sounds. These adulterations were possibly exciting back in 1983, but today they seem seem clichéd, and they were conducted in a ham-fisted manner. Fatboy Slim this is not. They add nothing, and detract from the original, skilful, appropriate production and timing.

But if you can see past the butchery, the album comprises some well rendered versions of some classic soul songs, and some fun originals. There's novel backing singing, and 1980s style production with plenty synthesisers used by talented musicians.

For the best nostalgia trip, try the download version on No Parlez - it contains the remastered originals (extra-sparkly treble - no bad thing), and the remixes of more dubious worth.
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on 1 March 2015
I'm probably the only person on the planet who actually *likes* the extended remixes of the original 12-track CD that was released in the mid-80's, if the other reviews here are to believed. You could certainly argue that the mistake of that CD was that it should have contained the original vinyl versions in the initial running order with the remixes added on the end. This has been a common practice for 1-disc "deluxe" versions for example and allows people to stop the CD early to avoid the remixes (or not rip remixes to MP3 at all).

I own most of Paul Young's albums and this stands head and shoulders above the rest, even if there are several covers in it (Joy Division songs were so depressing that even Young struggles to make "Love Will Tear Us Apart" listenable). I like that there's a mixture of "normal" and "quirky" tracks here - Iron Out The Rough Spots" has its charm for example, even if the chorus is just a bit shouty :-)

It is strange that the 25th anniversary edition still didn't properly restore the exact vinyl tracks and it appears the original 80's CD is now long out of print too, though Amazon UK still has the original 80's CD tracks as MP3 downloads.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 30 June 2011
I bought the vinyl version of this album in the 80s. It was one of my favourites for many years. "Love of the Common People" would bring tears to my eyes. NOT SO WITH THIS CD VERSION. MANY OF THE SONGS HAVE BEEN HORRIBLY MUTILATED.It really is a trajedy and the record producer should be shot.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 23 March 2013
The music is brilliant. The backing vocals so 80's in a very good way. Engineering is fantastic. And arrangements just as good. Miami Vicetastic even
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