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4.7 out of 5 stars223
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 23 January 2016
Genre benders Metallica return with this 1986 release. It begins with some acoustic guitar, something which any British Progressive rock band can do much better. Then it goes a bit metal with the cliched heavy distortion and use of snare. Metallica's typically slow vocal delivery begins and we hear 'dugga dugga cannot kill the Ba-terr-ree', which most metal bands could actually perform at a much higher tempo. The overall effect is of a bunch of random people trying to sound as good as Judas Priest, and, obviously failing because they haven't got the same rhythmic precision. One of the ironies with the distorted sound, is of course that it sounds quite thrilling when someone is struggling to play the material! rather than when it is played with ease by a guitarist who has the gift of extreme rhythmic precision. The solo is ok, but, as usual with metallica, the fast bit only really sounds good because there was such a slow bit earlier in the song. Relativity, my dear Eddington. Immediately we might wonder how more than 160 reviewers, have awarded this band 5 stars.

Next is master of puppets. Slow tempo thudding torture continues, and the drummer is mostly to blame for that overall effect, as he seems to be hitting simply beat '1', '2', '3' and you guessed it '4', over and over again. "I'm pulling your strings" yells the vocalist. Well that explains it, a bunch of barbarians have stolen a proper band's equipment, tsk. Soft rock solo in the middle with a dash of chromaticism to make it seem twisted, yawn, is the tempo really that slow? yes.

You almost expect the hair care advert before tune 3. Although, to be fair if the first two tunes are that bad and the genre is metal, simply switch off now.

You might be wondering why such a negative review is being written about Metallica. Well the truth is that all sorts of non musicians, these days deny that certain bands are metal, such as Uriah Heep and Guns n Roses. It seems that being metal will get respect, and that if you fail to be metal you will not get respect! Musicians know better, and are fully aware that half of what metal bands play is neither good or difficult, it just sounds interesting with heavy distortion.

The main irritation is that 'Metallica' should be accused daily of 'not being metal', much like 'Uriah Heep' who actually are accused of not being metal. Metallica's use of the word 'Metal' in their name means that most people will not bother to point out how Metallica are such awful genre benders, and instead see them as an important act, loyal to metal. They aren't. Metallica, with their poppy and slow vocal delivery, will never do something as Metal as Judas Priest's 'Painkiller'.

Thank God there wasn't a Progressive rock band with the word Prog in the actual band name, we'd being having a similar problem.
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on 26 July 2006
RTL was Metallica's best album. I bought Master of Puppets
expecting much of the same. What I got was a long winded,
tedious and very boring drivel. The best songs on the album
are Battery and Damage inc, which do liven things up slightly.

The rest of the songs are just plain BORING with simple riffs
that go on and on and on and sound so cheesy.

To say that this album is a "Thrash Metal Classic" is laughable.
This is NOT Thrash, it's SLEEP Metal, if you want thrash listen to Slayer, Kreator etc.
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on 7 March 2007
The editor of Kerrang places this in the top three albums ever made, come off it. RTL or justice are Metallica's best by quite a margin this album was a definate let down. After playing RTL to death I couldn't wait to buy this after hearing the reviews when it first came out. It started out good with Battery being one of my faves but sadly went down hill from then on. If you want to hear a real metal classic I would suggest Iron Maiden's number of the beast. Metallica are still along with Maiden the top metal bands of all time, but this album isn't what it's cracked up to be.
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on 16 November 2006
I really can't stand this album. The lyrics on this album are very, very dumb and music isnt all that great. The only great songs on this album are Battery and Orion. I would rate this no more than 2 stars.
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on 2 September 2001
Really, I could not get enthusiastic. I think it is boring. All this cheering that the other reviewers do, claiming it is the defining album a thrash metal, can all be true, but maybe I am the only one who lives in the new millenium. It is old-fashioned, repetitive, boring thrash. Iron Maiden kind of stuff. Being introduced to Metallica with the album Metallica, I hoped to find more interesting albums by them. Load was a disappointment as it goes soft, and this Master of Puppets is a disappointment as it is not clever yet. It seems to be that so many bands can only peak in one album, and this is an example of it.
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