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4.6 out of 5 stars35
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 January 2002
This record changed my life. No, it really did. Some might say that Catatonia "sold out" when they made this album, but if this is what selling out does, I only wish more bands would do it. From the opening guitars of the ultimate pop tune "Mulder and Scully" the album goes from strength to strength. The melodies are beauties, there are so many textures of sounds and the lyrics can mess with your head more than any intoxicating substances. And I know its been said before, but Cerys' voice is so beautiful and can move me to tears if I'm not making futile attempts to imitate it. Each song is an absolute masterpiece on its own, from the very original and understated "Goldfish And Paracetemol" to the gorgeous songs that deserve to be up with the best of power ballads, "Strange Glue" and "My Selfish Gene". Its a great shame that people put Catatonia down so much and didn't actually listen to the music, because they had something very very special. All of the albums are great, but this one is just better than amazing. I'd give it 5 million stars if I could. Buy it.
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on 6 June 2001
I felt I just had to put my 5* review in here as I thought it was scandalous that this album was rated lower than Way Beyond Blue (Cerys and the boys' previous album). Yes, Way Beyond Blue is a good disc, but International Velvet is simply fabulous.
Every song is a belter from the poppy hit Mulder And Scully to the driving rock of Road Rage to the plaintive cry of Strange Glue. Cerys' captivating voice is surely one of the most original in modern rock (shown to good effect on the sparse My Selfish Gene) and her lyrics are fantastically off-the-wall. Is there a better opening couplet for a song than "I put horses heads in peoples' beds; Cause I am the Mob"? And I bet if I understood Welsh I'd like the lyrics to International Velvet, but the (English) chorus is great singalong stuff nevertheless (cod Welsh accent optional).
Give yourself a treat and buy this album to hear some great songs played well by a truly original band at the very top of their form.
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on 18 April 2005
This album never sells for less then a fiver on bootfairs even (when the stall next door is selling everthing for 20p) and, having got my own copy at last, I understand why. This album contains virtually all the songs I love from this band.
The Welsh singing voice can sometimes be a beautiful thing, and none is more beautiful then that of Caerys (spelling?) Matthews. She can either sound amazingly delicate and sweet or gloriously angry and grrr.
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on 3 May 2004
Since I was 10, I remember seeing this album and wanting to buy it, however not having enough money when I was 10 and having a short memory span I never got round to it. However six years later I've finnaly got round to buying it.
I love Catatonia, there my favourite band and all there music rocks, but this is probally there best album and also contains my favourite single, "Strange Glue" and the single that introduced me to Catatonia, "Road Rage". Yet all of the tracks oN this album are amazing, there isnt a low point for me - although I do skip "Mulder & Skully" sometimes having heard it so much.Despite this this album is probally my favourite Catatonia album, and perhaps my favourite all time album.
The only problem I have with this album is the fact its way to short at 45min. "Thats All Folks" (off the Strange Glue Single) would have been very appropriate final song, yet alas its not.
HIGHPOINTS = "Strange Glue" & "My Selfish Gene"
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on 24 May 2001
Mulder and Scully is good, really good, a smash hit single that everyone loves yet it is the LEAST brilliant song on this album. Game On is smooth, silky and uplifting and I am the Mob is the most stylish guitar pop rock novelty song ever but it is ROad Rage that makes your hair stand on end. . .and it continues to stand on end until the album is over. Right through the anthemic yet strangely stirring Johnny Come Lately throught the rythmic Goldfish and paracetamol and the welsh national anthem... sorry I mean the title track. One Night Stands is such a slice of lifesong that it is painful to listen to while Part of the Furniture shows that they can do,their own brand of rock too. The last three tracks are to die for.Dont need the Sunshine is the most touching, singalongable acoustic strum ever, while Strange Glue is a grand theatrical masterpiece and in my opinion the best song ever. My Selfish Gene is the comedown that makesyou feel down and depressed enough to need cheering up... so you start the album backat Mulder and Scully...
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on 20 August 2005
A fantastic album and a reminder of what we lost when the band split up. It's got the big blasting hits "Mulder and Scully" and "Roadrage" - but it's the other songs that really make the album. The fun of "I am the mob", the strangeness of "Goldfish and Paracetemol", the wistfulness of "Strange Glue". If you think Brit Pop was all about the antics of the Gallagher brothers, then buy this and think again.
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on 8 July 2001
I just lurve this Album. I know all the words off by heart and I am even singing along to it right now. I can even manage to sing along to the title-track international velvet which is sung totaly in Welsh! All the songs are so different so you can listen to what you want to match your mood. There is much more up-beat loud dance-along songs than in later Albums such as equally cursed and blessed. If you have not heared of Catatonia before, they are a brilliant band with Cerys Mathews as the vocals. Cerys has a unique form of a welsh accent which is just totally wonderfull. I would give anything if I could have a voice like hers. A great album
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on 18 August 2000
My first thoughts when i heard the album were that it was different to all the other albums i had heard before it. All the tracks sound different and they are all as good as eachother. I first heard catatonia on new years eve 1998 and have liked them ever since. I have got all the albums from catatonia and the brilliance of catatonia is shown, in different ways, in every one.
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on 5 October 2013
This is a gorgeous album featuring Catatonia's best singles including the peerless 'Road Rage' and the superb 'Mulder And Scully' as well as the haunting 'Game On'. Throughout, this collection oozes class which wasn't quite repeated on 'Equally Cursed and Blessed' and it is well worth buying. The closing track 'My Selfish Gene' is absolutely gorgeous.
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on 14 June 2014
Sixteen years on, and this album is still strong! The lyrics can be treated as modern poetry, alongside the likes of The Streets. I will continue to find a unique satisfaction in listening to the tracks, and I hope you do too.
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