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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 17 January 2003
I have listened to different types of music and heard hundreds of albums in the last 15 years, but no cd has ever moved me like In Sides.
I was already familiar with acts like the Prodigy, Underworld and The Future Sound of London before I heard this offering by Orbital. Instantly I realised I was listening to a true masterpiece. To me, this is the only album I've ever listened to which I would give every track 10 out of 10. At times the music is dark, sinister and angry sounding. At other times it is meloncholic and tearful, whilst having uplifting and euphoric moments which can make the listener's spine tingle.
Personally this album strikes a chord with me that I can barely explain. In Sides is possibly the best electronic album of all time.
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on 14 December 2001
my first experience with Orbital came in late 1995 when the Sony Playstation was first hitting the scene. Back then I hadn't really got much interest in music of any kind, but a certain game called Wipeout was being used as a marketing tool to make videogames cool. Sony had signed up a load of dance artists to do the game's soundtrack, and one of these artists was Orbital. As a games player I played the game and was entranced by the soundtrack. I began my journey exploring music on that day. The Chemical Brothers, Leftfield and, of course, Orbital were suddenly in my world.
In Sides was the first Orbital album I heard, and remains, to me, my favourite. It's pure genius. To quote a review I once read: "Play this to your grandmother enough times and she'll eventually start whistling along to it". The combination of haunting and chirpy tunes creates a fantastic odyssey through intelligent dance.
The Girl With The Sun In Her Head gently eases you into the album with layer upon layer of complementative sounds building up to an orchestra of pleasure. Tracks like The Box and Adnans are sublime yet offer a taste of something darker.
I would personally wager that you could get anyone to like this album. So subtle and unoffensive, yet powerful and inspiring.
My only possible gripe with this album would be that the initial release didn't include the Orbital cover of The Saint theme tune (created for the film) but it was added at the end for later releases. Like "Style" at the end of Middle of Nowhere, it sticks out like a sore thumb (to me) and whilst a great track in it's own right, it ends the album in a different light to how it would have prior to it's inclusion. Try listening to the album with your track listing ordered so it comes after P.E.T.R.O.L. and the feel of the album changes completely.
But I digress. This album is genius distilled and pressed. Own it.
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on 19 June 2013
On a cold miserable mountainside driving up the M6 in 2009, stressed as anything and going on holiday caffeined up to my eyeballs I felt 'a bit' unwell in the fast lane. Thought it was a heart attack and that I was about to cash my chips. I swerved through the other two lanes like Super Mario and got onto the hard shoulder and after saying sorry to my family I tried to reach down to find my copy of 'Insides' to whack 'Out There Somewhere Pt2' on while I kicked the bucket.

One ambulance ride, ECGs and too many blood tests later it turns out that it was a panic attack. Blimey! But that's how good this album is. You get too many books suggesting the '99 albums you MUST hear before you die!' routine but this the album I want to hear WHILE I die.
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VINE VOICEon 3 February 2001
I was (still am?) an indie kid, living with my Stone Roses and Primal Scream records, when this LP came out in 1996, when I was, um, 17? Yeah. Anyway. My brother got an advance copy, and told me to "do [myself] a favour and broaden [my] horizons." And all the pre-release press was gushing, frankly. So I nicked off from college early, bought, it took it home, and was completely transfixed for 72 minutes. Basically, this Lp changed the way I listen to music, and, as music is a hugely important part of my life, it changed my life. It's wonderful. I bloody love it. I bloody love Orbital. And this is their best LP. The Girl With The Sun In Her Head. Broadened my horizons. Go buy, go buy...
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on 23 February 2002
The best album I own, bar none. Electronica at it's finest; 'In-Sides' seems a natural progression from Orbital's previous works. I don't easily offer gushing superlatives, but language is too limiting to adequately describe this work of wonder. The Hartnoll brothers appear to have classical pretensions, and this album was a grandiose statement of intent. Yet, as ever, Orbital are impossible to categorise and marginalise. This was undoubtedly their finest hour (or so). Although, many seem to prefer some of Orbital's earlier works, these souls are sadly misguided. 'In-Sides' just gets better with age, as seminal and sublime as ever. Mature, majestic, and moving. This album is an essential addition to anyone's record collection.
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on 18 July 2003
I have been a dedicated follower of orbital now for 4 years, now this may not seem like a long time but I heard a lot of their older songs and never knew who they where. After the release of Funny Break (once is enough) I bought the altogether album and then progressed to getting all of the earlier works. Insides the last album I purchased and I wish I had bought it sooner.
Not only is this album the most inspiring peice of dance workmanship ever it is one of the most environmentally freindly with the music being recorded and played with the power of a massive solar powered generator based on a back of a lorry.
This lorry was the iniciative for the first song , The girl with the sun in her head, which was to pay homage to its creator. And then the rest of the album has other songs that pay homage to enviromental issues, like P.E.T.R.O.L and one of orbitals best ever songs Dwr Budr (dirty water in welsh) which reminds us of the oil disaster just off the coast of south wales in the early 90's.
The album also features what is widely renown as the best song that orbital has ever written, The Box.
All their is left to add is if you ar into dance, techno, rave or any of those genres then orbital will suit you down to the ground as well as offering some totally stirring audio experiences if this album isn't in your collection it should be and if you do get it get the american import with the extra 5 tracks (satan industry standard?, Satan live in new york,the saint, the sinner and halycon+on+on live)
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on 16 July 2005
I couldn't put into words just how wonderfully sublime this album is. I listen to every genre of music and am passionate about music. I was given a copy of Insides by my brother who told me that this was something else. I listened a couple of times and thought that it was OK. He told me to keep listening, that this was the work of genius, it just takes a while to appreciate it. So I listened again and again. It took about 12 months for this album to start to sink in. And when it did, this album knocked me sideways, absolutely blew me away with its deeper intricate beauty with every listen, and still does. I won't explain it, all I will say is that everybody who wants music to press the right buttons has to buy this album and get into it. Get a decent pair of headphones on a decent stereo and let it take you away. Of all the music I own, this rates as my favourite album of all time. It just took me an awful long time to realise it. Incredible.
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on 27 January 2004
This album for me is one of those that will always sound ahead of its time. The Girl with the Sun in her Head is for me the most outstanding contribution by the Hartnoll brothers providing deep progression, entwining melodies and a quite beautiful tone to it. The Box is both haunting and reminds me of old school days.
Quite simply this album is sublime and should be listened to by any one with an open mind to experimental music
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on 26 August 2004
In Sides is, in my humble opinion, Orbital's best album. It really is as simple as that. I could go on listing reasons why it is so great, but there are plenty of reviews that do that already. Instead I am going to concentrate on the Bonus CD that comes with this American import.
It should also be noted that with this version comes a bonus a CD, which features the following:
1. Satan (Industry Standard)
2. Satan (Live in New York City)
3. The Saint
4. The Sinner
5. Halcyon (Live)
I don't know why the track listing on amazon doesn't say this, but believe me, it does come with the CD.
Satan is one of Orbital's best songs, especially live and now that Orbital have split up, this bonus CD is a great chance to catch such a rare track. This CD features both the non-live and a longer live version.
The Saint is the theme music from the movie The Saint, you've probably heard it and most newer versions of In Sides feature it anyway. However, it doesn't really fit in with the first CD of In Sides, it's much better kept seperate here on the bonus CD.
The Sinner is an alternative version of The Saint, it's rather nice, especially for a bonus CD.
Halcyon is fantastic, everyone who knows anything about Orbital has heard of Halcyon. This version is live and as such, features the Bon Jovi and Belinda Carlisle mash-up at the end. Again, you'll probably struggle to find this version anywhere else.
I usually go out of my way to buy versions of an album with bonus CDs, but they tend to be nothing special and go neglected. I can honestly say this is the first bonus CD that is actually worth the extra effort to get a hold of.
When you consider that the price of this American import is the SAME PRICE as the UK edition (at the time of writing) with NO EXTRAS, it seems insane to pass it up.
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on 20 November 1999
This album has everything. From the Magnificently beautiful The Girl With The Sun In Her Head, to the haunting 24-minute marathon Out there somewhere, In Sides is a deeply emotional piece of music that deserves to go down in history as one of the greatest electronic albums ever.
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