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4.6 out of 5 stars28
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 10 March 2001
No other band could do this. From the subculture of desert rock in Southern California have come several bands who have managed to influence an enormous amount of bands. Aged just 17, Kyuss recorded 'Blues For The Red Sun'. With guitars tuned down to a C or even a B, they sludged their way through this quite amazingly good album.
Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri (now of Queens Of The Stone Age) were tight rhythmically when they needed to be, but when they could, Homme would show his amazing talent on the guitar, and Oliveri would insert some brilliantly quick, and sometimes even vaguely funky, bass hooks. John Garcia, now of Unida, was (and still is) the voice of desert (not stoner!) rock. His powerful, though at times tuneful vocals go far beyond the call of duty, and show the sheer punk-rock passion of this band.
Short-lived maybe, but no doubt one of the finest bands of the 1990s.
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on 4 March 2004
Blues for the Red Sun follows Wretch and shows huge progress. This album is the first in a long line of Kyuss albums to be produced by Chris Goss, and truly shows his talent. Kyuss find a sound that is closley linked to desert rock, sludge rock and goes a long way into establsishing Kyuss as one of the most influencial stonor rock band to have ever existed. Josh Homme, who i cannot praise enough writes some achingly heart warming riffs like the lead on Thumb, but combines it with a really dirty sludgy riff. This is one of the main appeals to Kyuss, and something that they failed to achieve with Wretch, that can be seen more as a garage rock album. Kyuss'musicianship is shown with instrumentals like Molten universe and Apothecarie's weight, and your never far from a really heavy riff like Freedom Run. Garcia's vocals will know you over and catch you at the same time and all of this is magnified when you indulge in Kyuss' own excess. This is a taste of things to come with their Sky Valley masterpiece follwing this Sun-Kissed album.
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on 19 September 2005
This is one of those albums that's just fantastic, heavy and psychedelic in all the right ways. It's up there with "Master of Reality" and "Sleep's Holy Mountain", if it was better known I'm quite sure it'd be widely hailed as a classic, deffinitley one of the defining albums of that stoner rock movement we know and love.
Musically it has a good combination of chugging low down n' dirty riffs intersperesed with occasional moments of mellowness or psychedelic lead guitar playing that just seems to tumble over itself effortlessly from the speaker, it's bluring into itself without being undefined...magnificent. Josh Homme is very, very under rated as a player in fact.
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on 2 May 2001
An album that spawned a million inferior bands. There will never be another band like Kyuss, who somehow manage to encapsulate all thats good with heavy rock in the space of three albums.This is magic music, conjuring up images of mountains,windswept desert landscapes and huge amps. Bone-crushingly heavy yet beautifully melodic, with a heady mix of 10 minute guitar workouts and fast and furious,almost punk aggression. Stand out tracks like opener 'Thumb' and 'Thong Song' are prime examples of how heavy music should sound, and 'Allens wrench' an example of how punk should have sounded! Superb, buy this and everything else they've done, you'll not regret it!
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on 11 November 2002
Kyuss laways hated the label of a stoner rock, and it is one that fits even worse to Josh Homme's more recent band, Queens of the Stone Age. However, listening to this album it is possible to see why they received the label. It's not pure rock and roll, nor is it heavy metal, thrash metal, jazz or any other type of music. However, it does combine all of these, funnels them through whatever narcotics were to hand and then tunes them as low as they'll go. It's one of the best albums to just sit down and let wash over you. It is also one of the best rock albums of the decade, and helped to both create and define a genre.
It doesn't matter how you label them , Kyuss were an awesome band. The opener of Thumb is one of the best examples of this. It shows off Josh's incredible guitar playing ability, and also John's incredible voice. Not a good voice by any standards, but it fits the music so perfectly that you can easily kid yourself that it is.
The album shifts seamlessly into Green Machine, one of the best tracks Kyuss ever recorded. It also has an awesome video which is viewable on the web. Apothecaries Weight follows, but it is 50 Million Year Trip that is the real highlight of the first half of the album. By turns thrash and heavy metal, rock and roll and jazz, this song has everything that was good about Kyuss and nothing bad.
Other album highlights include Freedom Run, Mondo Generator, which John sings through a megaphone, and Capsized, one of Josh's most fluid guitar pieces.
I can only recommend that you buy it. Whether you think that stoner rock is an apt label is up to you, but you don't need to be high to appreciate the majesty of this album.
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on 16 July 2002
This was my first ginger step into the void that is 'Stoner Rock' and what a step!
As soon as i heared the throbbing riff of Thumb, and the adolescent riffing on Green Machine I was hooked. This has all you can ever hope for in an album; Big riffs, soothing basslines, excellent musicianship all round and some of the best songs ever written!(in my opinion!).
The album opens with THUMB, a pounding, gallopping tune introduced by a throbbing bassline and sublime guitar riff. John Garcia's voice piercing the thick sludgy riff like a knife through the head. After 4 1/2 minutes Thumb comes to a halt and the thrashy riff of GREEN MACHINE takes over and quickens the pace. Another gallopping riff, and brilliant drum work is slammed forward. The memorable hook of Green Machine is still fresh in the memory when MOLTEN UNIVERSE quietly creeps into the speakers with its gentle guitar melody, the bass soon joins and adds atmosphere. The song sucks you in and keeps you listening, it's so quiet lulling you into a false sense of security them BOOM! The monotonous, thundering sludge riff takes over like a split pesonality and finishes the song in fine style.
The fast riff of 50 MILLION YEAR TRIP revs into range like a purring motor(excuse the pun if you are familiar with Sky Valley!). The next 6 minutes takes you on a trip through psychedelic country before crashlanding into THONG SONG. A slow song, which I hate,(excuse the pun again). Thong Song beginning with just a simple, clean guitar melody and prominent vocals before bursting into the heavy stop/start ending section Oh Yeeeeeeah!
APOTHECARIE'S WEIGHT chimes in with it's infectious riff and jumping into the heavy section once again. The guitar work dances and meanders around a steady rhythm section, brilliant instrumental song. CATERPILLAR MARCH barges in with a groovy 2 minute instrumental that rumbles along nicely and fits in with the pace of the album nicely, not too fast, not soo slow.
The psychedelic, layered intro to FREEDOM RUN fades in and gives way to the sliding bassline of the second intro with the guitar soloing around it. The song eventually kicks in with a brilliant groove and soothing riffs. This is one of the best tunes on the album, the musicianship is top notch. The riff give way to the vocals and then the whole tune rocks with a psychedelic edge before ending abruptly. the short intrumental interelude, 800 follows and excellent drumming is displayed once again by Brant Bjork. WRITHE jumps in unexpectedly with a heavy, and slightly slower grooving riff to the rest of the album. This is quite a subdued song; the vocals are quite low in the mix and sung softly before the riff slams forward again.
The stop/start/'fake ending' is used again here and eventually gives way to the sublime, instumental, acoustic soloing of CAPSISED. Another showcase of Josh Homme's talent as a guitarist. ALLEN'S WRENCH kicks in with it's jumpy riff and gallopping drums and basslines. Another rockin' tune. MONDO GENERATOR slowly fades in, this song seems out of place on this album, its quite aggressive with it's distorted angry vocals, sung (and written) by the bassist Oliveri, and monotonous heaviness. After 6 minutes of pounding the speakers, Mondo Generator fades and YEAH, just a spoken word labelled as track fourteen eminates from the speakers.
The feeling of emptiness arises in the stomach and head, the smooth basslines, awesome drumming, outstanding guitar work and that oh so memorable vocal style is no longer.......TIME FOR ANOTHER SPIN!!!
Yes, this album is one of the greats, one of those you will be passing down tou your kids.....
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on 27 September 2000
this album, the first uk release from kyuss, is an absolute classic. it bears all the classic Kyuss hallmarks - the rolling guitar solos, the heavy captivating bass-line and the amazing singing of john garcia. in songs such as '50 million year trip', you can get lost in the brilliance of the music you are hearing. the classic 'Thong Song' (not to be mistaken with the recent chart hit song of the same name of course) manages to both be funny and fantastic at the same time - the lyric of 'i hate slow songs' during the slow verse, before the band breaks into a glorious chorus that is anything but slow. the album should finish after 'Capsized', but as in 'Sky Valley' there is a silly extra track. but the can be no real complaining. it only lasts 5 seconds. buy this album now. and while you're at it, get the rest of the kyuss albums. its more than worth the money
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on 30 March 2005
From the 1st track 'Thumb'.You know you're gonna be listening to something special.This album sounds a little less produced than 'Welcome to sky valley' and 'And the circus leaves town'.
Almost sounding like the logical follow on from 'Wretch'.
I have to say this is my fave Kyuss album.Buy it you'll love it.
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on 20 February 2002
With Josh Homme's guitar tuned down two whole steps to C, and plugged into a bass amp for maximum distortion, stoner metal pioneers Kyuss achieve a major milestone in heavy music with their second album, 1992's Blues for the Red Sun. Producer Chris Goss masterfully captures the band's unique heavy / light formula, which becomes apparent as soon as the gentle but sinister intro melody gives way to the chugging main riff in the opener "Thumb." This segues immediately into the galloping "Green Machine," which pummels forward inexorably and even features that rarest rock & roll moment: a bass solo. "Thong Song" alternates rumbling guitar explosions with almost complete silence, and "Mondo Generator" plays like an extended acid trip. The slow-build of the epic "Freedom Run" and the driving "Allen's Wrench" are also highlights, and though the album is heavy on instrumentals, these actually provide a seamless transition from song to song. An amazing and essential album in every respect.
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on 16 December 2005
...can adequately descibe quite how good this album is...
so ill keep it brief. simply outstanding. the benchmark in its genre. every single song. out of hundreds of great records that i own spanning most genres and the last fifty years id say this is in my top ten.
molten universe...
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