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Back in the heyday of Dark Shadows Dan Curtis did some telly movies. Frankenstein with Robert Foxworth, The Norliss Tapes with Roy Thinnes, The Night Stalker with Darren Mcgavin, Scream of the Wolf with Clint Walker and Peter Graves, then eventually went on to do bigger projects like The Winds of War and War and Remembrance with Robert Mitchum. During that salad days of the mid 1970s, he did a nifty "novella" style movie called Trilogy of Terror with Karen Black. He went on to use Black in Burnt Offerings the following year.

It's a three story showcase, displaying the varied talents of Black, but it's in the last one where Curtis breaks out and really does something memorable.

The first novella tale is "Julie". This tell was never fully fleshed out about a college professor who has dark secrets. Nice quirky ending keeps this one for being average.

The second is "Millicent and Therese". After the promise of "Julie", I really expected a bit more from this rather obvious tale. Is good fun, just nothing special. Still a fine showcase for Black to show what she can do. It was just so all totally out there, no twist of the screw to make it more.

"Amelia" The final one is based on Richard Matheson's Prey, and it outstanding. Once you see these story you will never forget the Zuni warrior that comes to life. Amelia is totally abused by her possessive and controlling mother. She tries to break these ties that bind, but she is no match. She buys a Zuni doll and it comes to life. No spoiler there. You can see that by the cover. It's the story that is amazing. Black's ending is original and memorable.

This was low budget telly movie remember, so accept the quality as not motion picture level.

Still a GREAT Halloween movie and tribute to Curtis who died March '' this year.
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on 16 August 2012
I saw Trilogy of Terror when I was much younger and more impressionable and over the years had related to others the stories, especially the third one.
I was thrilled to see Amazon had this in stock and was naturally curious as to how it would affect me after a gap of over 30 years.
The first two stories had dated but were still interesting. But the third was outstanding, even after all this time. I was on the edge of the sofa clutching my cushion and peeking around the edge. It is as frighening as ever. The part where the chain parts company from the doll had me drawing up my knees and curling myself into a ball and muttering "Here we go".
I would recommend this DVD to anyone who enjoys a good scare, preferably on a dark and rainy night with all the lights out. Brrr!
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on 18 October 2009
Saw this on TV as a kid with all the family. The third story was unforgettable -- by the end my mother was so scared she had to run out of the room. The rest of us were just screaming our heads off... If I say "The Little Warrior" to any of my brothers, my uncle or the folks, they know exactly "who" or "what" I am referring to and we watched this about 30 years ago!
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on 29 September 2013
Trilogy of Terror is all about the final and third story in this horror anthology. That story concerns a Zuni doll that comes to life to literally terrify Karen Black. The set up is excellent, with great suspense and sheer terror. I would go as far as to say this must have been groundbreaking stuff for American television audiences when it aired in 1975.

And thats the thing, lets explore the roots of Trilogy of Terror, because once you do, you will find out that this was made for TV, and was passed on the first time as a supposed pilot for more stories. And quite frankly you can see why.

The first two stories are utterly predictable. The first sails along with no meaning and the second involving 'sisters' well you will guess what the story is about within the first few minutes.

The second installment does star George Gaynes who in my mind was always an underrated actor- way better than his Police Academy roles could ever give him.

As was unique here, Karen Black the late great Karen Black stars in all three episodes as different characters and she is quite terrific here.

This DVD comes with a nice commentary track from Black herself and writer William F Nolan and a few other nice extras.

All in all you have to wonder why almost every review is centered around that final story- the reason I believe is that the first two are quite poor.

Black's performance coupled with a nice third story stumbles this horror anthology onto three stars for me, but seriously nothing more.

It's a shame that the series could not be picked up and there could be Trilogy of Terror Part 10 for example, because when anthologies work they are usually wickedly good. Twenty years later a sequel of sorts did emerge.
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on 2 January 2014
Karen Black creates some kind of Pavlovian response. As soon as I see her my heart rate increases and I get goose bumps. "You must have seen her before... maybe in some past life experience," you're thinking. Oh no, I would remember her.

Three taut plays, each with a mind-tingling climax and denouement, she is four-five-six characters - the way she turns, voice, body language, unfurls her hair. She vacillates between puritanical roots (of a nation founded by people with buckles on their hats) and savage that has never been wholly buried.
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on 29 August 2015
Not all the episodes are equally good but there are some moments thepat shines for scare and scary ideas, that make this a funny, entertaining and sometimes effective film.
Dan Curtis is a pretty unknown yet important and distinctive master of horror. He made Dark Shadows (the original film) and Danse Macabre, a fantastic little horror that inspired Shining and Stephen King's himself
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on 22 October 2015
Next to Duel Trilogy of Terror is perhaps the best known entry from the 70's Movie Of The Week Series.This anthology though rather slow with it's first Two stories is Memorable for it's final instalment where a Woman (Karen Black) is terrorized in Her Apartment by A Mad As Hell!!! Tribal Doll.This segment scared the Hell out of Me on seeing it back in the 70's,and im sure im not the only One it had an effect on.The Four Stars are mainly for that last story but overall the other two are worth a look.
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on 2 December 2012
This is classic 70s horror from the pen of the great Richard Matheson .
It was remade with Lysette Anthony starring, also including the lost remade gem "Bobby" , but could not recreate the magic of the original.
My Mother kept reminiscing about this film, with 70s disaster siren Karen Black doing what she does best, sit back, dim the lights, open the popcorn and be transported to the mind of Richard Matheson.
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on 31 January 2013
Trilogy of Terror, has always been one of my favorite movies from the 70's. I first watched this movie on TV, when the 4:00 movie used to come on channel 7, back in the 70's. Great movie, now I own it. Thanks!!!!
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on 6 April 2015
The last story is a cracker!
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