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4.6 out of 5 stars23
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 25 April 2003
After watching the video for "Dammit" on MTV i imediately became a massive fan of Blink and started to collect all albums. Obviously got Enema which is a fantastic album just a shame they went into the mainstream with "All the small.." and then labelled sell outs!(Whatever critics, just following the trend of the sell out theme)
Cheshire Cat is the last album of Blink i bought as it took me ages to find it, but its a wicked album. Better sound quality than Budda but the songs are all fantastic especially "Carousal" "touchdown boy" ""Wasting time" and the classic "Peggy Sue". If you listen to this album properly like Dude Ranch(Blinks best album)you will see Blink write excellent punkrock songs bout things that have happened to them growing up which we can sometimes relate to also just wicked immature songs bout toilet humour!
Regardless you cannot deny Toms distinct excellent nasil vocals and wicked guitar riffs and Marks catchy bass riffs only wish Scott would slow down his drumming as he seems to rush through the songs, good drummer but not a patch on the legendary Travis. This in my opinion Blinks 2nd best album behind Dude Ranch, "Enema" and "Pants and Jacket" are also very good albums but you cannot deny both Cheshire Cat and Dude Ranch are albums of Blink at their best.
True Blink fans MUST own this album.
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on 27 August 2003
This is by far and away the best Blink 182 album ever, i bought almost 5years ago and it's way better than the later released titles Emema of The State and Take off Your Pants and Jacket. It's a more punkier side to Blink that lacks in their new music. If your going to buy a Blink Album this is the one! But if you don't like it punk and prefer pop go for "Enema of the State" or "Take off Your Pants and Jacket"
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on 5 September 2011
When someone mentions Blink 182 these days most people tend to envision the band responsible for pop songs such as "All The Small Things" or (shudder) "I Miss You". It's hard to imagine that they were once at the heart of the 90's west coast punk scene alongside bands such as NOFX and Lagwagon. Recorded way back in 1994 this album is almost certainly one that will please any fan of fast paced melodic hardcore skate punk. The recording is less polished than later albums giving it much more raw and punky vibe. Musically the album is quite impressive, especially for a band who claim to they can't play their instruments. It's notably faster (mostly due to the incredible drum work of Scott Reynor)and not without catchy melodic guitar and bass work. Lyrically I suppose the album never touches any deep thought provoking subjects, but this is a band who never claimed to sing about anything more than everyday life, songs about rejection such as "does my breath smell" are easily relatable and filled with quirky humor. In all there really is nothing bad i can say about this album. I must have listened to it over a thousand times and still enjoy every song. If you were ever put off from Blink by there more mainstream singles have no worries, this is easily as much a punk album as anything by NOFX, Propagandhi, Millencolin etc. And if your a fan of their later works then i advise you check this one out, who knows maybe it'll introduce you to a whole genre of music you weren't aware of.
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on 6 July 2003
This is a great album by the greatest band. Having bought just about every Blink album this is one of my favourites. It is refreshingly different from Enema of the State and Take off Your Pants and Jacket. Even though the songs may sound quite similar to each other, you will find yourself listening to them over and over again.
This is a great album so buy it.
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on 30 August 2002
This CD is incredible. It is Blink's punk album, before they became more commercial, with the slightly poppy sounds of enema of the state, etc. Any fan of punk rock should listen to this (but this may not suit a pop fan). It took me a very long time to get into it, but now that I have, I feel no need to listen to anything else - its just that good! 7 of the 16 songs are on Buddha, but the sound quality is much much better and I would definitely recommend getting this before you get Buddha. The sound quality is certainly not as good as Take Off Your Pants And Jacket, but I think that suits the punk nature of this album. Lets look at the individual tracks on this album:
1. Carousel - Blink's song ever! It starts of with a great instrumental introduction, which changes every so often, in pace, how heavy the guitar is, etc, then moves on to a great, fast paced verse of Tom singing. There's no distinctive chorus in this song, but every verse ends with the same lyric. This is the one song on the album you will take to immediately. You must listen to this!!!
2. M&M's - The first single from this album was not very well chosen, but that doesn't mean this song isn't one of the best. Mark's voice in this song is quite soft, which gives this song a distinctive sound. It has a very fast guitar part, and the fast instruments with the quite slow vocals work very well.
3. Fentoozler - A catchy sing-along song, with a pace that really makes you want to mosh! Light-headed and fun describe this song very well
4. Touchdown Boy - Another highlight of this album, which starts with a short instrumental introduction and moves on to a fast verse with Tom using his incredibly distinctive voice very well. The drums in this song suite the song particularly well.
5. Strings - This song is unlike all other Blink 182 songs, but a relatively quiet verse with Mark singing low, slow and catchy vocals. The chorus is really just Mark singing 'string-ing-ing, strings', and doesn't sound very good or clever, but when you think about it, anything more wouldn't suit the song,
6. Peggy Sue - The second best song on this album, is very upbeat and catchy, and you can't help singing along. A fast catchy guitar with Tom singing in a fast catchy way. Fast, catchy songs are great as long as there not in an album full of them, when they get boring (New Found Glory). This album defiantely isn't one of those though.
7. Sometimes - Fast guitar, and Marks soft voice comes back. Very short (any longer and this song would get very tiring).
8. Does My Breath Smell? - This song starts with Tom whining into the microphone about how girls kick him in the groin, and that hideous noise is worth skipping, then the song kicks off into a loud punk-rock classic. If you think Blink 182 are pop listen to this and you'll be proved wrong.
9. Cacaphoney - This song starts off as the slow melody of the album, with Mark singing slow, serious lyrics to quiet music. This albums Adams Song or Stay Together For The Kids. The song then picks off into another fast rocking track. I think it's clever how Blink manage to convert a quiet slow song in to a loud rocking song, without making it seem like the songs changed.
10. TV - Another classic with a very similar format to Carousel, except more upbeat.
11. Toast And Bananas - Another classic. Fast, upbeat and catchy, with Tom's sing-along vocals and fast music. Similar to Peggy Sue, except the lyrics aren't as catchy,
12. Wasting Time - The other single also badly chosen. Quite fast but has nothing special about it to make it stand out.
13. Romeo And Rebecca - Tom has a go at doing a melody during the first verse similar Cacaphoney. The chorus then builds up to a very fast chorus similar to the chorus of Degenerate on Dude Ranch. The second verse continues that pace to turn the rest of the song into another fast punk hit.
14. Ben Wah Balls/Just About Done/Depends - The last three tracks are joke tracks and aren't very good musically. Ben Wah Balls has a few funny lines, just about done falls nothing short of terrible, but depends is incredibly funny.
To summarise, get this album.
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on 25 August 2011
If you like your Blink 182 punky and underproduced then this will hit all the buttons. Their first album proper, recorded in 3 days, it was going to be a bit rough around the edges, but that was the point of signing the band. They were not supposed to be a polished supergroup but a cheeky trio of irreverent teenagers poised to take the rock scene by force. This is dumb music for teenagers by teenagers (at the time) and teenagers would buy lots of records. Similar sounding to early Green Day, this is nothing new really and is not a masterpiece. But a lot of the songs are pretty good despite the existence of a fair bit of filler.

The best tracks are 'Strings', 'Peggy Sue', 'Sometimes' and 'Cacophony'. These are the tracks that made the material you can see in later albums possible. The first 4 tracks are all ok, 'Fentoozler' and 'Touchdown Boy' beeing the best. And the same can be said from 'TV' until 'Ben Wah Balls'. 'Does My Breath Smell', 'Just About Done' and 'Depends' are all either a bit average or not good.

The pros outweigh the cons and it's not bad for a debut made on a pittance but they got better.
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on 3 December 1999
Are you a teeny? Are you a trendy? Have you got Enema of the State and are hoping to be "cool" by getting previous Blink-182 albums? If so, don't bother buying this. This is punk rock at its best. Blink have produced a fine album which includes argueably the best punk song, Carousel. That's all really, pure punk rock, way before they sold out. Enjoy!
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on 8 April 2002
Cheshire Cat is the latest addition to my Blink 182 collection and pleasantly surprised me with its melodic guitar riffs and superb lyrics. I hate trying to put my Blink albums in order of preference but this comes just behind Mark Tom and Travis Show, Dude Ranch and Enema of the State, and is on a par with TOYPAJ, although it is far more superior in terms of punkicity. The best songs that this album has to offer are Carousel, Touchdown Boy and Wasting Time. The album starts with the excellent Carousel which is a tune that you'll find yourself humming many a time. It's excellent intro and well scripted lyrics make it one of Blink's best songs. Touchdown Boy is just such a good track and includes the best chorus on the album. Peggy Sue is a classic that you'll find yourself playing time and time again. Cacophany is one of the slower tracks on the album but is still great, and is in great contrast to Sometimes which is so pacey that it is over before you know it, but still class. Wasting Time is one of my favourite Blink songs and comes just behind Dammit and Stay Together For the Kids. You can relate to the lyrics whilst the tune is instantly addictive. However many times you play this song, you won't get tired of it. Any self-endearing Blink fan should not be caught without this album as it is a touch of punk class.
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on 17 December 2003
Having owned all blink 182 albums, i feel that i truly can say that this is their finest work.Recording for a cheap record label, these tracks are as good as live. There is pretty much no studio tampering.Tracks such as Carousel, Wasting Time and Romeo and Rebecca are about teen rebelling, whilst Touchdown Boy (my all time favourite track) talks about lives injustices when it comes to jocks.Any blink fan should pick up this, as it really is as good as people say.
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on 31 December 2004
I can honestly say this album is THE best album...EVER! If you like Blink-182 at all then this album is a must.
There is a complete variety of songs, the more serious ones like Cacophony are amazing (if you like Stay Together For The Kids then you'll like that).
If you like Blinks stupider side then this album is full of them. Depends is about urinating themselves with a hilarious speech made by Mark at the end. Does My Breath Smell? is another.
Of course this album holds Carousel which is amazing, the long intro builds up the musical excitement which of course is present in the rest of the album.
Cheshire Cat is a great punk-rock album, and with Blink-182 making it, who wouldn't find this album amazing?!
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