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4.4 out of 5 stars16
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 21 March 2009
This is the original mario bros plus the lost levels plus a new section in which you can replay all the levels with three new goals for each one -

1) Find the Yoshi token hidden in each level (which force you to investigate new parts of the level and risk jumping to dangerous ledges you'd normally avoid)

2) Find five red coins in a level (similar to the Yoshi token but encouraging you to investigate different parts of the stage)

3) Then there's a medal to be had for getting a highscore on each level - to do this you need to find the balance between finishing the level really fast (which makes you realise the game can be just as fast as sonic with perfect jumps) and getting lots of bonus points by hitting enemies in a combo (i.e. jumping on three goombas heads without landing on the ground in between, repeatedly hitting the same koopa shell as it bounces back and forth between obstructions (all the while making sure you leave enough time to complete the level and don't get hit by the high speed koopa), etc.

4) There's even a racing game style ghost that you can compete against - which is very difficult as they presumably got the developers on the team to nail fast times and you have to try and finish faster - having another character on screen that could overtake you at any moment nicely adds to the tension.

So if you played this game when it first came out, and dismissed this as a cheap re-release think again - you haven't experienced mario bros til you've played this. In fact before this version came out Mario Bros was probably my fourth favourite game in the series now it's second after Mario World (although if I was stuck on a desert island - with crate full of batteries, scratch that; with a solar powered charger - I'd pick this version of Mario Bros because there's just so much to do).

Well worth getting hold of a gameboy color or advance for... If you're a Mario fan, believe me, you WANT this game!
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on 1 September 2011
Ok, so I'm a 12 year old girl, I own a DS and a Wii, am saving up for a 3DS-its 2011, and I'm living in the age of smartphones, touchscreen computers and no-glasses 3D consoles. So why did I bother with a game like this, a port of the first ever super Mario game, when I have New Super Mario Bros Wii already?

Recently, I got a Hameboy color for a very cheap price (note to reader: go to bootfairs, they are full of old games consoles), and when I saw this on amazon, I decided to make this my first game. Why? I don't know. I've never played the original before, and while this is just a port, seeming as I don't have a NES I just had to settle for this. I knew that it would be nothing like the mario games today, with the secret worlds, the lush graphics and the variety of power-ups, but I thought I may as well check it out, seeming as its so cheap.

First of all the game is very addicting, and I just can't seem to put my wonderus GBC down thanks to this little cartrige. I have no idea why, but it just is. Also, the controls are simple, but this dosen't make the game easier. I'm pretty sure my mum could play this, but the only games SHE'S ever played is Space Invaders and Pacman, so I haven't bothered trying to get her into it. Basically its A to jump, B to dash or throw fireballs,left and right to move, down to duck and up to change the camera position.

I could go on forever, but to spare your boredom, I'll just do a quick summery

+Easy Controls
+Very addictive
+Funky chiptune soundtrack
+Platforming at its purist
-Only 32 levels?
-Graphics very simple
-Lakc of variety of powerups

Overall, I'd give this game 8/10
Can't wait to get some more games for my newest companion!!!
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on 15 April 2001
The music can be darn annoying after a little while, but the game itself is excellent. The new colour format of this clasic game brings it to life, as Mario jounreys to save the Princess. When you get killed, and have to start again, it makes you even more determined to crack the level, and before you realise it, you've been playing for over an hour. A top game - thumbs up!
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on 11 September 2012
For you Mario freaks who want to play the original, or those ones who are new to video games and don't have an old NES (which, sadly, are becoming increasingly rarer as time goes on), this is a good substitute. It doesn't quite capture the magic many of us old school gamers can remember the first time we saw that screen on our TVs. But the Golden Age of the video gaming industry has passed, and we must continue on. Sorry for getting nostalgic, but there's still nothing quite as memorable these days as playing the old NES years ago, with a lot of friends gathered around. Perhaps I romantize that era to much of the video game industry, but I have a lot of good memories from that. That's how boys bond (and also men - me and my best friends still go and play the N64 --- the latest wrestling game from THQ and Goldeneye always come in handy). And for those parents who are concerned with some of the more mature elements in gaming these days - don't worry, Mario doesn't have anything to be concerned about.

Anyway, this includes some new features, like challenges (find Yoshi's Egg, 5 red coins, and beat a specified high score), races with Boo, a Toy Box (or something along those lines), and some trophies. Also, more intriguing, is that that included the Japanese SMB II or Lost Levels for us American and UK folks or gamers I mean. You have to get 300,000 points on the original, and then Luigi's head will appear on the gaming menu. Its retitled SUPER MARIO BROTHERS FOR SUPER PLAYERS, and you have to be one to beat it, the difficulty level is so high. It took us a good 13 years to get the game in original 8 bit format. One thing about the screen: its not big enough to get the entire game inside it, so they have Mario look up and down.

All in all, a good adaptation. Still, it'd be nice to see the release of more games like this -- mainly the first two LEGEND OF ZELDA games on one cart. Why don't they do this?? Perhaps with the release of the two new GB Colour Zelda games (they divided one game into halves and stuck it on the remaining two) we'll see a release of those two classic Zelda titles. Other than emulation or on the 8-Bit they're unavailable. That's a real travesty.

Mike London
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on 8 July 2010
Super Mario bros. delux (SMb) was released in 1999 , to recreate both the sales and the fun of the origional NES version.
It was a revolution as it allowed 2 players to play together on the same game, 1 as Mario and the other Luigi, I bet you can guess who the fights were always over for characters.

The game was extremely simple , story wise, it was a classic tale in which you must defeat all of Bowsers enemies to get back Princess Toadstool who had been kidnapped. This allowed a simple , flowing plan as you went through the 8 worlds of the mushroom kingdom.

As I said , the game had 8 worlds with 4 sections to each, one of those being a castle in which you would face a boss, defeating him would lead to the destruction of the castle and be one step closer to saving Princess.
The added use of the timer meant the game kept pace and gave you a sense of emergency.

Along side this you had the challenge of collecting all the coins in the game, or the designated challenge mode where you would need to find certain things or get a high score to progress. This all added to the longevity of the game and kept it intresting, as essentially you had 4 ways of playing the same game , all with something slightly different.

The game also included a fun box which had a calendar as well as fortune telling , neither of these were that exciting but were a nice extra.
There was also Records which showed you high score and a Album which unlocked special images , which could could then be printed off via the game boy printer, again another bit of longevity as I always wanted to collect the images, a bit like pannini stickers.

The simple controls were what made the game so addictive, wether you were 1 or 100 you could take the plumber and his brother on an adventure. The D-pad made him move and the A button let him jump, of course Luigi always had a slightly bigger jump. Pressing select at the start of the world let you change between the two and start would let you save the game into one of 3 slots, I used these as one game for fun and one was collecting everything, actually I also used the 3rd by trying not to lose a life throughout.

The graphics were bright and colourful, the blue clouds and cracked bricks have become known to many gamers , it was simple and done its purpose whilst letting the game run smooth. Mario himself had a nice little red jumpsuit and cap, the glowing ? boxes have probably gone down in gaming history as a source of surprise and excitement, whats inside be it coins or mushrooms.
Of course the mushrooms were also well designed , taking on different forms depending on wether they gave you a life, or the flowers which gave you fire.
Lava and water were grahically brilliant for the time and really gave some atmosphere to castle levels.

One of the things that added the most atmosphere though must be the music, the score was genius. A simple beat that made everyone smile and as it sped up as your time went down, it gave you a real sense of panic and made you work that bit quicker. It's probably the most famous music of any game.

Overall this game could probably buy you around 30-40 hours with full completion, still a great game and one that is very popular.
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on 25 November 2013
Unfortunately this product didn't work which was disappointing. There was a problem with a cylinder battery inside the game, but the seller remained cordial, gave my money back and apolgised for the inconvienence
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on 26 September 2013
I hope one day Nintendo release this on the eshop on the 3DS, its a brilllant update on the first mario bro's game.

UPDATE: Well, it looks like Ninty were listening to me lol, getting this game for free from them for linking my 3DS and Wii U together with my NNID just before Christmas 2013. If you have a 3DS buy it!
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on 12 July 2013
This is my _favorite_ game. That's right. Favorite. Game.

You might think I'm crazy; there are, like, 8 bits in this game. This game make it feel like 64. Fast, fluid, smooth, fast-paced and so on. I've spent more hours on this game than on any other, and I'm not going to give it up.

This doesn't tell you much about the game, but if you don't know what Super Mario Bros. is, you're seriously odd. Importantly, though, this comes with The Lost Levels *built in*. Serious-yeah!
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on 29 September 2000
This is a fantastic remake from the NES original. Mario on the NES was about as good as gaming ever got. This improves on it.
What more can I say? Miyamoto the legendary games designer was behind this game... and it was because of the quality of the Mario games that Nintendo did so well in the 8-bit days of gaming. This game therefore, apart from being fantastic fun is also a piece of gaming history.
A must-have along with Tetris and Zelda for all GameBoy Color owners.
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on 15 October 2011
Fun game, fast delivery, good quality. From my side there's no complaints. It was a birthdaygift and it got here well before the birthday
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