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on 26 May 2006
The transitional album for Voivod: with `Killing Technology' the band moved away from the noisy, chaotic thrash of their first two albums and began to expand their sound, tip-toeing into more prog territory and truly flexing their impressive musical muscles. `Killing Tech.' also heralded the start of Voivod's most impressive and successful period - this and the subsequent three albums are undoubtedly their finest.

The band still possess the raw and aggressive thrash tendencies of their early releases and vocalist Snake continues to scream his lyrics a little too often, but there's plenty of ambition in the lengthier arrangements and more complex time changes. Highpoints are hard to find as the album works best if it's listened to in one sitting, but `Ravenous Medicine' became a live-favourite, `Tornado' hurtles along in true thrash style and the title track is simply immense, the sinister guitars and powerhouse drumming presenting a superb introduction to what should be considered as one of the best metal albums of the Eighties.

I'm biased towards `Killing Tech.' because it was the first Voivod album that I genuinely liked from beginning to end. Most critics will agree that `Dimension Hatross', `Angel Rat' and esp. the commercially successful `Nothingface' are superior releases. Yet for me, it's `Killing Tech.', with its grinding thrash, stark, mechanical sound, exploratory song structures and lyrics still deeply rooted in sci-fi that stands proudest in the Voivod discography. However, a newcomer may want to check out the shinier production and more progressive tendencies of the excellent `Nothingface' before treading the hazardous paths of earlier Voivod.
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on 6 December 2014
Killing Technology is pure genius. Full of angular, discordant riffs and abrupt time changes, you could easily throw the words 'progressive' and 'technical' around in an attempt to describe this, but it doesn't sound like any other progressive or technical metal band out there. No other band has ever made an album quite like this. It's quite simply one one of the most unique albums ever made, not just in the field of metal, but in any genre. It's one of these rare experiments which was 100% successful first time, and it's probably my favourite metal album of all time.

So why only four stars? The score is a compromise between the five stars the album deserves and the three stars the CD version is worth. I have this album both on vinyl and CD, and I feel like a whole younger generation of metal fans have been robbed of what should rightly be considered one of the greatest metal albums ever recorded. In the act of transferring this album to CD, something went horribly wrong.

On vinyl this album has as weighty and meaty a production as any from that era and the result is relentlessly intense. On CD the production sounds weak and thin; all sense of weight in the wonderfully distorted bass lines seems to have been stripped out, along with the heaviness and impact of the drums. As a result, the intensity is almost entirely lost. What happened? Hundreds of other albums from the era were transferred to CD perfectly well. In the meantime, this album has been largely forgotten and I strongly suspect the terrible CD transfer - being the only version available to most people - is largely responsible for this masterpiece sinking into relative obscurity.
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on 26 February 2002
Along with their other work, Voivod's "killing technology" is an absolute must for anyone into metal music, in fact I'd go as far as to say you can't say you're into metal without owning at least one Voivod album!
This album borrows from everything -motorhead,thrash,industrial,prog and even classical!!The result is one of metal's greatest albums from one of it's most original and creative bands.Don't wait a second longer get Killing Technology today, yes, it's that good!!!
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on 31 January 2012
I had this album back in the day. I loved this album and, while I didn't hear it for around 15 years, I still listen to it today.

The previous 2 albums were much less refined, more raw, and more in keeping with thrash metal at the time. Killing Technology was different and the start of a change in the music of VoiVod that saw them hit exceptional levels. Don't get me wrong, this is still hard, fast, aggressive, however it came so far from the first 2 offerings and was a revaluation at the time. The change in direction saw them produce Dimension Hatross and Nothingface, which saw them develop more and more, and both are great albums (Dimension Hatross edging it for me), but I prefer Killing Techology over those two.

There is not a poor track on the record, but if I were to select my favourites these would include Forgotten in Space and Tornado, but my favourite is the title track itself, KillingTechnology, once you get through the 54 seconds of bleeps from space.

Listen to some samples and form your own opinion. It may need a couple of listens, but it is so worth it.
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Although A little rough around the edges; K T is A very interesting Album. This is the point of Voivods' career where they investigate the idea of prog/thrash and mix it with Sci Fi lyric themes. Even though Voivod are still in the development stage here, the musicianship is still competent enough to pull off some very good ideas. The vocals can be shouty at times, but if that doesn't put you off, this is A TOP album!
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on 18 January 2014
I heard some of it before and loved it. Thrash metal. What a great guitarist Piggy (rest in peace) A Fantastic noise with fun and some light bits in it. They were a really inventive and unique band and will be sorely missed.
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on 12 August 2002
This album is for the most part thrash but it sounds similar to a lot of punk bands that are around nowadays. With interesting minor chords and a hardcore-sounding feedback that makes the album sound about ten years ahead of its time, Killing Technology is a superb album. It isn't an immediate grower, but then neither was "Scream Bloody Gore" by Death and I really liked it after a few listens. Lyrically the songs are Fear Factory-esque, with a lesser degree of good syntax.
Other albums like this: Devin Townsend and SYL, AFI(!), Godflesh.
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on 11 February 2015
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