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3.8 out of 5 stars64
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 3 March 2013
Much like the deeply underrated Load - Reload is or rather was, a new incarnation of Metallica, a dark, bluesy and polished beast. Gone are the Lovecraftian lyrics and long hair but the experimental Metallica still remains. Carpe Diem Baby and Slither have some serious (slow and grinding) metal riffs and Where The Wild Things Are is infused with great melody and atmosphere. Like Load, the production is amazing, all gloriously deep bass pedals and full, thick and layered guitars. Whilst it may not be a classic as such, Reload is still an impressive rock album. After The Black Album there came more musical colour and different lyrical themes. Still heavy. Still unique. Still Metallica.
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on 31 May 2003
If you want to buy this because you want more of the early 90's Metallica sound you will be disappointed.
If you approach this album realising this great band must reinvent themselves to stay alive there is much on offer. Fantastic playing, well thought out song structures and new sounds. If they had continued to pump out the same sort of songs that feature on the fantastic Master of Puppets album, Metallica would have become parodies of themselves and would no longer exist by now.
A very good album, the way forward. (But let's not forget the past)
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on 20 December 2014
The second of two Metallica albums that were originally intended to be released as an inclusive 2CD set. Part two of the 'Load package' is a suitably excellent counterpart, which is assisted by a strong tracklisting arrangement. In further continuation of the slick and clean-cut presentation that was projected with 'Load', Metallica continue to pursue garage/blues rock influances, whilst attempting to preserve they're trademark sound.

'Fuel' and the rather creepy 'The Memory Remains' are openers that need no introduction. The modern Metallica classics that they have since become, set the scene for numerous 'hair raising' rockers:- like the metal mania of "Devil's Dance, Slither, Bad Seed & Carpe Diem Baby". These fine efforts are also counterbalanced by the more traditional and intricate delicacies of the fantastic "Unforgiven II" and "Low Man's Lyric". There's also a more alternative hard-rock style too, that is perhaps best shown during the airtime of the excellent 'Attitude' and the CD closer, 'Fixxer'.

Apart from the rather mediocre "Where The Wild Things Are" and "Prince Charming", this is a very satisfying Metallica release, that's threaded with a nice edge of experimentalism with largely successful results. This is certainly one of the strongest Metallica offerings, (to date), at least since the early nineties, and it certainly makes for pleasant enough listening with nothing too heavy galvanising the attention.,
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on 11 July 2005
This album met with a huge amount of derision on it's release back in good old 1997 - seems like so long ago now. Looking back now, a lot of the criticism the record came in for was over the top. Most of it was based on the fact that Metallica had 'sold out'. This is surely nonsense as this record sold far less than those preceeding it. It would have been far safer for Metallica to have made another 'Black Album' - but the guys wanted to explore different musical influences. There are a lot of blues and 70s rock influences on this as compared to the speed metal of say 'Master of Puppets'. Some of it works, some of it doesn't - but I would definitely say it is an interesting record. The standout track for me is 'Unforgiven 2' - one of their most underated numbers
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on 8 May 2001
Before I start to critcise the thoughts behind this album I'd just like to mention the fact that on this album there is enough good material for any other band to release it as a classic. The crunching riffs of "Fixxxer" and the broodiness of my fave on this album "Where the wild things are" show in essence the brilliant musical talent and rockin ability of messrs Hammett,Hetfield,Newsted and Ulrich. But this isn't "any other band". This is the band that bought us "One", "Master of Puppets", "Creeping Death", "No Remorse" (need I say more!) This album is remorse for battering us with thrash albums and indeed rock albums littered with classics. Rather like post Waters Pink Floyd this album unfortunately wreaks of "use all money earning formulas",prog rock rather than the meaty, pioneering stuff of the 80's. Good as it is, this is not Metallica as I think Newsted's departure proves.
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on 8 November 2015
I hate the fact that I purchased this album. Load was quite a bit worse than Metallica, but this album is truly abysmal. I recently took the time to listen my way through the album again to try and find something worth listening to... nothing, nada, zip, zilch. Although I regret my purchase I'll keep it, for the sake of having an (almost) complete collection of Metallicas studio-albums but it really is worthless in any musical sense. Earlier when you bought a Metallica album you knew you got a certain level of quality, those days are gone.

I will post my favourite Metallica albums in order best to worst (I have not yet heard "st. Anger" or "Death magnetic") so you can check my tastes against your own:
Master of puppets
... and justice for all
Ride the lightning
Kill 'em all

An album of "fillers" and thus my recommendation is to save your money.
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on 17 January 2000
Re-load is a fantastic album, unfortunately a lot of narrow minded idiots are outraged at Metallica releasing an album that isn't identical to what they were playing ten years ago. The Unforgiven II could have been an embarrassment, but is in fact a worthy sequel. From the power of Fuel to the gentle melodies of Low Man's Lyric, this album has it all! 'Tis proper!
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on 18 June 2004
I've been a Metallica fan for over 4 years, and I think Re-Load, along with Master of Puppets is the best Metallica album released. I think you find the only Metallica 'fans' who don't appreciate it are the 80's-only fans.
I say don't mock it until you try it!!!!!
Best track by far has to be Fuel then folowed by Bad Seed which is easily one of the best Riffs Metallica have produced in recent years....just a shame about some of the lyrics!!
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on 29 January 2002
Granted, this album isn't the same as the earlier, heavier and faster stuff like ride the lightning and master of puppets etc, but it is still a great album. it has a more dark sound to it and it is also an album which you really have to listen to cos there is just so much going on. Its not quite the metallica that we all know and love but its still a fantastic album
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on 21 January 2000
When Metallica released this album they probably didn't know what to expect from their fan base. For those who expect another album in the vein of "the Black album" then prepare to be shocked, this album has a different sound and a totally different vibe. Wouldn't you get bored of your favourite band if they kept churning out the same album over and over again? The album offers a more mature approach to song writing, but it's still as heavy as elaphant's tits.
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