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on 9 January 2015
Sing to God and all Cardiacs albums are amazing. But really the prices are a joke. I advise anyone to buy Cardiacs albums from the Cardiacs official website Alphabet Business Concern where the prices are fair. Sing to God is 15quid and all the others are 12quid. Its ridiculous the amount of money Amazon are asking for
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on 10 March 2006
If any offering should have broken Cardiacs through it should have been this one. The zany music-hall antics of previous efforts has disappeared, the straight-faced guitar based experiment of Heaven Born that alienated so many fans of the zany music-hall antics has matured, and here we have a wonderful fusion which represents the best of both worlds and sounds like nothing else you have ever heard.
The mellow Eden on the Air opens, like all the tracks a multi-layered journey of discovery, maybe lulling the uninitiated into a false sense of (albeit confused) security. The peace, however, is soon disturbed by the short, punky Eat It Up Worms Hero. Here you get the first “Queen-on-speed” moment until the big guns arrive. Dog-Like Sparky, Fiery Gun Hand and Insect Hoofs On Lassie represent the backbone of part one; catchy, quirky, technically brilliant nuggets of ear-splitting pop. Fiery Gun Hand is noteworthy for the Zappa-esque “bit-with-lots-of-notes-in-it “ and the “guitar solo” consisting of pasted together out-takes. All three exhibit the deceptively childish lyrics of Tim Smith, with hidden meanings (which admittedly you have to invent yourself - see title) that hammer themselves into your psyche. Following the stirring interruption of Fairy Mary Mag, Horse’s Tail represents a throw back to the stop-start mayhem of the past, but is sandwiched between two approachable nuggets of pop; Bellyeye and Manhoo. Wireless - hypnotic, delicate, haunting and featuring somebody playing, yes, scissors - warms down for the interval.
The second disc is not as accessible and not as immediately dazzling. Dirty Boy is a long, rambling fifty-mile hike in musical form, with a never ending finale that, despite the cleverness, might have you reaching for disc one again. Then Billion (written when Tim was about twelve or something), short and sweet, provides the blessed relief before another great, perfect pop single – Odd Even; jangly guitars and an exceptional keyboard solo which represents a masterpiece in itself. Bell Stinks and Bell Clinks return to the frenzied, hectic, no hold’s barred, brain liquefying stupor that embodies Cardiacs at their most feral. One of them is an instrumental, but for the life of me I can’t remember which one. Flap Off You Beak opens with more than a passing resemblance to Queen’s Seven Sea’s of Rye, then threatens further Cardiacs patented “let’s all play at full volume all the time” migraine-inducing racket until thankfully relaxing into something softer and wonderfully melodic. There is a small break in proceedings before Angelworm Angel decides that it is going to grant us the migraine-inducing racket after all. Red Fire is a petulant, stilted but supremely melodious anthem that sets us up nicely for the mature, solid closing suite. No Gold is similar to Flap Off in feel and beauty. Nurses is an updated version of and old, old song and is powerful and engaging, with an incredible hook and smart guitar work. Nurses dissolves into a drawn out sparkle of feedback and noise which eventually morphs into the beautiful, mellowness of Foundling. Aaaah…
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on 21 September 2000
you either love or hate them, but the little red-faced psycotic schoolboys that are the cardiacs have kept true to form on this double offering. the platter offers all that the cardiacs have to give, from wonderfully jarring discordia to sublime poppiness, sometimes in the same song. tims stream of subconcious lyrics pepper the album like so many slippery eels, just eluding you but leaving traces of goo in your ears. there are many high points in this album, including a reworking of the classic 'nurses whispering verses', but the new tracks are instant cardiac classics. if you like them you'll love it, if you dont like them you'll screw up your face like when your mum made you eat cabbage.
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on 29 January 2011
Apparently Cardiacs are a kind of "marmite" band. Either you love or hate them, which confuses me somewhat as i cannot for the life of me find anything to dislike, let alone hate.

I have stumbled upon Cardiacs late on, so i was never there during gigs, sadly, and didn't buy the albums when they were available other than collectors items ect...

This album has changed me. It's almost as if, hearing Cardiacs, has killed all other music stone dead for me at the moment :S I cannot get enough :)

There are a lot of tracks on this double album, of course. Many difficult to listen to for first timers i think, but every one has a little bit ( or more ) in that first instance that makes you go warm inside and smile at how cool/emotional/clever it is. Then you come back to it a 2nd time, understand a little bit more ( Cardiacs tunes are notoriously complex a lot of the time ), and then you come back a 3rd, a 4th ad infinitum. The music on show here is simply stunning, mayeb literally in some places, it becomes overwhelming :)

There is SO MUCH here. It has been said that there are sometimes enough ideas in a Cardiacs song to eclipse that of other's entire careers and i would be inclined to agree :) I know this review sounds a bit fawning, but music (hopefully) brings out so many emotions in us all and this album has had me fall in love with this music.

This album is incredible, i promise. If you are crazy enough to spend the sort of money that people are usually asking for this then please do so. If not, then youtube the album and think a bit too long and hard about parting with the ridiculous sums of cash for this album lol :)

On a related note, look also for "A Little Man and House and The Whole World Window " as an earlier but equally sublime Cardiacs album...

Tracks of specific beauty here :

Fairy Mary Mag ( spine tingling )
Dirty Boy ( absolutely overwhelming and epic )
Odd Even ( what a melody! )
Bell Clinks ( you can't keep up ! )
Nurses Whispering Verses ( a Cardiacs oldie, recharged and as haunting as ever )

I have listed above, some of my personal stand-out favourites, but honestly, they are ALL as beautiful as the other on this album. Words cannot do it justice.

Please find out about this album and please find out more about Cardiacs !

Greatest Band Ever :)
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on 25 September 2014
I once read another fans review of this record and it just said in an almost questioning way, "I think I'm actually falling in love with this album"

Quite simply the greatest recording in the history of music. Nothing comes close.
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on 3 September 2013
Having "discovered" Cardiacs only about 5 months ago, I have since then bought 6 of their albums, and I am well and truly hooked.
For me, this is the best, narrowly beating Little Man...
Part 2 is almost perfect; the opener, Dirty Boy, being one of the most powerful pieces of music I could possibly imagine, and regularly moves me to tears.
Other highlights are Dog-like Sparky, Fiery Gunhand, Nurses whispering Verses, Flap off you beak, and closer Foundling, a real grower.
Hugely expensive on Amazon, and sp**ify just don't offer ANY Cardiacs, but all are readily available from the well known "fruity" download site.
This is not easy listening, but persist, and you will be rewarded a thousand times over... Cardiacs have changed my life forever.
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on 11 May 2013
When I first bought this (at it's very modest original retail price) I thought I had made a mistake. Don't get me wrong, I was introduced to "Cardiacs" years ago by a friend ("Maresnest" album and have been lucky enough to see them live) but on first listening to "Sing to God" it sounded so inaccessible that I returned to the cosy comfort of "Marenest" to get my bearings.
I tried again and, like drinking Guinness, I slowly understood what I was tasting. This is now an album that I can quite happily stick in the player while I'm working and play back to back without the slightest hint of boredom and I secretly think that Tim and the boys must have engineered some addictive subliminal audio pattern into the mix because once you're hooked you're snared...

Get this anyway you can and play it long and LOUD.

Rik James
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on 30 November 2009
This has to be one if not my favorite album of all time. There is so much that's so amazing that I can't find the words that will do it justice. All these years later, it's timeless, it's just wonderfull. Full stop.
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on 14 July 2015
Amazing. Now go straight to the Cardiacs on-line shop and buy it & other albums for much, much less money.
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on 3 August 2006
If you do not own this album, buy it. You would be a true fool not to.

No words can sum up what this album is like. This album is above words.

That is all.
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