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4.3 out of 5 stars29
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 29 September 2003
Ok picture the scene Metallica produce and realise Black (Metallica) in 1991 all eyes go on Megadeth. Can they match this??? Can they oh yes they can!!!! Im listening to the album as i write this review Symphony of destruction you know how it goes lovely harmony cut short by Dave Mustaines ripping guitar action and David Ellefson's heaviest bass line But it doesnt end here from song one to eleven this album just gets better and better."Sweating Bullits" probably Megadeths moct commercial success in my own opinion is not the stand out best song on this album dont get me wrong i still love it who could forget that kick drum and that riff which Mustaines beautiful unforgetable and haunting voice. But in my and only my opinion song seven "Countdown to Extinction" is the stand out track on this album listen to it once and youll be hooked. This album quite seriously is one of the greatest Heavy/Rock Albums of all time when you think of the greats "Seasons in abyss, Master of Puppets, Among the living Coyboys from hell" This still delivers the goods every time and doesnt get old. Dont take my word for it jus go out and buy this you wont be ripped off i gurantee forget your sh**y pop rock nu metal this is the heavy stuff.Mustaine as usual gives his all a proper rock god ! the man is a living legend! SIMPLY A MASTERPIECE thanks for reading!
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on 1 September 2005
Oh man, i've heard enough of the Metallica Vs. Megadeth debate to last me a lifetime. Simple answer - if you don't like one of these bands - don't listen to their music! I've heard this album compared to Metallica's Metallica. Yes, here, Megadeth too, decreased their thrash elements; yeah, they started getting more play on radio and Mtv; yeah, it's not as hard edged and full throttle as their previous albums. But it's nothing like Metallica's 'Black' album. I even heard (or rather read) somebody saying that CTE is less agressive then the 'Black' album. This is not true. And no, if you're thinking i'm a "Megadeth lover=Metallica hater" kind of person, you're wrong. Why on earth can't people enjoy both bands. I just wouldn't try to compare Metallica and Megadeth; i think they're both so different. If you don't 'get' this album, then you don't 'get' Megadeth. A lot of the songs are slower than their previous efforts and it's more polished sounding, and has some simpler song structures, but it's Megadeth through and through. The thrash hasn't completely disappeared either; there are progressive thrash elements to this album. But hey - you can't play Peace Sells and Rust In Peace forver! You have to progress, else risk becoming a very boring, predictable outfit and a parody of yourself. That doesn't mean you sell out, and this record isn't a sell-out. It's top-notch quality, with some intelligent songwriting. I love the sound of the guitars on this album, particularly on songs such as Symphony Of Destruction, Architecture Of Aggression, Psychotron and Ashes In Your Mouth. The latter is one of my favourites and one one of the heavier songs on the record, which also has some amazing sounding guitars in it. The Friedman-Mustaine team up at the end of the solo sounds wonderful. The musicianship certainly hasn't faltered. There a still killer riffs in abundance here. It IS a heavy album, but there is a 'groove' to it, but then i think Megadeth always had that. I also enjoy the lyrics. They're honest, truthful, thoughtful and some are funny, though in a dark way. Some standout tracks for me - 'Symphony Of Destruction'; 'Sweating Bullets'; 'Architecture Of Aggression'; 'This Was My Life'; 'Ashes In Your Mouth'.
I haven't got the remastered version of the album but i have heard some of it, and from what i have heard i think i prefer the original version, though i do have an MP3 of the bonus track from the remaster, 'Crown Of Worms', which is a good song and well worth listening to. I also have the demo version of Psychotron, which is actually a very good demo. There is an extra verse and the arrangement is different, which is interesting to hear. If i could, i would probably give this album 4.5 out of five stars, or maybe slightly less, but i suppose 4.3 sounds stupid. :D
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on 29 January 2012
This album,great as it always was is different to the original release.It has been remastered and remixed.While it give the songs a cleaner sound and all the instruments are much sharper along with the vocals,it just doesn't sound like the original album.There are also miniscule difference on some songs,such as Psychotron. ot that they really matter but to a hardened Megadeth fan such as myself it did leave me thinking "This is not how the song goes there" etc.By all means buy this great album,but if you can get the original get that.The songs on the original all have a more "Blended" feel to them,in the the instruments are blending in with one another along with the vocals,not singled out and made really apparent as they are on this 2004 release.I assume they wanted to freshen it up to attract newer listners,but it was one of those where it was perfect as it was.If it ain't broke dont attempt to fix it!! Overall I would give it 8/10,but get the 1992 release it just sounds better!!!
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on 29 December 2002
This has to be without doubt the best Megadeth album they have ever released.
OK, so it may not be a thrash album, which is really what Megadeth were about. So they've moved on. But the move is for the better, and I'm sure that you'll agree with me when you hear this album.
Its starts off with the upbeat "Skin O' My Teeth", with a classic main riff, and some excellent soloing from Mustaine and Friedman. It then moves on to the most famous song on the album, "Symphony of Destruction". This is a fairly slow and heavy song, and is considered one of the best heavy metal songs of all time. You have to listen to it to believe it.
The also famous "Sweating Bullets" is 5th on the album. I'll have to be honest, when I first heard this song, I didn't like it that much. However, it soon grew on me, and now I consider it to be one of the best on the album.
Next song worth mentioning is the title track, "Countdown to Extinction". Although this song doesn't really contain any memorable lyrics, amazing riffs, or long and complicated solo's, it still delivers the sort of style Megadeth have now adopted.
The last track on the album worth mentioning has to be my favourite of all Megadeth songs, "Ashes in your Mouth". The timing in the song is somewhat different for Megadeth, but it's the sort of thing that Marty Friedman is famous for doing, you only have to listen to his solo albums to hear that. The solo's in this song have to be some of the best I have ever heard, and I'm a big Metallica, Guns N Roses etc... fan, so that really means something.
Overall, this album is an essential album for any metal fan. Buy it!
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this for me is THE megadeth album, I have it on CD and Vinyl. It is that one album from any bands career that just works from one end to the other, Mustaine's growling vocals on Symphony of destruction and Countdown to Extinction are just perfectly suited to the content of the songs. Now its been a while since I have listened to this album, too long really, so in writing this review I think I will head off into the CD archive and have a blast. If you have not listened to this album then you must add this to your collection.
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on 4 July 2011
I didn't realise this wasn't the original album so was highly miffed to find it contained remixed versions of tracks from what is undoubtedly their best album.
In the sleeve notes Dave Mustaine is quoted as saying the only way to better their most successful album was to remix it. Well, fair enough, it's his album. And yes, it is very shiny and bright, softer, and warmer-sounding than the original, but the addition of lavish reverbs to tracks such as Symphony Of Destruction merely serve to remove the crushing, raw relentlessness of the original. More is less.
This is definitely a case, Dave, of 'It wasn't broke - didn't need fixing'!
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on 20 July 2008
I think this is probably Megadeth's best album. It is the perfect blend between underground thrash and commercial thrash/hard rock. Every track is full of mind-blowing riffs and great lyrics. Dave has obviously really put a lot of time and effort into making this whole album, espicially the lyrics, which are surprisingly catchy! Tracks:

'Skin O' My Teeth': Awesome start to the album. Perfect opening track that jumps right out at you. Great riff, awesome lyrics. Sets a tone for the whole album. 5/5

'Symphony Of Destruction': Everyone knows this track. One of Megadeth's best and everyone knows the words. It has to be sung along to. Amazing start to this track with an awesome riff. 5/5

'Architecture Of Agression': Great track that isn't one of Megadeth's best known tracks but it really should be. Very nice chorus. 5/5

'Foreclosure Of A Dream': Slightly slower than most Megadeth songs but still great. Dave makes this more melodic and a very nice solo. 5/5

'Sweating Bullets': Very interesting verses in this track. Dave really talks the verses and sings the chorus. It is different, but it works extremely well. 5/5

'This Was My Life': Amazing chorus in this track that is very catchy indeed. 5/5

'Countdown To Extinction': Best track on the album. Superb riff, superb lyrics, superb solo. What more do you want? One of Megadeth's best. 5/5

'High Speed Dirt': Nice riff in this track just not as good as others on this album. Good chorus. 4/5

'Psychotron': Amazing riffage in this track and a cracking chorus! Again it is quite catchy and another Megadeth track that isn't well known but it should be! 5/5

'Captive Honour': This starts out slow but builds up very nicely. Very good lyrics in this as Dave uses other people to talk from a court session. (you'll understand when you haer it). Very good riff and chorus. 5/5

'Ashes In Your Mouth': Very good ending to the album which has great lyrics and you notice the riff the more you listen to it. Excellent faded out ending. 4/5

Overall, this is a must have for any Megadeth fan, and any heavy metal fan! If you dont like this album I will eat my hat! It is just so amazing and I can't stop listening to it! Buy now and it will become one of your favourite albums!
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on 21 February 2001
Before I start, I would like to say that I am 15 years old, and I was barely 7 years old when this came out. I used to listen to all the bands you would expect of a metal fan of my age, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Nirvana etc. Nu metal and Rap metal is still alot of my favourite music, however a couple of years ago a friend gave me a copy of Metallica's Black album, and it totally blew me away. The musical ability of the band, and the sense of rythm and melody ( as well as a well heavy sound ) put most of todays band to shame. From their on I started to listen to alot of 80's metal, and thats how I got this album. I'm sure any metal fan old enough, will own this already, but to those my age, check it out. Anyone who plays guitar can surely appreciate the tehnical skill involved, and the CD is full of excellent tracks anyway : Symphony of Destruction, Forclosure of a dream, Skin O my Teeth etc. They may not be as 'cool' as Slipknot, but since when did real metal fans care about that anyway? Check it out, you might really like it. It may not be a classic, when compared to the Black album, or Korn:Korn, but it still rocks damn hard!
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on 23 October 2000
From the start this album pulls no punches. Dave Mustaine's voice is truly tortured as he tries to deliver some tortuous lyrics. Rust In Peace may have been Megadeth's peak as far as speed thrash is concerned (mighty solos & highly recommended), but Countdown To Extinction is a far more mature offering. The songs are better crafted and the production is excellent. Definitely worth splashing out for.
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on 24 June 2008
Why do people keep this wonderful masterpiece of heavy metal to Metallica's Black Album? This is totally differemt to Metallica's Black Album and 10000 times better then the black album. This album kicks ass, full of awesome heavy metal riffs that will be stuck in you're head for weeks, great vocals and lyrics by Mustaine, excellent drumming, great bass and awesome guitar solos. All the songs on this album are brilliant my favourite by miles is Psychotron love the riffs. Even though this isn't thrash metal it's still heavy metal the way we like it. In my opinion this isn't as good as their next album Youthanasia (but alot of people would argue with that) this is still an awesome piece of heavy metal which should belong in every Megadeth/Heavy Metal fans. Forget The Black Album. MEGADETH ROCK!!!!!!!!
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