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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 14 April 2011
Until I saw the reviews on here I was blissfully unaware that other Prince fans don't consider this a 5* album.
I have been a fan since I bought 'I Wanna Be Your Lover' back in '79 and have all of his albums; this is one of my favourites and most played. Sure, I can do without 'Orgasm', but every other track is a gem, and of the 446 Prince tracks on my iPod, 'Letitgo' easily makes my Top 20.
As I said I'm completely nonplussed by the critical reviews on here as I had assumed that every Prince fan would love this album as much as I do, but then life's full of surprises...
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on 26 November 2003
1993/94 wasn't a very good year for Prince personally; his feud with Warner Bros. over the control of his music was at its peak, and he lost a small portion of his fan-base after the slightly dissapointing sales of his previous 'Symbol' album (which is highly strange considering it wipes the floor with 'Diamonds & Pearls). One bright spot of this troubled period, however, is this little album.
Basically a contract filler, hence it being released as a PRINCE album even though at the time he was O(+>, 'Come' was brought out just before the release of his excellent 'Gold Experience' album. The tracks on the album were recorded at the same time, in the same sessions, as the gold experience tracks and the songs frequently swapped between albums before Prince settled on a final tracklisting.
Due to this, the songs on 'Come' are equally as impressive as those found on 'The Gold Experience...
To this day, 'Come' is still Prince's most explicit album and at the same time his least accessible as well.
You probably won't like it on first listen...I didn't, and not many other people did either, but give it time and you'll realise it is one of the strongest Prince albums of the 90's.
The album flows like no other Prince record of the time and every song has a lustful, yet sensual edge to them, the title track being a perfect example: an x-rated, mid-tempo horn-workout that is practically sex on record... showcasing the naughty side of Prince in every way possible, and lasting just over 10 minutes; the track remarkabaly never out-stays its welcome and remains one of Prince's greatest tracks of the 90's. The remaining tracks never reach the brilliance of the opening, title cut yet still greatly impress:
'Space' is a lovely, slow moving number with a terrfic swaying bassline, and a catchy, decorative keyboard hook, whilst 'Loose!' is a roaring, chaotic techno-funk track featuring, amongst other things, a fine guitar solo from Prince. What's surprising is that the tracks have such a wide variety but never seem to sound out of place, the sample-drenched funk of 'Race' seems to flow with ease into the soulful crooning of 'Dark - the album's only ballad.
Near every track on 'Come' is excellent with only 'Solo' and 'Orgasm' dissapointing, the latter being exactly what the title implies.
An album with such quality songs shouldn't be deserved to be labelled a "throw-away" or "sub-standard", the 93-95 period for Prince was as prolific as his 86-88 days when he was churning out masterpieces like they were nothing, and whilst 'Come' may not stand beside 'Sign 'O' The Times', 'Lovesexy' or 'Parade' as a classic Prince album...the majority of the time it is nothing short of sexually-spectacular.
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on 23 November 1999
What we have here upon the first listen is a poor CD. There are no outstanding tracks to speak of, there are only 10 tracks,(we are used to plenty more) and the whole album, at first listen, seems a little flat. However, this CD contains some surprises, notably the fact that the album has been produced to perfection. Sure there are no killer tracks, but the tracks included feel right. From the jazzy drawn out jam of Come, to the racy lyrics of Pheremone, this album grows on the listener. With the track Loose, Prince sounds as if he went crazy in the studio, it is a great dance track. The track Papa, about child abuse, shows that the man can still combine his musical talents with topical issues. Then on to Race and Dark, two tracks oozing in class, combining his trademark funk and gospel. So, this CD is an odd release, but give it a go and what you have is an accomplished collection of songs that confirms the mans genius.
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on 3 June 2001
This is one of the most underestimated Prince albums ever and I can't see why since to me it's his best of the 90's after "Diamonds And Pearls". The two first tracks "Come" and "Space" are feel-good jazzy tracks with a very saucy message. Although they are excellent on their own the album keeps getting better and better.The power-pop of "Pheromone" is the best track on the album and Prince's effort to do some rave on "Loose" sounds interesting but dated.Up to these point all the songs are about sex.The subject changes to child abuse with "Papa" a very angry song with an amazing rock ending and then we are treated to an R&B track("Race"),a reggae track("Dark") a surprise acapella opera track("Solo"-beautiful) and the only hit-single from the album the beautiful R&B "Letitgo" comes last before the ,hmm. theater "piece" of "Orgasm".I wouldn't agree that the album has no killer songs. Although none of the songs are commercial enough to make hit singles,each and every song on this album is a killer song on its own.
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on 20 May 2016
I love diamond and pearls and love album so did wonder if this would be any good as created around the same time. Have to say it's a real grower, not as polished as the love album, but has a theme of its own. Really enjoying cd. Tis under-rated. Papa song is good if difficult to listen to but catchy beat. Lettigo, pheromone, space and race are all good too. Just loving this man's work at the mo!
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on 12 May 2013
I'd overlooked this album at the time it was released and picked it up in a bargain bin recently. I wasn't expecting more than a couple of good tracks and was delighted that it's actually a decent Prince album. I'd say it's somewhere between his sexy MF phase and Lovesexy album in sound generally with the title track being an great example of Prince's jazz sensibilities. Not quite his best album but certainly well worth getting.
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on 18 September 2011
1994 - 2011 still sounds as good today as it was on the day of it's release all those years ago. Yes Purple Rain was a great track but we have here a collection of songs that are riskier but just as good if not better. The guy is a genius at making pulse racing sounds that paint images that could be hung in Tate Modern. If you like guitar, take a listen to Loose! It's a five star album throughout that flows seamlessly from start to an orgasmic climax. And you won't need to shell out a lot of cash for this priceless gem. Come-on, you won't be dissapointed.
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on 10 August 2008
1. Come. 9/10
2. Space. 10/10
3. Pheremone. 10/10
4. Loose!. 10/10
5. Papa. 8/10
6. Race. 8/10
7. Dark. 9/10
8. Solo. 10/10
9. Letitgo. 10/10
10. Orgasm. 0/10

This album is all very good, apart from "Orgasm" which is horifically scary. One of Prince's very few disasters.Do not buy is you are a newcomer to Prince. Buy something like "1999", "Sign "O" the Times" or "Purple Rain", buy this later on. Take cautions. Also buy 80s Prince first, then delve into 90s afterwards you know the basics of a Prince album.
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on 10 June 2016
I love this album....after reading some reviews i didn't know what to expect. Put it this way,i have not stopped playing this since i bought it. has some great tracks & Prince sure delivers.x
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on 23 March 2004
This album was released between '93's triple CD Hits collection and '95's The Gold Experience, The Artist's last relatively sizeable international hit, and in my opinion perhaps his finest album.
As a prelude to Gold, Come is an interesting listen. It may have been released mainly as a contractual obligation, but unlike '96's diabolical Chaos and Disorder, it seems that Prince put some real thought and effort into the tracks on this disc.
Okay, only about half of the ten tracks here are really any good, and really only the title track and the single Letitgo are Prince anywhere approaching his best, but the same could be said for a lot of his other, much more popular and well-known, albums (Lovesexy, Parade et al.).
So, certainly not recommended as a starting point for listeners new to this amazing artist's work (try his recent "Very Best Of", or perhaps Purple Rain or Diamonds and Pearls for that), but for fans there are a handful of tight tracks, a couple of which are somewhere close to being in the ball-park of classic Prince\The Artist, as well as some fine musicianship from the man's ever- fantastic band, particularly on the aforementioned title track.
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