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3.9 out of 5 stars13
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 13 April 2006
This was their best album. I am a massive fan of the Stone Temple Pilots and can remember getting Purple off a friend and being absolutely blown away by it.

I waited for this with baited breath and when it came out I remember feeling a little disapointed.

After playing it for another two days however I fell in love with it. It is without their best and the one where Scott Weiland strikes out and shows the true versitility of his voice.

The band took a risk with this album making an album which goes from straight forward punky american rock (tumble in the rough) to slow ballads like 'and so I know' and 'adhesive'. Stand out track is the last one 'Seven Caged Tiger Fly'

An amazingly varied album but not one for people new to the stone temple pilots. Buy Purple if your into american rock/grunge and then buy this.
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on 7 March 2006
Why people rate this album so low is beyond me.
From the perfect vocal melodies to the awesome guitar licks and from its funky bass lines to the unreal drum parts this album is simply class.
The album is generally quite relaxed with some bursts of riffage.
I'll talk about a couple of the tracks to give you an idea of the feel and mood of the album.
Songs like the beautiful 'Adhesive' & 'Seven Caged Tigers' opens up a new world to the bands already vast level of variety. The addidtion of the horn solo in 'Adhesive' adds to the goosebumps effect to no end. They never lost touch of their passion for heavy riffs either as the chrous to 'Art School Girl' quite cleary proves with its crashing drums, harsh vocals and pointlessly distorted guitar (thats a compliement). The classic 'Lady Picture Show' lays down a vocal melody that almost anyone couldn't deny to sing along to for days. The almost sedative effect of 'And So I Know' is enough to drift you off gently to sleep.
This is warded by the brilliance on the lead guitar in 'Trippin On A Hole In A Paper Heart' which just shows the abundance of talent in Dean DeLeos grasp.
I can't talk this album up enough and I am sad to see Scott Weiland wasting away in Velvet Revolver. What he had with these guys is mountainous in comparison to VR.
Get back togethor and do the world a favour!
Thanks for this album guys
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on 23 September 2013
Im a big Stone Temples Pilot fan but my review is unbiased.Despite the album having an odd title there are a number of songs that qualify for the quality Stone temple pilots song list to accompany classics such as No way out,Hollywood,Dead and bloated,Pretty penny etc.
The first song on this album is an instrumental which is pretty forgetable and seems to be a filler.Pops love suicide I found quite irritating due to the way Weiland chose to sing it and the way it blended with the instruments was quite grating on the ears.However after the slow start due to the first three songs,quality lay a head.Big bang baby I can listen to again and again.And so I now, is very smooth,melodic and shows how Weiland and the band can do slow,melodic as well as fast and intense songs.
Tripping on a paper heart is one of my favourite Stone temple pilots songs.This album is not one of their heaviest or most intense but it is a welcome addtion to my collection.If you like a very heavy sound then choose other temple albums due to this albums quite melodic nature throughout.
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on 1 August 2001
I own all the STP albums, and this is my favourite. 90's rock collides head on with breezy rhythms - typified by the fantastic "rocks love suicide", you'll be hard pushed to find a better rock album in recent years. Perhaps the Chili's "Californication" outdoes it, but Cali isnt quite as intoxicated as this.
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on 8 May 2005
i bought this album hot on the heels of purple and was expecting much of the same. at first i was left confused by the record and difference in musical direction the band had undertaken, only the single "big bang baby" and the standout "seven caged tigers" recieved any airplay on my stereo. but over the following months, the album came to life for me. that summer' the days were encapsulated by the likes of "trippin on a hole...", "pops love suicide", "ride the cliche" and the nights by "and so i know" and "lady picture show". its then that you begin to appreciate the diversity that scott weiland brought to vocals, a rawness and beauty that showcased his fight with drug addiction. the influence of the beatles and the rollin stones is undeniable for the better, an underated gem.
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on 15 February 2014
Did someone turn the bass up and put the vocals down? This is something that hinders STP's third challenging album. Also Scott Weiland was in the throes of drug addiction and it shows. His voice seems off and he sounds different. There are some great songs here though. Big Bang Baby, And So I Know,Seven Caged Tigers and a few others, with riffs to die for. But the real anthem songs don't quite pull it off, the Beatlesque Lady Picture Show and Adhesive seem to fall short.

A decent album, but as this proved this was the beginning of the end for a great band.
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on 31 October 2009
This Album is been put in the dark among STP fans which is just pure madness. This is just as good Core there are no weak tracks at all. As i must put a reason forward for my argument that Tiny Music... is just as good as core. Is that Core has similar sounding of songs from the track to track it's is a good album. But this is just something else. The standout Tracks are:

Big Bang Baby
Seven Caged Tigers
Lady Picture show
Tumble in the Rough
Art School Girl
As i Know
Pop Love Suicide
Tripping Hole in a Paper Heart

Great Tracks so worth the money!
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on 22 March 2010
I'm a fan of STP's first two records, particularly Purple. Tiny Music kicks off in some style making one think it's business as usual from STP.

Groovy instrumental Press Play is a nice opener and is followed by the kind of pumping grunge-like rock we expect from STP. Pop's Love Suicide, Tumble in the Rough and Big Bang Baby are all good songs (Tumble in the Rough particularly) then the album hits Lady Picture Show, a sort of dull generic slow rock song. The kind of forgettable material one gets from the Simon Cowell machine.

The album never fully recovers for me after this. And So I Know is another ballad and another disappointment. Seeing as my favourite STP songs are Creep, Big Empty and Kitchenware and Candybars I've come to expect a lot from the slower points on an STP album. On Tiny Music they just seem to be generic filler material.

Trippin on a Hole in a Paper Heart quickly comes in to redeem the album and is one of the best tracks on the album, quite hooky, good bass guitar, vintage STP. Art School Girl is a little experimental and sounds fresh on first listen but looses its appeal rapidly. Then comes Adhesive which starts off sounding like a good STP ballad but then it falls into a sort of mess, not Robert DeLeo's finest composition.

The album then gets into it's home stretch. Ride the Cliché is not bad but it's nothing that is going to totally pull back the record this late in the game. Daisy is a nice short instrumental and is a nice closing bookend considering the album starts with a short instrumental track. An album that started so well fizzled into mediocrity. Perhaps that's why STP decided to follow the book-ending Daisy with Seven Caged Tigers, my other favourite track on the album. Great song, stands strong amongst STP's best. Good way to finish the album on a strong.

Unfortunately there is not getting away from the fact that this album starts well, finishes well but through the middle is filled with mediocre (or worse) material with Trippin on a Hole in a Paper Heart thrown into ensure one doesn't leave the album after the first few songs.
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on 1 September 2015
Loved 'some' of the tracks but..........thats good enough I feel. Well protected packaging
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on 8 October 2000
Those who associate STP with the Grunge movement will be surprised to learn that this album contains very litle of that music genre. Instead we are offered twelve songs that differ in style and rhythm there is very litle resemblance to grunge. There is one thing that lets the album down and that is the lack of intelligent and well thought out lyrics. If you are like me and like the sound of American guitar rock with a twist!Then you should find this album very catchy indeed.
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