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4.7 out of 5 stars62
4.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 18 October 2003
. . . it's still worth 5 stars. A good collection of Mr Adams stuff, before he really lost the plot, musically.
Starting off with "Summer of '69" and moving on through "It's Only Love" with Tina Turner, "Run To You", "Cut's Like A Knife" & "Kids Wanna Rock", things are on a consistant high.
In truth the slow stuff doesn't spoil things. The reason being that he does them so well. Despite being at number one for 3 or 4 years(!) "(Everything I Do) I Do It FOr You" is an excellant song. "Heat OF The Night" is full of enough emotion to stand on it's feet and "Please Forgive Me" brings things to a pleasing close.
Much better than the next Best Of, and well worth singing along to at the top of your voice, in an open car(!)
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Even though my CD copy is a more recent purchase (I must have had it for at least a decade), I actually bought this album on cassette a few days after it was released from the HMV store in Dundee. I was eighteen years old and had just split up with my first love after nearly two years together, so it brings back some bitter-sweet memories of thinking that the world had ended, that I would never be happy again (I know, but I was a kid) and provided the perfect soundtrack to teenage heartbreak at the time. Nostalgia aside, if you're looking for a great Bryan Adams compilation, you can't go far wrong with this 1993 "Greatest Hits" package. With a lean fourteen tracks, this really do go straight for the jugular and provides a superb overview of Bryan's biggest songs up until that point and whether that satisfies your Adams needs depends on whether you're a fan of his later material or not. Personally, I'm not, as there is probably only one song I would consider worthy of adding to this album and that's the single he released with Spice Girl Mel C, "When You're Gone". The rest I can really live without, especially the cringe-worthy "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman" which must be quite high up on my list of songs I really cannot stand. That collaboration with Sting and Rod Stewart was fairly dreadful too, so, yes, I'm very happy to end my Bryan Adams collection in the early nineties and run the risk of missing the odd gem or two which I'm sure must exist, post-1993.

It says a lot that the only song I'm not overly fond of on here is "Kids Wanna Rock" - and even that's perfectly listenable. The rest of the material is almost wholly brilliant and are amongst the best written, produced and performed songs you will ever hear from the soft rock genre. Even that monster of a hit "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" has aged rather well and, now the unbearable heavy radio rotation of 1991 is a distant memory, it's much easier to enjoy as the classy ballad it is. "Summer Of '69" kicks the album off explosively and the classic nostalgia-based song, reminiscing about the hazy years of care-free youth and young love is a subject matter that most will be able to relate to and enjoy immensely. "Straight From The Heart" is another I like a lot, being a heartfelt ballad, pleading with his lover for honesty and to give their relationship another chance, delivered simply, without the usual Adams bombast. Another of my favourites is the dramatic "Do I Have To Say The Words?", another woeful, pleading tale of broken love which Bryan delivers so well. I also particularly like the guitar phrase that follows each sung line of the chorus; it's such a brilliantly written and arranged song.

"Run To You" is a clear-cut classic, the excitement, passion and shame of deceit are portrayed magnificently in this early highlight of his career and it's a composition I love, despite not liking the subject matter too much. That dreadful club version of "Heaven" (by DJ Sammy) that was around a decade ago had only one good purpose and that was to remind people of what a great song the original was. Oddly enough, it nearly didn't make it onto Bryan's classic "Reckless" album as he and his producer thought that it was a bit too soft. Luckily, Adams changed his mind at the last minute and it has now become one of his best known power ballads. "Heat Of The Night" is another particularly enjoyable one, with a mean, moody verse and anthem-like chorus and is the only representative from 1987's "Into The Fire" album here. There is a previously unreleased song on this album, "Please Forgive Me" (there was supposed to be another new one called "So Far So Good" at the beginning of the album, but that one was considered unsuitable and dropped) which took a little getting used to at the time, but the "quiet-loud-quiet-loud" power ballad now sounds like it belongs on a greatest hits project such as this which is, incidentally, still one of Adams' best selling albums of all time.

If you've just had your heart broken, it sounds great. If you're madly in love with someone and are having the happiest, most euphoric time of your life, it sounds great. If you're not in a relationship with anybody and don't particularly want to be, it still sounds great. I think you can see what I'm trying to say, here. This collection only features Adams at his finest and is a perfect snapshot of his career when his stock was at its highest. Even though he is still a popular artist and it wasn't necessarily downhill from this point on, I think it is fair to say that this compilation was conceived and released at perhaps the ideal time in his career where he had a whole album's worth of nothing but brilliant, immaculate commercial rock. Now, if you don't like this kind of music and don't really like Bryan Adams, then this isn't going to change your mind, but if you like one or two of his songs and want to discover more, then this is an excellent place to start... either this or his finest studio album, "Reckless", of course. Other collections are available with lots more material on offer, but, in this fan's opinion, picking and choosing songs from his later releases only serves to dilute the quality on offer on this near-perfect album.
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on 15 January 2001
What an album. One of the best EVER! All the songs are brilliant including Run to You and Summer of 69. Brings back memories of my youthful days when all me and mates played was this album. You are missing a hell of an album if you haven't got it in your collection. BUY IT.
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on 8 August 2008
I would like to start off by pointing out Amazon's own review of this album and the lack of understanding for the song "summer of '69", it has been recently well documented what that song's really referring to.

Moving on, this album is perhaps one of the greatest albums ever! It's a shame it doesn't have a couple of live tracks since Adams is such a wonderful live performer, but nevermind that, here is the best of his in-studio tracks.

The shotgun snare drum hit at the start of Summer of '69 throws you right in with his now most recognisable song ever. That gets you bouncing and singing straight away to the feel-good hit before slowing down for the early "straight from the heart". It's great to see only 3 songs were selected from his best-selling "Waking up the Neighbours" album from 1991 and the influence was on his previous music, mostly that of 1984s "Reckless".

The original song "Please forgive me" is the perfect way to finish the album, the new song more than matches up to the gigantic hit single "(Everything I do) I Do It For You" and leaves the gateway open with Bryan sounding better than ever and this album would be followed up by the brilliant "18 'til I Die".

I recommend either this or the recently released "Anthology" as the first Bryan Adams album you buy, followed by "18 til i die" and "reckless" if you like what you hear, which I'm sure you will. 5 Stars!
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In my view this is an essential album for any Bryan Adams fan - every track is solid gold and, this is that rare sort of CD you'll listen to from beginning to end time after time. In fact, I've done so so often that this is my second copy of the CD because it started skipping probably as a result of careless storage/handling. In terms of style this album takes you from the beaty Summer of 69 through to ballads like (Everything I do) I do it for You and Please Forgive Me and there's plenty in between like Can't Stop this Thing We've Started etc. With 14 top tracks on this CD it's a bargain at its current price and you certainly won't be disappointed. Recommended.
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on 17 January 2011
A solid rock albumn.

Loved most of them when released and great to here them in one place.

As another reviewer said I think this is the best stuff (or I guess the bits I most like).

If you like this try Bob Seger - The Distance
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on 25 August 2008
Bryan Adams was one of those fortunate guitarists with Fate and Destiny on his side when that Lucky Pixie with the 'Bag Of Incredible Rock Riffs' spilled so many of 'em over Bryan and his guitar. This man has been very fortunate, and mostly, you only have to hear the first chord and the song is instantly recognisable.
With this CD you just can't go wrong, the humble 'So Far, So Good' just doesn't cut it, and even the added 'The Best Of' is a gross understatement. Just his hits have been picked out really, because every album track is quite a corker, and I've not heard a 'duff' or 'filler' track from him yet. These days, if you're new to him, this one is a great start, then get the rest of the albums, well, you'll want to, anyway.
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on 20 April 2014
I had this on cassette format back in the day and have lost it somehow ! and missed listening to it.

So I decided to look on amazon for another copy and found it yipeeee.
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on 12 June 2013
Avid Bryan fan, what more can I add!!!!!!!!!

Loving it!!

Added to my collection to replace my old worn out copy!!
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on 15 January 2010
I was very pleased with the service from Amazon, and amazed that Royal Mail could deliver on time.
The CD was a present for Christmas and it arrived in time for wrapping. It was well explained on the product sheet and was exactly as required. I have used Amazon before and have always had a good service. This service is what made me use Amazon again. Long may it continue. It would appear to be a good and comparatively safe company to work for.
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