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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 22 October 2005
Every fan of No Doubt must own this album. Ok, so it's different to their more well known stuff, but it's equally good, if not, in some cases, better.
The intro - BND - is short but still amazing
Let's Get Back - Probably my favourite song from the album, great, catchy, fun tune.
Ache - A fun, lively song, full of surprises
Get on the ball - Repetitive, but that's not necesarilly a bad thing, another great song
Move on - not one of my favourites, a bit different to the others, but definitely not bad!
Sad for Me - I love this song, quite short but really simple and beautiful
Doormat - Another great, upbeat song
Big City Train - Again, what can I say aprt from that it's really good?
Trapped in a Box - the only single from the album, I'd heard it before I got it, so not as 'fresh' as the others, but it's a really great song.
Sometimes - A sad one, Gwen's voice is great (as it is on all of them), a nice change from the faster tracks..
Sinking - This ones great, expecially the bit inspired from 'row row row you're boat'
A Little Something Refreshing and Paulina - Eric Stefani sings with Gwen on both of these short tracks, both great.
Brand New Day - a lovely, cheerful ending to the album
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on 27 February 2004
I bought this album after I had got all the other No Doubt albums. I bought it not knowing what to expect. I bought it as an act of blind devotion to my favourite band in the world ever. And it was a gamble that payed off. It's totally different from all the other No Doubt albums, a completely different sound more reminiscent of bands like Madness. One of the main reasons it stands apart from ND's other albums is that it is driven by ex-member Eric Stefani. People more used to No Doubt's modern output which is lyrically dominated by Gwen Stefani's life and relationship with Gavin Rossdale will be suprised.
In terms of the album's tone, it has a lot in common with the Beacon Street Collection. They're both cheerful, summery, happy albums. But this debut is still one of a kind. The tracks are generally knowingly funny and upbeat, and as a diehard No Doubt fan myself it was really great to hear some of their early work because it is very clear where their original influences lie. You can really see how the band has developed.
This is an album that you should probably buy after listening to the other 4 albums. Though it has little in common with stuff like 'Return of Saturn', No Doubt's self titled and almost completely overlooked debut album will give any No Doubt fan a much better understanding of the band. Hopefully, the fact that this album's only single 'Trapped In A Box' was included on No Doubt's current Singles 1992-2003 collection will lead people to give this album a listen.
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on 14 November 2002
this album is amazing! most people havn't heard of this album ( No Doubt-No Doubt) and think that all No Doubt's music is gonna be like Rock Steady, Hella Good, Hey baby etc. This is very different from this. A brilliant ska album. The best songs on it are probably Trapped in a Box adn Big City Train. Paulina and A little something refreshing are close seconds. the whole album is amazing!
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on 3 June 2011
When the eponymous debut album of No Doubt came out in 1992, it was a resounding flop due to its sound being most unlike that of the grunge rock bands so popular at the time. It nearly put a stopper in No Doubt's career in spite of their enormous popularity in their native California. This is a bizarre story considering the strong music found herein.

ND, as I shall call the album henceforth just for convenience, is a fresh, gripping and catchy listen from beginning to end. Its sound is mostly that of ska and rock, and sonic dimensions inbetween these. One of the tracks even sounds like one of the first Sonic the Hedgehog games. Only one single was actually released from the album; "Trapped in a Box". A good song, but ND has far more gems.

"Let's Get Back" is the aforementioned Sonic-sounding song I mentioned, a catchy way to kick things off after the equally catchy, but instrumental, opening track "BND". ND has got catchy and gripping songs like "Ache", "Get on the Ball" and "Brand New Day", as well as slower and moving songs like "Sometimes". My favourite track is "Sad for Me", a simple yet haunting song only featuring piano and clarinet (alongside the creative and strong vocals of Gwen Stefani, of course). There are only two dud tracks, actually, and fortunately they are performed in succession; you would be hard-pressed to find more novelty-sounding songs than "Polina" and "A Little Something Refreshing". Out with them, I say. The rest of the tracks are excellent.

The overall sound of ND isn't all that different from, say, Tragic Kingdom. Sure, the difference is tangible, but you can definitely hear that this is the same band, making the flop even harder to understand. I am glad to have taken a chance with ND, for it is an excellent album, fresh and lively. This belongs in every No Doubt fan's library, and those looking for good easy music would do well to give it a chance as well.
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on 12 August 2013
I think that this is a super great product, and so I would gladly buy it agian in the future
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on 2 March 2016
Loved listening to this album well with buying love no doubt.
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on 9 December 2003
This is excellent! I got it years ago in the states but my copy has been trashed and I've looked everywhere in the UK for it. At last I can buy it.
I wouldn't say hat it's any better than their other albumns but it's different, unique and a little more raw.
If you like their music now then you need to buy this.
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on 6 April 2004
OMG i nearly didnt buy this but i love it like i love the others! (Tragic Kingdom, Return Of Staurn, Rock Steady)
I'd heard "Lets Get Back" on the Spiderwebs single & i loved it. My fav tracks are "Ache" - which really brings her voice out soo much - (like alot of the tracks on this CD infact)& is a funy song about the dentists (lol) "Move On" is my other fav which starts slower & builds up to a heavy, banging chorus i love - the fast singing is amazing - a real adrenalin song!
"Get On The Ball" is cool so are "Doormat", "Big City Train" & "Trapped In A Box" which remind me of "World Go Round" & "Different People" from Tragic Kingdon, allot.
"Sad FOr mE" & "Sometimes" & "Sailig on" are mellower tracks. "Sometimes" is such a BEAUTIFUL song - one of my favs . Her voice on this sounds so echo-ey & shows it at its full potential.
"a liitle Something Refreshing" is a crazy CRAZY song about food & is kinda like 2mins long. I love it - a bit like "Staring Problem" from R.O.Saturn.
"Paulina" is like an old reggae / ska tune & is ok but not my fav. "Brad New Day" has a cool hook & brifge & i like this one - a good one to start & finish with.
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on 9 August 2003
it's a shame that this album hasn't been given the recognition it deserves, as this is a cheerful, upbeat cd. my fave is 'sometimes', although i also like 'sad for me', 'sinking'.. and 'paulina's quite a laugh. Nevertheless, i probably wouldn't recommend this cd to you if you don't already have 'tragic kingdom' and 'return of saturn' which are both incredible...and even then this albulm isn't a 'MUST-HAVE', it's just a 'maybe-have'.
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