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4.7 out of 5 stars49
4.7 out of 5 stars
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I do not pay much attention to the stigma that one has come to associate upon hearing the name Marilyn Manson. To say he and 'evil' are synonymous is a bold statement and a complete matter of opinion. To be quite honest I don't care what the man chooses to get up to on stage, all I know is that I have discovered (for myself) that Marilyn Manson is an extraodinary music writer and artist, a fact that AntiChrist Superstar makes evident. While listening to the album one can not help but to embark upon its journey. Every song is a confession and a story within itself and they are all so compelling that you find it difficult to hit the stop button on your stereo. My overall view of ACSS is that it is very informative in an evasive kind of way. Mr Manson is making a statement with each song and having a great amount of fun whilst doing so. It is a very angry, creepy (not to mention 'Anti', obviously!) album with some fantastic sounds, gut-gripping rock tunes and lyrics that will make you stop and think about things for a while. That is, at least, how the album appears on face value, on another level it's actually very deep. Listen to the songs while reading the inlay booklet and you'll discover a deeper message: Ostensibly implying a transmogrify from 'worm' to 'angel', and why not, christians believe in being born-again into a higher spiritual state, maybe Marilyn Manson is speaking about his own higher state. After reading other reviews it appears to be unanimous that 'Man That you Fear' is the real high point of the album, and I would certainly agree, however, the song does not over-shadow the rest of them. One of my favorites is the techno/rock sound of 'Deformography', or the sheer power of 'The Reflecting God' in both its words and music, or the out-and-out creepiness of 'Kinderfeld' and the all time classic heaviness of songs like, 'Irresponsible Hate Anthem', '1996' and 'Angel with the Scabbed Wings'. I could rant on about every song but all the reviews in the world will never capture this albums vision or quality. Buy it if you like heavy-rock per say or if you're into deep philosphical lyrics, on all levels Antichrist Superstar is an all compelling, intriguing and totally fascinating album.
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on 14 February 2002
Three words
If that doesn't help you, I'll elaborate. This is quite simply one of the best gothic albums in creation.
The album opens with a typical high-energy Manson track, with the most simply descriptive title I can think of. the Irresponsible Hate Anthem is 100% Manson, with power chords that will send you into a frenzy, and drumming to die for. The Beautiful People was a huge hit, and for a good reason.
It rocks
It's then that the album takes a darker turn, with DUTADTTW and Tourniquet taking centre stage. The greif in Tourniquet is touchingly deep, and the chorus is practically cried out in some form of desperation. Litte Horn is another fantastic track, loud and angry, and something to scream out when drunk :D
The all-out weirdness of the next few songs simply sells itself. Or it could be the creepy basslines and distortion that really rules this part of the experience.
Suddenly, whats this? The title track of the album.....and the world explodes just as the heartbeat ends, and the thumping begins.......
Antichrist Superstar the song is a musical eruption, the drums, the chords, and the whole band come together to form the ultimate hate song.
In the dying embers of that fury, we are treated to a second shockwave in the form of 1996, which howls its message to heaven. Finally, the album begins to slow down, until only the evil undertones of Man That You Fear are left.
Finally, put the album on repeat. Play track 16, then track 17, then track 1. Note how they blend into each other.
It wont die, its here to stay
This is the cycle
This is the Antichrist
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on 15 May 2003
I love this album. Manson has a unique ability to produce music which contains pure aggression and hopelessness and yet somehow is also fragile and uplifting. It truly is a strange experience to listen to this album, but you must pay it the attention is deserves or it will pass you by. Tourniquet for me is my all time favourite Marilyn Manson song, it contains the bitterness of a love abused which any adult can relate to from some stage in their life. Manson doesn't have a particularly strong singing voice, however he makes it crack and grate in a way that is expressive and never been done before. More advanced than previous albums and dirtier than releases since, this is still the defining moment of the Electric Antichrists career to date.
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Any serious critique of the history of Grand Guignol must
surely take the mind of Mr Manson into account.
1996' 'Antichrist Superstar' digs around in some very dark
places indeed and this from a man used to digging darkly.

Decay, madness, dissolution, gristle and blood and bone.
Polymorphous perversity by the bucket load.

And what jolly good fun it is too !

Mr Manson, both with his music and personae creates a healthy balance,
a veritable antidote, in holding up a mirror to the hypocritical,
slimy, white underbelly of New American Puritanism.

This splendid music has a coherence sometimes absent from his work
both pre and post 'Antichrist'. The neural assault is heartily sustained
from the first note until the last. Don't expect any respite.
Enormous credit is due here to the estimable Mr Reznor's production duties,
aptly and ably recorded at home in his New Orleans funeral parlour studio.

'Dried Up, Tied Up And Dead To The World'; 'Tourniquet'; 'Cryptorchid';
'The Reflecting God'; a few among many delights on this near-perfect album.
The delicious 'Deformography' (Just loving that title) a personal favorite.

I have heard it said that in 'Real Life' Mr. Manson is a veritable pussy cat.
Each of us may need to ask none-the-less whether or not we could
trust this man with our own basket of kittens.

A thrilling nihilistic necessity.

God Is Dead After All.
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on 2 January 2001
...of course, it isnt even that. This album has to be one of the best albums of the past 30 years, although i fear, and know that it will never receive true recognition because of manson's image, and to a lesser extent, the columbine tragedy. The LP tells a tragic story of hate, fear, self-evolution, and ultimately self destruction. I read that manson is writing a book based upon his "tryptych" of albums, of which this is the last, and while i am happy to see this extroadinary story finally being committed to print, i consider the story of this segment to be by far the strongest, and could support a book of its very own. Most people seem to explain the album's genius away at the guest recording of NiN mastermind trent reznor, may i remind those people that he only recorded on 3 tracks, 1 of which hardly utilises his skills, and only one being a truly strong point of the album, and EVEN then, it was a Ramirez (MM guitar genius) and reznor writing collaboration, and you must does sounds veery ramirezzy. Although, T.R's help on this work must be appreciated, as the turoil this project seemed to attract was...odd. one last thing, i cannot believe that gacy (insane keyboard genius) and berkowitz (dullard so-so guitarist) wrote the fan-f*cking-tastic "irresponsible hate anthem"!!however, manson's uber-cynical,hateful, bitter, but nonetheless relevant lyrics shine through on this track and the whole album, with only one track ("kinderfield") making a large reference to Mansons childhood, which may be lost or misinterpreted on/by the uninformed majority, an incidence which befell (IMHO) the first LP, "portrait of an american family", letting it slip into obscurity. even if you HATE marilyn manson bitterly, you should buy this record, only someone with either very poor or a higher-level-than-humanity taste in music would dislike it. get it. NOW!
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on 7 October 2000
.... I'll agree, that this album, despite its major impact on society in general, is very undervalued as a piece of music. If you sit down and listen to this record with headphones, try to pick out every single sound, and just admire the sheer precision and complexity of this record. Industrial metal is a genre that relies greatly upon the use of strange distortions, bizarre effects and one sound scapes, that created a cacophonic noise world, upon where a guitar track is then laced. This is the beauty of it: industrial metal is like a landscape painting where everything is done to the minutest detail. You can simply study it for hours, picking out every little masterstroke. And this album is no exception. But, if you want a nice industrial album where the words don't mean that much, try the Ministry department. Marilyn Manson is by far the most vocally centred band in the world, focussing greatly on just what old mr.Manson says, and how he unfolds the concept of the Antichrist Superstar. Marilyn Manson is and are definately undervalued, as musicians, and as a visionary poet and philosopher. Instead, they're billed "shock rockers" and respectable media critics miss out on the rather enlightening, entertaining and sharp philosophy behind this record. Pay attention to these lyrics; no one reads a book by the Marquis de Sade to admire the font.
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on 11 November 2000
I enjoyed Portrait of an american family and also the ep:Smells like children which made me buy this album.This album is brilliant,i thought the music had atmosphere and was a vast improvement on the first album released.Of course i believe this was mainly due to Trent Reznors input,who of course is a God.Being a massive fan of NIN i am of course going to mention this,but i think that both Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson have made a good team here, with songs like deformography and tourniquet being highlights, and of course the album as a whole was brilliant.But really,Manson is a tad showy,and does too much to get attention than care about his music output, and i would not have bought this record ,however good it might be, without knowing that Trent had largely contributed to it,and created a record that is perhaps brilliant in one form,and should be in everyones collection.
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on 27 May 2002
Potrait of an American Family was good and so was Smells Like Children but this easily crushes them. This is one of (in my case the best)the best albums ever. It starts of with a live performance of Irresponsible Hate Anthem where you can really feel the power and just have to turn it loud to get the full impact. Then rolls on The Beautiful People with Marilyn Mansons creepy whisper singing the lyrics. Then comes the explosive chorus where you can really feel the need to jump up and down. Then it's Dried up, Tied and Dead To The World which combines creepy vocals and screeching choruses. Number four is Tourniquet which has a really catchy bass that you might find humming walking down the street. Little Horn is next and it's really good and hate filled. With Cryptorchid you're taking a break from the noise to hear a weird and sickling melody. Now comes Deformography which is great followed by the very strange Wormboy and then the heavy Mister Superstar. Angel With The Scabbed Wings is a booming track which is as good live as it is normal. Now it's the deeply creepy Kinderfeld, the banging Antichrist Superstar and the anngry 1996. From here the albums gets less heavy (except from the Reflecting God) and rolls on with the Minute Of Decay. The industrial Reflecting God and long but still good Man That You Fear. The other tracks are nothing except from track 99 which is just some distorted talking. This is a great album and every song on it is brilliant. For any metal fans that don't have it in their collection BUY IT!!!
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on 13 December 2013
This is one of my favourite Manson albums with some really great rock songs it is exactly what u would expect from our fav freak but if u haven't listened to Manson before maybe it's not the album to start on
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on 2 November 2012
This has to be one of the greatest metal albums of all time. Forget how he fell of the rails in his later career, this album is solid and changed the world!
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