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4.8 out of 5 stars33
4.8 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 19 February 2007
from the opening bars of "i feel love" you know how good this cd will be! after 8 minutes of this you go into "with your love" an unknown track but its wonderful..only available on this cd! as dance hypnotic as the predecessor! then you have"last dance" a summer classic in its 12" glory!!! amazing!!! jumping straight into the macauthur park suite.."yes we know someone left a cake out" but the 18 minute frenzy that encapsulates "one of a kind" and "heaven knows"..its a bit too much!

then into the 12" versions of "hot stuff" and "walk away"!!! if exstatic hasnt set in by get "dim all the lights"...and to finish you off the full lenght versions of "tears are not enough" is a show stopper!

if you only buy 1 donna summer this one!
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This was a joy of a collection. All of the tracks are worth having on CD.
However I disagree with some of the other reviewers comments. The people who compiled this album were careful about which tracks to include. There was no point including tracks that had been issued on albums. All of these albums had been re issued on CD already. This release does say "a compilation of Twelve inch singles" (Singles being the important bit) There were some twelve inch releases in the 1970s and 1980s from the Casablanca recordings that would not be included here because they were no different from the album versions. For example the 12" single versions of Bad Girls, Sunset People, and Love to Love you Baby were all just the album versions in full unlike the 7" versions which were edited down and shorter. All of the tracks included here were all released on 12" as singles and all are alternative mixes to either the album version or 7". Although the version of last Dance was on the soundtrack to the film Thank God its Friday, it had been included with other artists as a compilation and didnt appear with any other Donna Summer album. Also the version of Macarthur Park suite did appear on the original album Live and More but hadnt been included on the CD version so once again wasnt available on a CD Donna Summer album. The track No more tears did appear on the CD version of On the Radio, but then that was also a compilation of Donna Summer hits. Having said all that I agree that they could have turned this into a double CD release. Or even a Dance Collection Two. They could have included tracks such as I Feel Love the full Patrick Cowley remix 12" single that lasts over 15 minutes. Or the Bonus 12" single from the soundtrack Thank God its T`aime moi no plus that lasts nearly 16minutes. They could have even used the 12" version of Paul Jabbara`s Never ever lose your sense of Humour that featured Donna Summer through 90% of the track on main vocals. The two weakest 12" Singles on this collection have to be Dim all the lights and Walk away. This is because they were not special 12" mixes. In fact they are simply the album mixes re edited. Walk away simply is the album version that goes as far as it can then repeats the second half of the tracks chorus over and over. And Dim all the lights goes through the whole of the album version up to the point where it would go into journey to the centre of you heart and then suddenly crashes back to the beginning of the track to repeat itself again for an extra couple of minutes again. (poor editing really) I remeber rushing home excitedly after buying the original vinyl release in 1979 to see what they had done with to make it so much longer than the album version only to find they had simply edited the same track. All the same its a great collection from a magic era of Disco.
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on 21 January 2011
As has been stated elsewhere, this is a mini collection of Donna's prime Seventies Disco odyssey. Well, I say mini collection in the sense that it's only eight tracks but 73 minutes long, so very good value for money at this low price.

What you get is one of the most adventurous and ambitious artists of her generation pushing back the boundaries of a fairly shallow, good time musical genre. Lyrically it's nothing to write home about - mainly relationships and dancing - but musically it is out of this world for its time in terms of production and arrangements.

Underpinning it all is an undertow of sadness, regret and melancholia ever present in Donna's sublime soulful voice. She is a remarkably passionate singer who seems to give her all when she's recording her vocals, and it's this quality that helps her material rise above the merely generic.

The songs are all truly marvellous. There's nothing that I can add about "I Feel Love" that hasn't been said elsewhere, other than at the time it was like hearing something land from outer space compared to the currency of Punk and New Wave. "No More Tears" is less a tender duet and more a hilarious vocal tag team contest to see who's top dog. And the 17 minute "MacArthur Park Suite" is simply jaw-dropping and worth owning this compilation for if nothing else.

This is NOT a Greatest Hits compilation, but a singular attempt to collect some of her best work of a specific time period in one place, and on that level it succeeds handsomely.

Highly recommended.

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Although this album is a good buy to get the extended versions of some of Summer's greatest dance hits, it is by no means complete. The omission of hits like Bad Girls, Love's Unkind and Love To Love You Baby and of great album tracks like Queen For A Day, Working The Midnight Shift, Lucky and Journey To The Centre Of Your Heart detracts somewhat from the pomise of the album title. On the other hand, the inclusion of the magnificent MacArthur Park Suite makes up for a lot of what is missing. And this extended version of I Feel Love is worth the price of the album. Like another reviewer said, this ought to have been a 2-CD set. It is valuable to replace those old 12" vinyl singles, but not a comprehensive reflection of the Queen of Disco's contribution to dance music.
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on 21 May 2012
I bought The Dance Collection only a week or two before the shocking news of Donna's death. One of my favourite singers, the first album I bought was I Remember Yesterday on vinyl in the 70s, and I decided to buy this CD because it contains the terrific "MacArthur Park Suite" and the long version of "No More Tears", both of which more than justify the budget price! Thinking I had most of Donna's albums, I was very surprised to discover that in fact I now only have the Endless Summer greatest hits and her album with Stock Aitken and Waterman on CD, as all the other albums I bought were on vinyl and I'd flogged all those at car boot sales in the 90s.

But to this album: first of all, there is that voice, staggering in its range and power over the thumping, pulsating dance music. Delicious melodies. Her voice is so wonderful and uplifting we forget that the backing music sounds dated sometimes - hardly surprising as some of these songs are approaching the 40-year-old mark! As a comprehensive run-through of her hits, this album is a failure as too many are missing - including obviously her slower material such as the plaintive wonderful Winter Melody and The Woman in Me - but as a compilation of her disco sound this collection is fantastic! Its hard to think of anyone who can match Donna Summer for the power of her voice and the quality of her songs ... Aretha Franklin, Gloria Gaynor, Madonna ...

A great talent, who will be sadly missed.
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on 26 April 2010
I had a copy of this CD years ago and every party I went to, I was press-ganged into taking it along! Believe me, ANY kind of party, throughout 80's 90's and the noughties, Whatever dance music was popular at the time, it seemed this was always guaranteed to fill the floor. Why? Well firstly because Ms Summer and her partner in crime in the 70's: Giorgio Moroder were light years ahead of their time when it came to putting out first rate disco music, unafraid of using hypnotic beats and driving rhythms. As someone else pointed out, the original version of "I Feel Love", (The one before all the nasty, cheap, remixer's got their dirty little mits on it, {Faithless being the exception, as they managed to bring it up to date with some credibility and respect for the original} removing the point of the track's driving simplicity. "I Feel Love" was the first and original rave/Club/Trance record and probably the blueprint for every synthesised based dance song ever since. I doubt whther the rave scene would have happened without this classic original trance inducing masterpiece. So to have the 8 minute plus untampered version is owning a piece of history and signals a hint of the quality of what you're buying into.
Everything here deserves it's place and although I agree that there are many gems missing from that era, to point out to one reviewer, many of her single releases such as "Love's Unkind", "Spring Affair" and "Rumour Has it" were never extended for a 12" release. However, I agree a double CD or a vol. 2 would remedy the ommisions of such gems such as "Down Deep Inside" and "On the Radio". For a single CD they've packed in a great choice and not gone too far ahead in her career, say after "The Wanderer" album and Giogio was given the boot at which point Donna's music sounded just like every other disco/soul diva, with the exception of the grandoisse "State of Independence", which came out in the 80's, and therefore doesn't really count. The full version of "Love to Love you Baby" was one whole side of an L.P, so really can't be counted as a 12" version.(DJ's just played the LP version). My advice for the purist looking for all those thudding, pumping gems is to buy the original CD's of "Love to love you...", "A Love Trilogy", "Four Seasons of Love",and "I Remember Yesterday", which were all conceptual and in the day when all the tracks beautifully segued into the next, with the beat still driving, keeping the whole thing going chugging along until the end of side 1 with the wonderful Munich Machine providing the fascinating, almost military style rhythmic, beat-thudding instrumentation that carried the albums seamlessly from song to song.
So this collection really is nearly as complete as it can be. The outstanding "MacArthur Park Suite" (Which is really three consecutive songs followed by a reprise, again her typical album format) showcases how it's done. Everything thrown in the mix with soaring, climatic vocals which have really stood the test of time. Also the Streisand duet "Enough is Enough", which is hilarious as the two divas try to outsing each other with the backing tracks barely able to keep up with them! Again it's the definitive version that no-one has ever come close to emulating.
The whole trip, from the eery elctronic,faded in sustained single note intro of "I Feel Love", to the aforementioned glorious crescendo of "Enough is Enough" it really is just a mind boggling dance heaven journey and a nostalgic reminder of those heady days of long, hot Summers during the 70's when Donna Summer was a name that was synonymous with the just about the best dance music played in every club on the globe. She probably taught Madonna everything she knew about dance music, cos Madge has just about parodied all of her ideas on most of her albums. There's only room for one dance music creator in my mind and Donna did it first. Also her singing voice is possibly a hundred times better too! Buy Buy Buy! "It's so good it's so good, it's so good, it'so goooooooood!"
P.S, I've just ordered my second copy as someone wisely coveted my CD, while something else was briefly on the decks!
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on 18 June 2012
this collection of donna summer's hits set in the dance version is excellent.powerfull.amazing.
back to disco time and studio 54!
donna summer's LAST DANCE from TGisFriday is the long one and dance!
don't miss this collection.
w donna summer
w disco time
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on 6 June 2012
I bought this just to get the full McArthur Park suite, and I wasn't disappointed - it's there in its entirety, all 17.5 or so minutes worth. The other tracks are worth having too.

Sound quality is OK, as good as I get from my LPs of that era, although the fact that these were 1970s recordings shows through. That's not a criticism, merely a comment that technology has moved on.

And for £2.99, delivered free, this is brilliant value.
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on 18 December 2012
If you're into top quality disco music, this is one you must have. With the full length version of McArthur Park it's worth the cost of the album on its own.
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on 4 September 2010
THE queen of disco is encapsulated in this excellent cd.however like others im suprised that her seminal recording of "love to love you" is not included which ,for me ,could easily have replaced "no more tears"(one of my least favourite recordings of hers)but hey at this price get it ,get the mirror ball out of the attic and just boogie on down
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