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4.6 out of 5 stars36
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 20 December 2002
Cinderella were discovered by John Bon Jovi, and quickly made an impact on the music scene. this was their first release, and once you get past the frankly dreadful cover, you'll discover a pretty good collection of tunes. This is a rock band with a heavy bluesy influence, not too heavy (about the same as early Bon Jovi, in fact), with a vocalist who sounds not a million miles from Brian Johnson of AC/DC, if slightly more tuneful.
They managed to come up with some great riffs, including Shake Me, Somebody Save Me, Push Push, and the title track, as well as an excellent ballad - Nobody's Fool (graced with a tasty solo). And Tom Keifer (vocals) isn't a bad lead player either.
Worth a bit of nostalgia.
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on 2 April 2006
They might have been pretty boys but they played like old pro's that had studied Aerosmith, AC/DC, early Def Leppard and the blues. They knew how to rock and they knew not only how to carry a good tune, but Tom Keifer also knew how to write great rock music. It's just a shame that the depressing influx of grunge made 'hair metal' unfashionable & put paid to Cinderalla's career, because TK could have been a major star.
It's a debut that far outweighs any others from the time, with the exception of Tesla and GNR. At the time, and definitely now, AC/DC would have killed for a track like Shake Me. Nobody's Fools is one of those great ballads, a kind of long lost brother for the Leps' "Love Bites".
But then again, if you're reading this it's because you want to & not because you need convincing that you should buy it, because you probably already own it. I could wax lyrical for hours.
A classic rock debut.
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on 25 July 2007
The 1st album from the brilliant Cinderella. Anybody who likes Classic Rock with a twist of glam and a hint of blues combined will like this. Songs like "Shake Me" and "Nobodys Fool" bring back so many memories of Rock City in Nottingham in the late 80's, the site of skinny long haired pretty boys with leather trousers and cowboy boots on strutting their stuff to songs like this make this album a good reminder for me of times gone by. Tom Keifer is an excellent song writer and musician. Good stuff.
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on 30 May 2011
unfortunately this is one of the worse covers ever for me, but the best music is in this album (CD). my kid which 23yrs after this album was released had been born likes this CD \m/ a lot . this album contains the best music from the 80s they came at the best time with the best songs this album contains songs with feelings and emotions in every word n riff and they had hits with nearly all the songs and untill trhis day they are the fans fav in every gig + they can play their own instruments and they write their own songs for me this is what made get into rock n roll they didn't just fill the album with half cooked songs or do more covers then they should like many other bands . they were discovered by bon jovi but they had established their own i.d. buy this CD . iv always had this album on cassette till 2004 and then the CD turn came as i had played my cassette more times then a cassette can take \m/ i wish they re-master this CD as its an important piece in my collection . \m/
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on 17 December 2009
The clearest memory I have of Cinderella is fighting though a bedraggled crowd, in freezing cold rain, at the 1987 Monsters Of Rock Festival, when the introduction to `Once Around The Ride' was being cranked into life. The contrast between the surroundings and the bands daft moniker is as stark as the contrast between the cover on this cd and the music contained within. The cover sports possibly the worst example of hair metal known to modern man (or was that Dokken on Under Lock and Key?)- a riot of massive puffed up hair, big lipstick, sashes and laughable pouting from the man called, er, Fred- and there it is again, that daft band name, in big pink letters, lest you forget... So you'd have to be pretty hardcore to work past the sleeve and get into the music.

And boy is it worth it. This is a great debut album. Spawned from an effective coming together of the pop sensibilities of Aerosmith/early Skid Row and the harder bluesy sound of AC/DC this thing rocks big style. The big riffs just keep coming from the churning Push Push to the stabbing Somebody Save Me, born aloft on a massive drum sound. And it's not all black and white. Like the Skid Row debut (also Bon Jovi finds) there is the half decent ballad in there (Nobody's Fool) and the atmospheric churning title track. This is a great summery, feel good cd but I do wonder how many people never made it past the cover - perhaps this lesson was learned, as the follow up album just had a white sleeve....
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 October 2010
If ever an album sleeve detracted from the music contained within,with the rather lame moniker and hair/glam metal photo on front,this disc was immediately dispensed into the Hair metal section alongside the likes of Crue/Dokken & Poison,nothing could have been further from the truth

From the opening swirling winds of the title track to the final crashing chord of 'Back Home Again' there is nothing Glam here,this music was built on the blueprint of big riffs a la AC/DC,the swagger of early Aerosmith aongside a commercial sheen that Bon Jovi/Van Halen would have been proud of,indeed tracks such as 'Push Push' & 'Shake Me' have more hooks than a boat full of fishermen,while the power ballad 'Nobody's Fool' had lighters in the air from L.A to Detroit.

Alternatively they have riffs to die for on the likes of 'Hell On Wheels,'Night Songs' and 'Nuthin For Nuthin',whilst falling back on derivitive rockers such as 'Once Around For The Ride' and 'In From The Outside'.

All in all a excellent debut,with Andy John's production perfectly enhancing the music.
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on 19 May 2005
This is a belter. Great production, awesome rock songs with a touch of glam tinted blues thrown in. The guys voice is one of the best in this genre. Standout tracks hve to be the great rocker 'Shake Me' and the huge ballad 'Nobodys Fool'. Highly recommended peice of 80's rock.
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on 7 September 2009
The only reason you probably haven't heard of this band is MTV. And its the same reason you probably have heard of Poison. The two band's first debuts were both released on the very same day, 2nd August 1986.
Okay, so this may seem a little outrageous, but in the bigger picture, the difference is that Poison were introduced as the perfect glam band, which was all the rage in metal at the time. For reasons that have become far too clear today, to make the cut in the music industry, you have to at least be presentable, and fit according to the times. And the fact of the matter is Poison suited their time much better than Cinderella.
Now I'm using Poison as a kind of metaphor for the generic glam metal band in this for sake of easy reviewing and reading for yourself. I know neither band were initially sucessful and they both peaked at #3, but what I want to get across is that Cinderella, my opinion here, were stuck in the wrong time, and that is the only reason they didn't explode. By their third album, they had built complete individuality and seem to have taken no care whatsoever in popular chart sounds-Heartbreak Station is pure Cinderella through and through-and Tom Keifer is an amazing songwriter. He hasn't written a bad one.
I hate having to categorise things, but it seems the easiest way to sell you this album. Cinderella are a jam band, a garage band, you can imagine Tom Keifer dossin' about and pricking up his ears when he plays himself a sweet, sweet riff (and this album is all about sweet, sweet riffs). They unfortunately do NOT belong in the charts, do NOT belong on MTV, and they do NOT belong in the '80s glam metal' category. When the 90s came along, Cinderella were still perceived as a glam band, which nobody took any notice of by the time grunge and brit pop were rolling into town. So they went bye-bye.
Having said all that, their attire is definately glamourous (but more on the lines of somewhere in the middle of Aerosmith/Stevie Nicks draping gypsy cloths), their sound is definately glamourous, and Cinderella is quite the glitzy name. I doubt very much any of them, however, were fond of dressing up in their sister's clothes, putting on lipstick and wearing stiletto heels. But you are either here because you love 80s glam, or you love American bluesy rock. Either way, this album will not disappoint.
Think of this album nothing like Poison (metaphor in mind), instead more of 4 Phily lads blaring some good old loud rock music. The only 80s in this album is the sleeve and that beautiful echoey airy feel that the producers seemed to give 80s albums, for what I can only only assume as a mingling cross between that 'live feel' and a warm orange evening on tinseltown streets.
Final points, this album is straight forward rock. Don't expect any new sounds, or an essential guide to glam metal, or any progressive and creative licks. Each song is a unique, amazing riff, with pounding bass and aggressive (literally) vocals to match. Oh, and they say 80s glam was sexed-up....well this music is way more sexy, anyday.
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on 3 March 2009
Cinderella are a glam metal band, pure and simple. While they're more blusier than most, a glam band they remain. They were discovered by Jon Bon Jovi who helped get them a record deal and sung some backing vocals on this album. This album was released in 1986 and by then the glam metal phase was well entrenched, but didn't have long before it would die out. However, this album is very enjoyable, while being nothing (at all) original. It's very easy to get into and the songs are catchy. Time for a track by track run through:

Night Songs - The album kicks off with the title track and an extreme build up. Tom Keifer's vocals in this song are rather slow and perfectly sit on top of the music. His voice is quite similar to Stephen Tyler, it has the same rasp. 7/10

Shake Me - This song has a killer riff backed up by some Hammond-style keyboards. I think I've seen the video to this and it depicts two ugly sisters forbidding their other sister from going to the Conderella concert. I love the originality... Anyway, this is a great song, one of the best on the album. 8/10

Nobody's Fool - A ballad, but a really, really good one. It has everything a good ballad needs including a catchy chorus. The guitar solo is also fantastic and I think it was even played by Tom Keifer, rather than lead guitarist Jeff LaBar. My favourite on the album. 10/10

Nothin' for Nothin' - Another very strong with another great chorus. The verse is very fast and would be a great driving song. This song has another good guitar solo as it's very melodic and even has a hint of neo-classical metal style, not like Malsteen though (:P). 8/10

Once Around the Ride - A song to headbang to! It just has that catchy beat. The guitar work in the verse as interludes between the vocal lines are very interesting and really add depth to the song. 7/10

Hell on Wheels - A fairly short, but fast song, nothing really that special by fairly enjoyable and a very 'glam metal' song. It really defines the genre. 7/10

Somebody Save Me - This song is pretty boring, it's a dragging riff that never really goes anywhere. It's not horrible but there are so many better songs on this album. 6/10

In From the Outside - This song has a good chorus with an interesting progression of chords. Not the best by any means but not at all bad. 7/10

Push, Push - Another short one. This song is pretty strong and has a very good chorus that makes you want to sing along and jump around. The lyrics are pretty bad but then, what do you expect, it's glam! 7/10

Back Home Again - A reasonably good song to finish off a pretty good album. It's nothing really different to what's gone before but it's enjoyable none-the-less. 7/10

This album is very good, it was just released far too late. If it had been made 4/5 years earlier, Cinderella could have been as big as maybe Mötley Crüe or Poison. Well worth a listen though.
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on 6 January 2012
I used to think this was the pinnacle of rock perfection. Some 20 plus years later alas it does not quite evoke the same charm. It is still, however, a very good hard rock album. The front cover is hilarious and should be put in a museum but the music belies the image considerably. They are all gifted musicians and most of the songs are passable, bluesy rockers.

Best are the title track, 'Shake Me', 'Nobody's Fool' and 'Somebody Save Me'. The rest are all still very good, just nothing groundbreaking. Better was just around the corner.
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