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Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars12
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 10 January 2004
right - this is the best! donna summer's voice is one of the greatest on our earth and on this cd, you can hear it! a fantastic live orchestra with big strings. all donna summer songs are playing a little bit faster in this great show - live from los angeles 1976, plus the -my man medley, the way we were and mimis song- (her 1. daughter, with her first austria men: sommer!),and at last - track #17, a studio song - down, deep inside - from the movie -the deep-. this was a real glamor disco show - with all her hits from: love to love you baby - once upon a time to last dance, on this time! so if you like a great voice, a real good orchestra and singers and a great feeling - buy this! close your eyes and think you are there! feel happy! note: the original album, had a bonus side, with the -mac arthur park suite-, this is not on the cd, but here is "the deep" song.
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As another reviewer notes, this is NOT the complete album. The 'More' part - the twnety minute "MacArthur Park Suite", highlight of the original vinyl album (it was side 4, folks) is missing, replaced instead by "Down, Deep Inside" from the film 'The Deep'. It's a very inadequate substitute.

The live recordings are of course superb and still sound fresh and lovely today, but without the 'More', this album is disappointing, so be warned.
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on 10 October 2003
I bought this in particular for the "bonus track" being the theme from " The Deep"- it is such a great track that it was worth buying the album for. However the rest of the album is a corker-Donna really puts a great show on and runs through most of her hits (at that time) as well as one or two cover versions. She has a great rapport with the crowd and is slick smooth and soulful. If you are a donna summer fan you really should own this!
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VINE VOICEon 24 November 2014

Still finding it hard to believe after more than two years that Donna Summer is dead...

I can still remember waking up to that awful news on the Radio that day - it seemed an important era in the musical world had ended in an instant at the statement she'd passed away... I was both shocked and upset... She seemed so alive and full of life - particularly when you take a listen to this; her great and fantastic live album which includes almost every hit she ever had during the 1970s!

Usually, I hate live albums, because however talented the singer or band, they seldom get that perfect sound they capture so well on record, but when I played this for the first time the best part of forty years ago now, it was just SO good - and unlike others, Ms. Summer was an exception to this rule, and succeeded beyond imagination, since there was no difference at all; all that superb and professionalism which clearly was not achieved and reserved only for the recording studios; it is here to listen to as pure testament to that fact - she was unique!

I remember purchasing the original double album on vinyl all those years ago as a teenager and playing it in my bedroom, and it's remained an important part of my life ever since. Those many and numerous rich and `expensive' disco hooks that all her songs had, and that was all her own - the decade almost belonged to her. I also recall studying the charts at that period to find that the top forty was consistently full of her hit records - and more than one in the top twenty at the very same time! She was probably the greatest disco singer ever, with a unique and instantly recognisable voice that had SO many pitches - almost operatic in places that needed those top notes - and she did it all with such great ease... She still seems too alive and young to be dead, and having just listened to this fabulous collection again after a long time, it was hard to believe whilst I was alive and dancing and enjoying this lively album, that she was lying very still some place, lifeless and buried somewhere... (shouldn't be allowed...) If you put this album on - danced all the way through it to all the non-stop tracks of that `Summer Magic' - and then dropped dead yourself, you'd most certainly have lived!

Donna Sumer had a marvellous rapport with her live audience, which is so evident here on this classic album; I'd have given anything to have been there... (how I envy those that were!) The memorable night this great album was recorded - when she knew it was history in the making with some of the poignant things she said and sang that night, such as when explaining why she didn't feel she spent enough time with her daughter - she says to her: `I've made a spectacle of myself - and the world needs me' - how true that was! Addressing the audience she at one time asks: `Tell me; would you live your lives again - I would too!' (as if she's already passed away...) Finally, at one point she goes on to tell us; `Some of these days - you're gonna miss your Donna...' That was certainly true - she knew who she really belonged to! She admits here that it's a `special' and `magical' night - and goes on to remind her audience they are taking part in a live recording too! Well, thank God for the Japanese!

I say this, because frustratingly, as so many have expressed their anger at in their disappointment in reviews, one major part of this historical recording is missing on this issue, and that is the sensational `Macarthur Park Suite'! Can you believe that!?? A whole quarter of an album (almost twenty minutes of songs) has been replaced with one track: `Down Deep Inside'. What on earth were they thinking of?? You don't mess with historical and classic albums. Well, the Japanese have come to the rescue again (I say again, because they are ALWAYS doing this for us) because they have released the whole and original album in its entirety - even with a mini album sleeve with original artwork - they've even listed the tracks with gaps as they would have appeared on each side of the original vinyl! How cool is that!? I LOVE them for it! Go look for it on Amazon! Okay, so it's a lot of money - but worth every penny. The Japanese clearly know what we want and give it to us in music releases! Why can't other countries do this?? Those whose idea it was to leave off on quarter of the original album must have been well and truly off their rockers...

So much more can be said of this great album and artiste - but buy it and judge for yourselves. The last thing I would say is; it's great when true stars have great and memorable names, but say the name `Donna Summer' a few times out loud - and hear the ring of that star status that it really does have!

Great stuff! (or should I say `Hot Stuff!) God Bless you Donna, and may you sleep tight and dream lovely dreams.

NOTE: Five stars for the album - NOT for this issue of it...
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on 7 February 2011
the album was orignally released as a double album with the LIVE concert one the 1st album and MORE on the 2nd.The CD is only the LIVE with none of the 2nd album MORE which include Mcarthur Park and an extend version of Last Dance .s
with that inmind the Album should be retitled LIVE.
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on 6 August 2013
Fantastic live album but, as other reviewers have said, this version does not include side four of the original double vinyl album. Hopefully people would check before buying? I know I do before any purchase. I think the record company could maybe have alluded to the ommissions in the title maybe to assist buyers as perhaps it is a tad misleading but reviewing the CD as it stands I am really happy with it.

Incidentally, the missing Macarthur Park suite can be found on the bonus material on... Bad Girls (Deluxe Edition (US Version)) which bona fide fans may well have or want as well.
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on 7 February 2014
The McArthur park suite is missing - that was classic and formed the 'MORE' part of the album (side 4), hence 'Live and MORE' I feel cheated. I guess I will have to live with the crackles on my vinyl version so you all watch out when making your purchase (unlike me !)as I've been bit ! My real rating would be 5 star if side 4 was here !
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on 8 December 2012
Looks like I was lucky with my purchase of this iconic recording. My purchase (from Japan) is fully remastered and includes the full MacArthur Park Suite. I guess the lesson here is to shop around, but that said, and reissue bonus cuts and remixes aside, record companies should always remain true to the original recording...and we shouldn't have to shop in Japan to find such products. Fans deserve better! RIP Donna, you certainly were live and more!
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on 23 July 2014
Again another who purchased the cd for the digital version of the LP and found side 4 was omitted !! Arghhhh.
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on 1 July 2016
Not the same as the LP, Macarthur's park is missing
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