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4.8 out of 5 stars20
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 4 May 2007
I brought this when it first came out at the end of the seventies, and listened to it ever since, its probably one of the best albums you can buy. I dont see how we are ever going to get some one so talented to make such an honest committed album with out much consideration of the commercial aspects (which ruin music now)throw caution to the wind and do just what they feel ,with out a tinkers cuss about the petty considerations that dominate music today.

It might have got a panning from the critics at the time but, if you can imagine the end of the seventies was dominated by the tail end of punk and new wave, which the critics raved about, perhaps you can understand about how shallow and little they know, not that I don't like punk I just don't like critics.
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on 18 June 2001
'Here My Dear' is quite different from the rest of Marvin Gaye's output. Often referred to as the 'divorce album', 'Here My Dear' does not boast any obvious hit singles, and neither does it really showcase Marvin Gaye's incredible voice. Unusually, the vocals are understated, and allowed to blend in and under the music, rather than soar above it. Thus, the album really highlights the incredible musical production with some fantastically beautiful sprawling musical backdrops to Marvin Gaye's murmurings.
Ultimately, this is an extraordinary record, an introspective epic. Perhaps not as accessible as 'What's Going On?' or 'Let's Get It On', 'Here My Dear' arguably wasn't meant to be. This is a highly personal self-exploration by one of music's greatest ever artists and it is an album that you must soak yourself in.
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on 12 March 2007
Im a huge fan of Marvin and wasn't sure what to expect with this album as I had heard that it was pretty deep. And it is of course but it's not a depressing album at all, well at least not for me, I see it as therapy for the soul, I think it was something Marvin had to let out in order for him to move on in his life.All of the songs are simply beautiful and amazing, this album as a whole is probably one of the best that Marvin ever did. I love the intro called 'here my dear' as he directly talks to his ex-wife Anna through the music and you can just hear the sarcasm and bitterness dripping from his voice. But its not all doom and gloom as my favourite track on the album 'Everybody needs love' ironically uses the same backing track from the intro but the lyrics are now a love song talking about the need for love in the world which I think was heartfelt and so beautiful. Every track tells a story about Marvin's love life and the struggles he was going through at that time. I couldn't recommend this record enough as it is pretty heavy going but if you want an insight into the psyche of a troubled soul genius told through beautiful music then 'here my dear' should be for you.
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on 27 February 2006
"Here, My Dear" is a sprawling, emotional masterpiece. Largely dealing with his divorce from first wife Anna Gaye (nee Gordy), the album may take a little time to grow on the listener, but with each listen one gets deeper and deeper and more immersed in the album.
Whilst "When Did I Stop Loving You, When Did You Stop Loving Me" is absolutely amazing, featuring multiple hooks each worthy of its own track (none of which are repeated), "Is That Enough" is maybe even deeper and beautiful.
The album also features stellar tracks such as "Time to Get it Together" where Marvin, in a moment of clarity through a coke-filled haze vows to get his life together. Sadly, we all know that he never did, which makes the track all the more bittersweet.
All in all, an incredible album, where Marvin lays it all on the line. Despite being a little hard to listen to the first one or two times, ultimately anyone who loves soul music or has been in a relationship that's gone sour will feel this album.
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on 15 August 2003
(sorry for my english, to begin with)
What can I say about "here my dear"?
If you ask me, it's one of Marvins three best albums (the other two are the sensual, groovy "I want you" and of course the revolutionary theme album "What's going on")and it belongs in overall top ten favorite album list.
I write this, beacouse i think this album is Marvin's most underrated album. It's a shame that most music lovers who apriciate the other albums like "What's going on" and even "Let's get it on" so much, don't take the time to get to know this one.
It's so special, beacouse it's so complete in any way.

Technically; this album sounds great (unbelievable they recorded this more tahen 25 years ago), and the Marvin's many dubbed voices sound better than ever.
Musically : very diverse and still a unity.
The album tells the story of Marvin's love-life with his ex-wife, and therefor it starts (the first two songs) beautifully in sixties style.
In "When did you stop loving me" Marvin shows once more, he's a real studio artist (He used to lock himself up there for moths with very little material, experimented on and on, and came out with a brilliant album). This song has those great (typpical Gaye and later on copied by Michael jackson) endlessly dubbed voices (if you like this: also listen to "love me now or love me later" from "In our life time" and Turn on some music" from "Love me now or love me later").
Other great mysterical ballads are "Sparrow" and "Anna's song".
"A funky space reincarnation" is just what the title says, and one of my favorites (so funky, and so 70's, but still strong).
One of my favorite songs (in general)is this album's "Is that enough" (musical freedom with long intro and extremely well played with blues, jazz and funk influences).
If that i's NOT enough, the most interesting about this masterpiece album is the story behind it (you can read in the booklet).
It's really facinating (and bizare in a way) that something so beautiful, could come out of such a bad situation.
Both his ex-wife as his record compagny were stressing Marvin. His ex wanted to see money for the divorse, and his management thought it was about time Marvin came up with a new succesful album (it had been a while). But Marvin was sad, tired, confused and uninspired. At the end he desided to deal with his problems by ecaping them (in the studio). He desided to satisfy both parties at once (literaly). He made the album for his ex-wife (the profits went to her). Little did his ex know that the idea of making an album for her inpsired Marvin (if he wanted or not)to write (the whole album) abour the relastionship. It became a painfully (for his ex-wife) honest story about joy,sadness, love, hate anger and confusion.
His exwife had some problems with the album, when the released it, but she learned to love it later the said (even the angry parts).
This album is more than just good music!
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on 3 May 2014
I bought this for my ex-wife after she collected a huge divorce settlement from me. How deliciously ironic, I thought, before sellotaping it to a brick and lobbing it through her windscreen as she wended her stupid way down the street!
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on 6 November 2000
You think you know Marvin Gaye because you have What's Going On, and maybe even Let's Get It On as well, but oh boy, do you need to hear this. Better get your credit card out, because this is going in your basket...
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on 18 November 2009
Often overlooked in favour of the rightly regarded classic "Whats goin on", this album pushes the aforementioned quite close in terms of creativity and pure brilliance. Where this album differs though is in its duration, it clocks in at over seventy minutes and this may be part of the reason why it wasn't so well received upon its release. Its the kind of album that gradually draws you in to its wondrous delights so don't expect instant gratification on the first listen.

This is also Marvin's most musically diverse album with multiple genres being borrowed from throughout. Any review of this album can't go by without a mention of the source material, this basically being an album about Marvin's turbulent marriage to Anna Gordy sister of Motown founde Berry Gordy. Every aspect of their troubled time together is well documented throughout this album and really gives extra gravitas to an already stunning piece of work. Marvin Gaye once said that this album was the one he was most proud of and after listening to it I can fully understand why.
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on 22 February 2003
This is the best CD I have bought for a long time. It is melodic but has a resonance and depth to it that comes from his obsession with his ex-wife to whom the album is dedicated. Listen to it at your peril if you have just come through a painful break up as it will tug at your heart strings. Not at all soppy though.
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on 24 March 2010
This is easily my favourite Marvin Gaye album.... and one of my all time favourite albums.
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