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4.7 out of 5 stars17
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 2 January 2002
I was a bit surprised to see this didn't get five stars like the other Type O albums. It is their creative pinnacle in so many ways: just look at how the lyrics are used. The pacing is incredible. Not a beat is wasted.
Admittedly, some of the songs have to be heard in the context of the whole album, but all of them have their rewards.
For me, the 'Jesus Christ looks like me' climax to Christian Woman is one of the most thrilling passages in all rock music. It's so direct, and has such momentum.
Other reviewers are right to note that this is an album which requires some investment from the listener. But so does any great album. Stuff that's immediately accessible soon palls.
Ultimately, this is an extremely listenable record. The stuff Steele is tapping into runs deep - he's managed to pin down emotions that a lot of people can relate to. The result is dark, brooding - and a masterpiece.
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on 3 October 2001
It's easy to forget how important this CD is in the general make up of 90's music. But it had a big influence. At a time when all MTv were playing was Nirvana, Type O proved that you could be gloomy with out being irritating. The basic premise is a mix of US hard rock with European industrial/electronica sensibilities. Done in a way that was both subtle and precise. Steel's ochen deep voice mixed with a very dark music backing makes for uneasy listening, but it is worth it.
Of course the other point to make about this album is that it was a sleeper hit. Spending four years on the US bill board chart.
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on 1 April 2005
My main motivation for writing a review is to bump the star count up!

I fell in love with this record as a teenager, and it's certainly their most complete album, incorporating some of their most epic songs, as well as blending the band's hardcore beginnings and the deapan, un-PC sarcasm Type O are (in)famous for. "Christian Woman", "Bloody Kisses" and the immensely popular "Black No. 1" are the essential cuts, but to these ears, there really isn't a bad track on the record. Some may be annoyed by the montages such as "30IF" and "Machine Screw", which break the album up and set the scene for certain songs, but you can skip them.

The only criticism I can make of this record is that if your CD or MP3 player doesn't support seamless playback, you're going to have annoying breaks between tracks, and the individual tracks all overrun the breaks by half a second, adding extra annoyance. This irritation is only slightly relieved when you realise that this is probably another of the band's little "jokes".
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on 3 May 2008
Type O Negative- Brooklyn's favourite sons, coke head vampires and generally the only reason I'd listen to `gothic' music. Rather than say Paradise Lost or any other gothic metal band Type O Negative have a sense of humour about the whole thing and still have an incredible knack of delivering hilarious songs about sex and death, sexy deaths and "Hey, I'm walking here!".

Peter Steele does achieve something rather astounding here; metal songs that are repeatedly funny as well as having actual musical quality. Not to say he didn't also achieve this with Carnivore but it goes without saying that Carnivore was a completely different kettle of Cthulhu to the more sombre, self-depreciating tones of Type O Negative. Take `Christian Woman' for example, this is how more bands should do blasphemy, with a sense of fun rather than simply going "aggrh I wee on the cross". But the song writing here is consistently clever and witty, take the `Corpus Christi' bit, marvellous, taking the old Latin and turning it into something amusing. Being genuinely funny in metal is a bit of a rarity in itself...but gothic metal? crikey!

Fourteen tracks and one hour and a quarter seems a bit daunting...well I have a short attention span. Fret not you poor Ritalinless child, four of these are pointless noise tracks and the other ten are either brilliant or rather nice. `Christian Woman' had already endeared it's self to me through it's droll lyrics, but the song itself is Type O's masterpiece- a monument of slow burning ,epic, gothic doom with a difference...the sense of humour. This really is an exemplary example of long songs done well, basically, you need lots of good ideas that fit. The `Jesus Christ looks like me' in addition to being more hilarious blasphemy is a lovely volume piece of `Vol. 4' era Sabbath worship. `Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)' is a wonderful tongue in cheek homage to Goth girls (they eat shadow sandwiches!). It's the band's biggest hit and chock-a-block full of kooky keyboards and some nice overly dramatic vocals from Kenny. Again, the
`Lovin' You...' section is a moment of sing along brilliance. `Kill All the White People' harkens back to the Carnivore days both in terms of lyrical content and musical direction. The mid section reminds me quite a bit of Saint Vitus and the accented vocals are pure comedy gold and strangely reminiscent of Max Cavalera. `We Hate Everyone' is another more hardcore styled track, dealing with the "Type O Negative are Jewish Nazi's" thing that happened in Holland, I do believe...well I don't think so people would take too kindly to `Jesus Hitler', but ferk `em. Type O Negative's blending together of hardcore, doom and kooky gothic pop is both seamless and effective...take note Opeth you can stick styles together and write songs, did I mention I don't like Opeth?

`Blood & Fire' is somewhat of a black sheep here (how appropriately goth!) as it's a more straight ahead rock song for the most part, it's actually one of my favourite songs here and Peter's in typical melancholic romantic mode. The acoustic middle section is also rather superb with some near Gregorian vocal work, which I suppose is pretty much expected of a self styled modern day Rasputin. `Bloody Kisses (A Death in the Family)' is the most straight-forward doom song here and it's pretty downbeat for a man singing about his dead pet...hardly `Romeo and Juliet' but then again no one said Peter Steele was Billy Shakespeare...hey I'd rather listen to Carnivore than sit through a three hour play with only one intermission in a sweaty room...traumatic memories! `Summer Breeze' and `Set Me On Fire' are the weakest songs here and in all fairness they're still quite good, just the latter in particular is a touch uneventful.

Type O Negative have a fairly unique sound and although unorthodox it works rather nicely here. Peter Steele sings in an incredible baritone- his vocals are both emotional as well as self parody (see `It's too Gay!') and overall it gives a unique melodic quality. The keyboards too are worthy of note, Josh Silver provides interesting textures throughout and gives the album that lush quality. But, as well as this we also get some brilliantly kitsch moments like the solo in `Christian Woman' or the Adam's Family quotes in `Black No. 1...' . Kenny Hickey may not be a great technician or even a great guitarist, but here it's a not really a problem as the riffs are memorable and the lead and acoustic lines provide some interesting qualities. Both he and Peter win bonus points for pick sliding at every given opportunity. The production here is weird, the same type of sound the band go for on every album, yet still I find it unusual, still I suppose that's the point.

So although the band may have had vampiric fangs, their tongues remained firmly in cheek and of course their kisses bloody...not that I'd know, but omg Peter Steele what a dream boat! Er, sorry don't know what happened their things went a bit 1996, anyway, this is the best Type O Negative album and essential for people who wear milky lenses, inhabit Whitby and drink snakebites.
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on 28 June 2011
Lost my original copy (bought almost 10 years ago) in the process of moving house :( Ordered a new copy from Amazon - what a bargain for one of the seminal metal albums of the 90's. I still remember the first time I heard 'Christian Woman' and 'Black No. 1' on my stereo, unreal! It was unlike anything I had heard before (my musical taste was only just maturing at that age). Has since become one of my most cherished possessions (or at least was - until my new copy arrives).

The music is dark, no doubt about it. But not oppressively so. It has lighter moments sprinkled between the brooding mood. A lot of pop sensibilities on display too and some of the melodies are simply irresistible (just that 'Oooooo' at the beginning of 'Christian Woman' makes my nerves tingle). 'Set me on fire' could easily have been a lost Beatles songs (in one of their more freak out psychedelic moods) while 'Summer Breeze' became the band's most well known song (no thanks to being the opening title song for a horrid slasher film). But for me the core of the album is the opening one-two salvo of 'Christian Woman / Black No. 1' and the gloomy album closers (the title track, 'Too Late:Frozen' and 'Blood & Fire'). Fans of Carnivore and the debut album can sink their teeth into 'We hate everyone' and 'Kill all the white people'. Gotta love Pete's ironic sense of humor.

I have since gone on to own every album they have put together and loved them all but this one still maintains a special place in my heart (and a very few albums I own can claim that).

Lastly I would like to say RIP, Peter. And thank you for the countless hours of listening pleasure and innumerable moments of catharsis.

If that is not the ultimate purpose of music then what is?
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on 5 September 2010
I bought Metal Hammer Magazine which came with a free CD. Most of the bands I had never heard of. One song on it was 'Too Late: Frozen' by some band called Type O Negative. I thought it was amazing, totally different to anything I was listening to at the time. I went out and bought Bloody Kisses and I was hooked for life. RIP Peter Steele, Thanks for so many brilliant moments.
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on 3 April 2003
This has to be the best TON album of all 6. Tracks such as the classic 'Black No 1'(This is a type of hair dye) which unites a rock club dance floor.
The sarcastic version of 'Summer Breeze'a brilliant track. Tracks Like 'Christian Woman' really make this album. It is a must for any rock fan and if you are just getting into Type O you must buy this album!
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on 11 February 2000
When I first heard this I found it totally original. The way the music is laid out, and the tracks are integrated into each other to create a total sense experience is incredible. I have heard some of their other albums, and none of them come close. This is more than just a collection of songs.
It is dark though. If you don't like heavy music (and I don't just mean loud and harsh) then don't buy it. This album will really make you feel.
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on 23 August 2014
The item came really fast in perfect condition, brand new as described.The ALBUM is good and funny, classic 90's stuff.The quality and sound are great."TYPE 0 NEGATIVE" did perfect job as usual.There's beautiful booklet with info about the production and even BONUS CD inside the package.So, don't think twice.
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on 23 June 2014
When this first came out only available on cd or cassette back in the early ninetys this was my first cd purchase so this is my first mp3 purchase. As for this album at time i was into white zombie the offspring ministry faith no more -angle dust this slotted in nicely
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