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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars29
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 20 April 2000
Wow, that was what I said after I heard Roots, quite simply, as metal magazine Kerrang! said, THE metal album of the decade (90's). The album starts with the metal song to end all metal songs, Roots Bloody Roots. A song so powerful, it will blow you away. I heard this and I worried, how will they surpass this monster. I have seen many bands do it, start with the best track and not be able to follow it well enough, Sepultura themselves did it on their Chaos AD and Arise albums and Metallica did it on their Black album, but my fears were unfounded. The next track, attitude is another undisputed classic and track 3, Cut-Throat will tear you apart. The best though comes next, Rattamahatta. A drum-busting monster that will give you an aural battering not seen since Motorhead's Ace of Spades. Sung in Portuguese and English, it's natural power will leave you a quaking pile of jelly. The album goes from strength to strength, classics like Breed Apart, Spit and Born Stubborn all lead you to the conclusion that if this band had carried on in this way they could have made something unbearable. As it is this album is unique, the line up changed after this mighty offering and they lost the plot a bit, but nothing, absolutely nothing, can take anything away from this masterpiece.
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on 22 August 2012
It's the tribal sound that this album evokes which makes it such an outright smash hit of an album. It's primal in a way that allows for complex composition and not just dumb sound. I think stylistically this album is the tribal father of Slipknot's Iowa. If you like one there is no reason not to get the other.

Between the big pounding drums and the bass drenched guitars, the violent roars and some chilled out chanting, this album is dynamic enough to keep you listening from the rage filled first half to the more relaxed graceful interludes of the second half. Melded together nicely in the track `Ambush'.

Sepultura have gone through many stages since they first formed, I have to say I think this is their watermark album.

Roots Bl**dy Roots: One of the best album openers ever? from the looping riff which commands your neck to snap to the various drum beats that have the ominous sound of a giant on a rampage.

Attitude: Builds up an almighty atmosphere; then batters you, in a very groove laden way.

Cut-Throat: Does what it says. The vocals are unmatched in the roar of cut-throat, must be heard.

Ratamahatta: A drum tour de force which really has to be heard by all. One of the best tracks on the album, most interesting as well.

Breed Apart: Bit of a slow burner this one and a bit of a come down after `Ratamahatta', feel sorry for `Breed Apart' for having to follow that.

Straighthate: This track ups the rage and adds a nice creeping edge just for good measure.

Spit: Imagine Indiana Jones running away from a massive boulder; this should have been the soundtrack to it.

Lookaway: Surely one of Slipknots biggest influences, violent, unsettling and brilliant.

Dusted: This is more straightforward smash your face in, can't complain.

Born Stubborn: The alarm sound at the beginning has that biohazard outbreak type sound and sure enough it's an unstoppable juggernaut of a song infecting and ravaging.

Jasco: A nice acoustic break.

Itsari: Begins with some tribal chanting before the acoustics start up again, an immersive track which has one weakness; it would have been better placed earlier in the albums tracklisting.

Ambush: Another highlight track tucked at the end, a violent track which degrades into faraway drums before steaming back in glorious fashion.

Endangered Species: A chaotic pulsing track. Even has a bit of space age Deep Purple type sound.

Dictatorsh*t: HEAVY.

Released in 96 it still sounds vital today. Get a copy now.
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on 20 March 2004
Being a massive Sepultura fan at the time I always fellt that this was a good album. However with the benefit of hindsight it must be said that Roots really falls short of previous releases. When I recently bought the live album I found myself being bored by the Roots songs and even skipping some. Creatively Sepultura pushed the boat out with this album and must be commended for this but the song quality suffers as a result. There is way too much filler here such as Attitude, Endangered Species and Dusted. None of the songs are bad but nothing here compares to Inner Self, Slaves of Pain, From the past comes the storms, Arise or Refuse/resist.
I think that perhaps the rot had set in in the making of this album and it shows in the bland writing.
However there are some good songs also such as Cut Throat and Rattamahatta. But overall not up to Sepultura's impeccable standards.
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on 17 March 2009
This is by far the best and most Influential album by Sepultura, Influences on bands like Ill Nino and Hatebreed. Roots Features a who's who of guest vocalists who include Jonathan Davis from KoRn and Mike Patton from Faith No More and Brazilian Percussionist Carlinhos Brown. The Album also Features various chants (If thats the right word to use!) from the Xavante Tribe from brazil on tracks 'Itsari' and 'Jasco'. DJ Lethal of Limpbzkit/House Of Pain fame features on 'Lookaway' with Patton and Davis. No offence to Derrick Green, But Max Cavalera is and will always be the best vocalist Sepultura has ever had!
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on 31 October 2013
This is the first album from Sepultura that I have bought and listened to. I am not a Metal music expert but I know what I like. This is a very original sound. I have not heard this type before. Therefore in my opinion this is an excellent album. I have also recognised that Slipknot must have stolen some of their stuff or copied it having heard similar riffs, tunes etc on Slipknot songs. I hope Slipknot acknowledge this group as to me they are clearly well before them.
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on 24 September 2006
I was first exposed to Sepultura when i saw the video for Roots Bloody Roots on TV, i was stunned by the pummeling heaviness of the song so i decided to purchase this album. When i got it i felt quite disapointed, there's just too much filler material and none of the songs match the energy and power of Roots Bloody Roots. Along with roots bloody roots, attitude, cut throat and rattamahata are all enjoyable songs but there's just too many filler songs. If you are thinking of purchasing this album i would go for Chaos AD, its a similar style to roots and still has some Brazilian tribal elements but is a vastly superior Album. Although i generally prefer Sep's earlier thrashier stuff (Beneath the Remains and Arise). This CD would be good if you like Nu-Metal (Korn, Slipknot, etc)
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on 1 August 2005
Roots is probably my favourite of sepulura's albums and definately one of my favourite heavy metal albums, and the last sepultura album featuring Max Cavalera. On roots Sepultura finally created that really individual sound, moving on from their thrash era and adding a fantastic tribal sound that hardly any other bands have. It is brilliantly recorded, and the bass (Paulo Jr) and drums (Igor Cavera) have improved greatly, and guitarist Andreas Kisser develops that distinctive sepultura riff sound , more like motorhead, rather than sounding like metallica's riffs on thier previous albums (though not so much on 'Chaos AD'. It includes a great track featuring Jonathan Davis (Korn) and Mike Patton (Faith no more) on vocals too (see track 8, 'lookaway'). There is also an acoustic instrumental, 'Jasco' written and played by guitarist, Andreas Kisser, and another acoustic track, with the chants of the Xavantes tribe.
This fantastic album is a must for headbangers everywhere.
Buy it. Now!
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on 2 September 2014
This was Sepultura at the top of their game. After this album Max left and in my opinion were not as good after his departure. This album is a great listen and mixes tribal influences with classic sounding Sepultura. This is a must buy for lovers of all things heavy.
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on 31 January 2009
I've been in a lot of moshpits - a lot - but little can compare to that moment when the opening chords of Roots Bloody Roots kick off. A modern classic. Truly epic.
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on 4 December 2011
Great album bought at a great price. Sepultura at their best in my opinion and a must for any meatal head. Arrived quickly and played very very loud!
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