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on 13 December 2004
After Machine Head's awe-inspiring debut Burn My Eyes, a lot of journalists speculated Machine Head would sell-out and take a softer route. This was Machine Head's two-fingers raised reply.
The More Things Chaange is an immensely heavy record, with low guitars and some seriously crushing riffs that go a step beyond those of Burn My Eyes. Ten Ton Hammer opens the album with the squeal of feedback and a build up that leads into one of those classic slow but extremely heavy riffs. Take My Scars follows with a fast, heavy and catchy riff leading into some spectacular spoken word lyrics over the verse.
Lyrically the album is very dark and more introverted than BME. The album does lack some of the intricacies of the debut, but the riff-heavy approach really works. That's not to say there aren't any articulate, original songs-Violate's scream to a sigh vocals and slow then fast strong structure create one of Machine Head's best songs.
Solo's are exemplary (special mention to Logan's fantastic and highly-original wah solo on Spine, and the spectacular dual solo of superb closer BLood of the Zodiac), and new drummer Dave McLain proves himself well, with particularly great double-kicking.
Overall a superb, often underrated album. If you like Machine Head or metal in general, buy this
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on 30 August 2001
This album typifies to me what perfection is about. It starts with guitar feedback and ends on feedback, but what happens in between is some of the most awesome music put to CD. They took the sound from their awesome debut Burn My Eyes and scattered it in every different direction it could possibly go, while not comprimising anything for a second. It's a lot weirder, harder and totally f**ked up lyrically. Dave Mcclain's drumming is just insane, Robert's voice even hoarser and croakier than the first record, cool scratchy distorted bass really suits the guitars well. And the guitars just make it, sludgy, huge and some of the most complemenatory solos ever on Blood Of The Zodiac and The Frontlines. The ten tracks fit together brilliantly, a real work of art. Oh did i mention it's very heavy too?
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1997's The More Things Change is the unsung hero in Machine Head's discography, never really getting mentioned in list of best albums by magazines or having people ask for it to be played in its entirety live in concert. From what you read, it seems that people mostly got into the band from either their debut Burn My Eyes, the softer and more accessible The Burning Red or else from their universally acclaimed The Blackening album.

The More Things Change may not be as famous as any of those albums, but it is a very strong album in any case. The music is very heavy and groove orientated, with only a slightly darker leaning to the riffs and lyrics changing the formula inherited from its predecessor.

Go to any Machine Head concert in the last decade and you'll find a healthy portion of the material is from The More Things Change; tracks like 'Ten Ton Hammer,' and 'Take My Scars,' are absolutely essential listening for Machine Head fans, but even the less famous material like 'Bay Of Pigs,' and 'Blood Of The Zodiac,' are of the utmost quality.

Everything about this album is good, from the general musical direction to the production and performances. The musicianship is excellent (this is the final album with guitarist Logan Mader and the first album with drummer Dave McClain) Even the artwork and booklet are effective and understated.

This may not be the obvious first port of call for prospective Machine Head fans, but once you get into the band you definitely ought to pick up a copy of The More Things Change, it is a very underrated album and beyond that simply a very good album all round; its very hard, very heavy and almost bleak in atmosphere... I highly recommend it.
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on 3 May 2006
They burst onto the scene with among the greatest metal albums ever, then lost the guitarist. Oops! Wisely, they returned with a solid collection of their own material which left them still exploring new methods but remembering what they're good at.

What they are good at is grabbing your attention with classic guitar work and roared vocals. This isn't you dance-hall filler album, although there's some great riffs, it's more of a listen alone album with a slower, less flowing feel to it.

It's also long at over an hour, and introspective at times. Violate and Bay of Pigs are reasons to be angry, and the sheer passion comes through. It's not as natural as one the previous, or later albums, but it's there.

I feel this was a stepping stone while they re grouped, but this criticism is tainted with the admission that they didn't waste an album. It's good old-school metal Sepultura at their best would have been proud of. I feel they had to think to write, rather than spontaneously create instant classics like on Burn My Eyes, but they obviously have tried to write, and not settled for whatever comes out.
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on 20 April 2001
The More Things Change... in my opinion is Machine Head's best album yet, just ahead of Burn My Eyes. The thing about this album which makes it superior to the first is the variety - there's something for everyone here. Take My Scars is classic Machine Head; Struck A Nerve is just all around crazy genius; there's Violate, soft and slow with almighty vocals, building up to an amazing unexpected fast finish; and the final track Blood Of The Zodiac is one of the best songs ever, with that amazing double bass pedal thumping away in the chorus. It's worth checking out the digipak (if you can find it anywhere!) for My Misery (also amazing) and the amusing The Possibility Of Life's Destruction and Colors (er...).
An all around classic album which you should buy RIGHT NOW.
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on 11 May 2015
This album starts out in much the same vein as "Burn My Eyes" and has the power of "Burn My Eyes" but delves into Hard Core Punk style vocals with clean vocal sections. The bass guitar is really spectacular and is high up in the mix and sounds like a machine. The guitars have an almost Industrial feel to them which is similar to Fear Factory in places. The drums are precise and interesting and add to the heaviness of the albums overall feel. The leads on the album are crazy and random with haunting melodies in places and are delivered with conviction and dexterity. The album is slower than "Burn My Eyes" in places but seems to be heavier in other places with the faster sections sounding more like Sick Of It All than Thrash Metal. The albums has some interesting guitar dynamics that are almost Pink Floyd like in places and add to the atmosphere quite well. Overall I would have to say that this is a very strong album and that I do enjoy it very much but I still prefer "Burn My Eyes" a whole lot more!! If you love heavy, groove laden Thrash Metal then you need to by this album.
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on 31 July 2000
Machine Head have exceled themselves with another fine album! The tricky 'second album' is never an easy task, but the band certainly take it in their stride. Searing opener 'Ten Ton Hammer' easily equals it's predecessor 'Davidian', 'Take My Scars' is a melodic, yet heavy juggernaut, and the shear dynamics of 'Struck A Nerve' are amazing! All through the album the listener is treated with a wide array of brilliant song writing and bludgeoningly heavy guitars, pounding drums and brutal vocals. The digipack also offers three extra tracks: 'My Misery' (featured in the Demon Knight film), a cover of 'The Possibility Of Life's Destruction', and a brave cover of Ice T's 'Colours'. Many will overlook this album simply because it was released after such a great debut, but this is Brilliant Machine Head album that all fans should own!
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on 28 February 2004
If burn my eyes was album that said we're machine head and we're comin to drink your vodka and get jiggy with ur daughter. This is the album that say we're Machine Head were really pist and we aint taking no prisoners. In my opinion this is a very dark album. Its not as in your face as burn, and the songs aint as catchy. This is an album that requires you to listen. This is everything you expect from machine head and more. Songs like Take My Scars, Ten Ton Hammer, snap the neck. This album made me feel that machine head were heading to heavier plains both musically and lyrically, i couldnt see the different but still amazing burning red coming or the appauling supercharger. This album should be bought because its simply a classic and is up there with Burn My Eyes. Bow Down to None!!!
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on 15 June 2005
I've been a Machine Head fan for ages, and I had bought all the albums except this. I wasn't expecting that much from it as it isn't really as talked about as Burn My Eyes. However, after listening to it, I would say it is probably their best album. It remains as heavy as Burn My Eyes, and retains the inventiveness and quality of it. The drumming and guitar solos are still amazing, and Robb Flynn remains an excellent songwriter. Of all the tracks, my personal favourite is The Frontlines, I think its the best MH song ever. Its incredibly heavy, the riff is awesome and the vocals are very powerful.
In summary, if you listened to Burn My Eyes, you must listen to this. It is an under-appreciated classic, and continues the brilliance of Burn My Eyes.
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on 4 December 2006
They had the challenge of following up one of the greatest metal albums of all time - the superb 'Burn my Eyes'. While its true this does not quite scale the same heights, there is a urgent power throughout, starting off as it intends to continue with 'Ten Ton Hammer' battering you from the off. The strength apparent in 'Take my Scars' and the outstanding 'Bay of Pigs' is impressive, and the clear, full production gives you a feeling of being washed in a guitar assault.

A great album that I'm returning to, however it has to be said they subsequently produced a series of lacklustre, derivative albums (such as the shocking 'burning red') that discredits the promise shown in this, and of course their debut when MH looked poised for greatness.
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