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4.8 out of 5 stars24
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 6 September 2000
Prior to 1989 Sepultura had gained a good following in the Worldwide underground metal scene with their second independant release, Schizophrenia. This left sepultura hungry to make a more major impact. Signing to Roadrunner/Roadracer records in late '88 gave them the back-up to unleash their pounding thrash sound onto the World. Beneath The Remains was recorded in Rio in early '89 and was released to rave reviews and really broke Sepultura into the Thrash mainstream. The album was recieved especially well in Europe and comprised of legendary tracks such as Mass Hypnosis and Beneath The Remains. The album displayed technical ability and demonstrated the skillfulness and ferrocity of Igor Cavalera's drumming. This superb album marked a major change in the thrash scene and broke the humble Brazillians into the World Metal scene. This album shows why Sepultura are justifiably Brazil's largest musical export.
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on 4 November 2001
read the title that says it all...I never thought i would hear an album that matched 'Reign in Blood' for speed and aggression, but alas, i have!
My favourate tracks are the title track (don't let the classic opening fool you, this is heavy as hell), 'stronger than hate' and 'Slaves of Pain'
I may only be 16 but i know my music well, any Linkin Park/Bizkit/Papa Roach trendies should steer well clear, this is for thrash/death fans only!!!
Go and buy it!
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on 14 August 2004
This is Sepultura's finest hour. The sheer number and quality of riffs is amazing, almost overwhelming at times. If there were two more songs on this album, people would be dropping dead of whiplash.
This is the second of three awesome thrash albums Sepultura released, and just like Schizophrenia that came before it, and Arise after it, it is the first track that is the strongest. "Beneath The Remains" has something like 36 riffs (I counted once) and that alone is enough to destroy your skull completely. But other songs like "Primitive Future", "Inner Self"("Stronger than hate") and especially "Slaves of Pain" are also thrash classics -the pre-chorus break of Slaves of Pain is like none other.
In conclusion, absolutely essential. One of the ten best thrash albums of all time, hands down.
(taken from Written by UltraBoris)
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on 30 November 2006
This album dares to tread the thin line between Thrash and Death Metal. Whilst subsequent albums became gradually slower, more technical and more thought-out, this one is a heads-down, propeller-banging classic. Albums as straightforward as this are rarely made these days.

That is not to say that all the tracks sound the same - just that tempo changes are used where the songs require them, rather than being injected for the sake of music journalists.

To be honest, the intensity of the album is such that 30 mins is quite enough, and despite their sustained quality you can possibly live without the last two tracks. This is thrash from the very top drawer, and although it may not sound so revolutionary now as in its day, it still blows everything around it away.
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on 11 October 2005
When trying to decide the best pure thrash metal album, thats the only question you need really ask yourself. I can't decide, and that is surely the best compliment i can give to Sepultura for this 1991 masterpiece.
The comments about the sheer quantity of riffing on this album are valid, this is the most riff packed album ive heard, the first song has to be heard to believed.
Beneath the remains lacks RIP's technicality and grace, and (maybe) some of RIB's speed, but beats both in terms of metallic punch and catchiness, its not commercial and has the harshest vocals of the three, but some of the rhythms and riffs grab hold of you and dont let go.
A+ thrash at its pummelling best
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on 13 September 2012
What an album, one of the best thrash that ever recorded, every track in here is better the other one. I love the dirty sound, the drums here is awsome and Max's voice is so thrashy.
I highly recommended to buy this album and put it in your stereo, it is all about fun.
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on 19 June 2010
Being as old as I am, 36, I love old school thrash. My fav Sepultura album is Arise, but this kicks just as hard. It sounds even better on vinyl and having all the art work to look at while listening to the album and enjoying a cold one is what its all about!! Buy it.
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on 2 October 2008
This is it...what it's all about..
The best aggressive thrash album ever- yes I know that Slayer Reign in Blood is regarded as the best thrash album - the best tracks (by far?) of the genre are on that, Raining Blood, Angel of Death and Piece by Piece..But Sepultura are just true aggression in these earlier days. Schizophrenia, even morbid Visions were good- hell I've even got Bestial Devastation on vinyl- from Brazil !, but Beneath the Remains is awesome- especially because the production is so heavy. Where other fast metal albums are marred on CD (listen to Flotsam & Jetsam No Place For disgrace for an example) this album sounds great.
I defy anyone to resist banging their head to the title track. All the tracks are good, although some are not as good as others they are all satisfying. Accompanying the hard riffs (and they are aplenty) are great shout out lines such as "beneath the remains" and "brain eating brain" from Lobotomy.
There is a bouncy zing to all the tracks which accompanies the hardness making this a thrash boppers delight. I guess anyone investigating this now will be few and far between but if you don't own it- shame on you.
Forget pretentious tosh like Pantera (more of a heavy crossover band since their power metal routes anyway- if you must "Cowboys From Hell" is their good lp) and Megadeth (only "Killing Is My Business" is worthy).
The only albums you need are Sepultura "Beneath the Remains", Slayer "Reign In Blood", Dark Angel "Darkness Descends", Metallica "Ride the Lightning" and Kreator "Pleasure to Kill". If you want to branch a bit get Obituary "Cause of Death". But whatever you get you need to get Sepultura "Beneath the Remains"
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on 20 July 2007
This is the simply the best metal/thrash metal/death metal album I own. Only Lamb Of God really come close with 'Ashes...' and 'Sacrament'. Until recently my fave thrash album was Metallica - Ride The Lightning, but this effort by Sepultura blows it away. With ease.

I also own 'Arise' and 'Chaos AD' but 'Beneath...' is their strongest effort....Arise is pretty close though! Max's vocals are that rare treat in that they are definitely very metal, almost a death metal howl, but they are still intelligible. A bit like Amon Amarth's vocalist. The singing fits the music perfectly too. Every song is completely chock full of riffs, but they aren't just piled up needlessly. Every riff, solo and time signature has a purpose, and lead somewhere. Even though the style is definitely thrash and the tempo is usually very high....heavy on the double bass pedal, etc. Sepultura also get into some really heavy grooves. Perfect for nodding ya head to! And briefly to mention the solos....they are blistering. As technical as any band.

It can truly be said without hesitation that Beneath The Remains isn't just Sepultura's finest effort, but also thrash metals crown jewl. Better than Slayer's 'Reign...' any of Metallica's early output. Far better than anything by Anthrax. Sepultura's attack is so furious, but somehow still highly melodic, and technical. Very agreeable! As mentioned, the only band who really comes close is Lamb of God. Those guys rule! Oh yeah, and a little known band going by the name of Megadeth.

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on 27 September 2003
Well where can we start... at the time of it's release Beneath The Remains was voted as the best thrash album of 1991. And if this kind of music is your cup of tea then you will surely agree.
Never before has an album jumped out of the hi-fi and kicked you in the teeth like this one. Right from track one you feel the raw power bursting out and it makes you feel like banging your head till it falls off or pick a guitar up and wish that your fingers could keep up. LOVE IT, NEED IT, HAVE IT !!
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