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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 9 October 2008
After waiting for months wondering when the Asetian Bible will be available for the public, I instantly ordered one and once I had it, I began to read. For someone interested in the occult, Ancient Egypt, metaphysics, vampirism, and of course, Asetianism, this is surely a must have. The authors's words are amazingly written, the full book is a work of art in my opinion.

Mr. Marques really has an inspiring way of writing, which makes you go deeper into the book and completely "feel" what is being read. From the beautifully designed cover, to the amazing way that Luis Marques presents Asetianism to us, this book is without a doubt one of the best books I have ever read when it comes to Ancient Egypt and Metaphysics. It answered all the questions I have had, throughout the time I have begun learning about vampirism.

As amazing as it is to read the Asetian Bible non-stop, it also takes an open mind to understand it, for there are lots of sacred information that needs a spiritually evolved person, and a quite open mind to fully grasp. This book, same as this subject, as it was stated in the beginning of the Asetian Bible, isn't for everyone. This will be more easily understood when one gets deeper within the book. Certainly there are a lot of people who disagree and have risen against the "Rising" of the Aset Ka, however there are also many evolved people who can understand the essence behind the astonishing Asetian Bible.

Last but not least, this is simply a book that changed my life, and my view of how I saw not only Ancient Egypt, but vampirism... and even life itself.

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on 12 October 2008
This is a small video clip that I have done dedicated to the astonishing literary work that is the Asetian Bible.
It reflects my inner view on the rise of the Asetians, in this Second Era of the Vampires, after their rulership over the Empire in Egypt. They are coming forth once again, and from darkness, they shall rewrite history with silent footsteps of giants.

The feelings, the soul, the destiny, the energy, the history and the truth behind Vampirism is perfectly reflected in this book.

Be ready to be consumed by it...
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on 13 October 2008
I always had a huge fascination about Egypt, not only as a beautiful land, but also as a strong source of history about the beginning of times. I feel deeply connected with the vibrations that come from those deserts full of wind and sand, Temples and Pyramids, nothing and everything.
The idea behind simply imagining those amazing sacred Temples, filled with color and life, Gods and Goddesses, always brought to me astonishing feelings.

Apart all concerning Egypt as a perfect land, I always was fascinated too about the world of magick, spirituality, occultism, and more precisely about vampirism.

On a blessed day I became aware of Asetianism and the Asetians, and I was instantly hooked. So I bought the Asetian Bible right away, and I consumed those sacred thoughts until the very last word of the volume. How meaningful our existence can be when we put together the two main interests of our life, don't you think?

I must say that my inner self had really, truly and deeply grew since I first connected with this reality, the Asetian tradition. It makes me scared sometimes how perfectly the philosophies make sense, how powerful are the thoughts and above all, how amazingly our lecture flows through Luis Marques' words... they are simply magic. I easily felt my soul travelling throughout the skies and for a moment I was able to see myself as a Kemetic being, living on Egypt by the time of the Great Asetian Empire. It still makes me shiver.

Finally, I have to do a remark on the Asetian Bible's cover. Not only the artwork is simply beautiful, a work of extreme sensitivity, but all the conception is admirable. The Seven Pillars, the Dark Mark with winged amethysts, the color invoking the Violet Flame... all of the concepts perfectly entwined with what is taught to us inside the book. Superb.

I strongly recommend everyone to read this Bible... now you have the choice to gift your soul and allow it to evolve.

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The Asetian Bible is a pure masterpiece of artistic, philosophical and magical value.

It is nothing new, to us that follow and research the Asetian knowledge for decades, the whole beauty that always surrounds everything Asetian in nature. This book was no exception.
Attention to detail is something obvious in this work. Starting by the great work done on the cover, where we can see the sacred Dark Mark of the Asetians as if Isis' wings are made out of pure amethyst crystals, and the ancient hieroglyphs of the Asetian pillars around it, disappearing in a violet myst, a clear representation of the Violet Flame, a central concept in Asetianism. The whole symbolism is purely Asetian, adding an aesthetic value to this sacred work.

The beauty of the cover design is only surpassed by the magic of the words found within. The only word I can find to describe the contents is: breathtaking. Luis Marques is clearly a master in the ancient magic of words. Heka, as the Egyptians call it, and he explains it meaningfully within the book. His way of writing is inspiring, deep and it easily provokes intense feelings inside of us.

The magic of the Asetians is clearly present in this book, which I truly believe being far more than just a book, but a true magical object. It teaches us about the spirituality of the Ancients, their practices and magic, where we are guided by the author in an emotional travel back to ancient Egypt, the land of the Asetians.

For many of the people out there who studies the Asetians for years, several things in the book will not bring anything new, but still, I am pretty sure that even the most ancient researcher of Asetianism will still learn something of what is presented here. It was clear that the Aset Ka has included some highly secret material in this work. Some of the things presented here were actually held secret from society since the times of ancient Egypt and until now only available to the highest initiates of the order. This detail alone makes this book not only a central breakthrough in terms of occult knowledge, vampirism and Egyptian spirituality, as well as the definitive main reference in all those subjects. I would say without fears that no shelf from anyone interested in the occult, vampirism, magic or simply curious about the mysteries in life, can be ever complete without the Asetian Bible. This is probably the most sacred work that anyone will ever be able to put their hands on. A book typically only accessible to initiates, and presented here for the first time ever in history.

There will be certainly many voices rising up against this work. Probably even reviews trying to take out credibility. That kind of people is everywhere, always trying to take advantage on the work of others. People against the Aset Ka is nothing new. But to everyone into this secret side of the world, the words of that jealous people mean nothing, since most of what is seen in forums and such is nothing but fume compared to the real dangers that await those that truly support the Aset Ka. Threats as the ROS and their Sethian followers are very real, and not many people that were in contact with those forces actually survived to tell the tale. But in the end the question remains: Who is more dangerous, the Aset Ka or the ROS? Even after centuries that question has no real answer. And I believe it never will. But one thing is certain, this book certainly is a great conquest from the Children of Aset. The publishing of this Asetian Bible is a true hymn of victory from the Asetians, in a silent chant that will echo in the minds of those that are yet to be awakened.
For those that are wondering what the hell am I talking about, I suggest the reading of the book, that although these conflicts are not directly addressed, for the readers that are really aware and can understand many of the things explained here, lots of details in the book will ring a bell.

All I am left to say is thank you Aset Ka for doing this.
This is pure magic. Even my hands grow warm by touching this book and energy flows around it intensely.
Although I understand the importance of secrecy in traditions such as this one, artists such as Luis Marques should not endure in the shadows as most of the Asetians. They can enlighten the human kind and push this world forward. At least to those that are awakened enough to answer this call.

- P
Crux Aeterna
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on 7 October 2008
Asetian Bible is a book about Ancient Egyptian spirituality and vampirism that sees the light after centuries of secrecy. Asetianism is now revealed to us trough this book.
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on 13 July 2008
After read and re-ready the Sacred Book many times i want say you one thing: Divine Work, Divine Book, Divine Work. Mr. Luis Marques really know use the Power of Words - Heka. With Asetian Bible i learn more Asetians, Ancient Egyptian, Magick and of course... Vampirism. The Chapter's about The Children of Aset - The Asetian Vampires and the Book of Nun - The Asetian Cosmogony give us a brilliant vision. The Djehutys give us too a correct chronology.
The part two of the Sacred Book: Metaphysics - Vibrational Magick is very very profound and knowledgeable.

I want to thanks the opportunity the Asetians give me to be more aware and more connected. Asetian Bible and Kemet, Two Divines Books.
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on 31 August 2009
Certainly, the deepest and most touching book that will ever cross your way. I'm grateful I had the opportunity to read such a unique piece of Sacred literature...

You will be overwhelmed by its Beauty.
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on 3 January 2013
The book was very informative about the Asetian Bible and their orginization... I wish there was more information about their magical process... The book makes it clear that it is a very closed organization and no room for groupies... I appreciate and was rather touched, according to the book; how loyal the members are to each other... You dont find loyalty like that now days, @ least from my perspective.. It was a wonderful glimpse into the Asetian environment and makes you realize there are many realities..
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on 29 November 2011
With this book I just learned a lot about vampirism and Egipt. I needed to read the book as a form of discover some things about me and with it I grew up, was capable of understand lots of things around me and I only have to thank Luis Marques for this and for also help me find my way.
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on 24 February 2014
I really enjoyed this book, if youre interested in metaphysics its really interesting, perhaps not everyones cup of tea but to the open minded its a great book
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