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4.5 out of 5 stars135
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 25 April 1999
The Complete Jewish Bible undoubtedly is the best translation i've ever read! I've studied Hebrew and Greek, and believe that Stern gives fresh insights to the true, lost Jewishness of the Gospel! His insights are unique, and picks up the gap of the Jewishness of the Gospel, where even the best of the Christian translations fail at this! He offers both Hebrew/English, English/Hebrew glosseries at the back of the Bible, so someone unfamiliar with Hebrew can read the Bible, and learn Hebrew vocabulary at the same time. The translation is in enjoyable modern English, but there are inserted Hebrew words throughout the text This is a great devotional Bible, and I would definately say that if the NIV and KJV are considered as Authoritative, then this Bible, surely ought to be! The CJB corrects anti-Jewish translational errors which are in the KJV. This Bible shows clearly how Yeshua is the promised Jewish Moshaich. My mother is a fairly new Jewish believer in Yeshua Ha Moshiach, and this translation has inspired her faith unlike the NASB she had before! From the CJB, every Jewish person ought to be able to see that Yeshua is in harmony with the Tanakh("Old Testament"). Thus, this is a great witnessing tool! I firmly believe that the Ruach Ha Kodesh("The Holy Spirit)",has inspired Mr. Stern to make this translation! Most Messianic Jews use this translation!
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on 10 February 2001
I have been reading The Complete Jewish Bible over the past 6 months. I am really enjoying it. At last, version of Bible in which the characters step out of the pages and in to the mind of the reader. I feel as if I have met Job, Jeremiah, Ruth, Paul, John and naturally Jesus.
The type setting allows the reader to see immediately what is poetry and what is narrative, quotations from other parts of scripture are clearly indicated thus making the text easy to read and understand.
This book is a must for those who are trying to understand the Jewish background to the Christian faith and offers fresh insight into many biblical texts and is open to all
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on 16 September 1999
There is an old saying ' flee from idolatory, read more than one Bible '. In the past this might mean reading your favourite version along with the Amplified but now The Complete Jewish Bible makes up an indispensible set of three. The Bible is a Jewish book written firstly for the Jews then for the Gentiles and as such it reflects an eastern mind-set something that David Stern recaptures in his translation. The Bible has been translated many times through the centuries and this has led to the dilution of its essentially Jewish character. This new version emphasises the revelation that Jesus ( Yeshua ) is truly the Jewish Messiah and it can only help Christian and Jewish readers to understand the Scriptures in a fresh and stimulating way.
David Stern has performed a wonderful service by producing The Complete Jewish Bible - it is a work that can be enthusiastically recommended.
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on 11 April 2002
The 'Complete Jewish Bible' is an awesome book, uniting in the title two words ('jewish' and 'bible') which in the religious world don't mix. By doing so it also unites two totally different religions - Judaism and Christianity. The aim of the author (David H. Stern) is to prove the divinity of the the messiah (Yeshua) to God's chosen people (the jews) and remind Christians of their Jewish roots, showing that the new testament is a completely Jewish writing. The reason I like this book so much personally is the fact that it uses the correct Hebrew words for people, places and events and it doesn't distinguish between the "Old" and "New" testaments, therefore implying that both are, in fact, one book. This was a great aid to me as it helped me to realise that although I've accepted Yeshua as the chosen Messiah, I must also accept that I am still bound by the laws of the Torah. If there is no seperation between the "Old" and the "New" testaments than clearly it means that the Torah still aplies today. The 'Complete Jewsih Bible' also follows the Hebrew order of the Tanakh's books, the order with which Yeshua was familiar. It corrects mis-translations in the "New" testament and focuses on Messianic prophecy. This book was reccommended to me by an incredible friend of my and I would recommend it to both Jews and Christians.
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on 13 August 1999
This Tanakh has been a GREAT BLESSING to me. It is useful as it puts both the Tanakh and the HaBrit HaDasha (New Covenanat) into one volume. I have a Hebrew bible, and this one makes it able for me to share the ideas of Hebrew in modern, good English with others. It also allows me to show my friends and family among others that Yeshua is the Messiah as shown in the Tankh and belief in him does not compromise one's standing in The Jewish world. I reccommend this book highly! THis is an Awesome version of the Holy Scriptures!
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on 28 August 2005
I first heard about the CJB from the WILDOLIVE website. The use of original Hebrew names and terms made me want to learn Hebrew properly, which I am now doing with the TANAKH and B'RIT HADASHAH.
I have preached from this Bible a couple of times, and I find using the True names of Jesus (Yeshua) and GOD (YHVH) really just increases the reverence as these original versions of the names have not been taken as swear words thankfully.
Also, as I have stressed in my teaching, the Hebrew names are so important, as it tells you in the Introduction to this Bible; Yeshua means 'YHVH's Salvation' explaining WHY Miryam (Mary) and Yosef (Joseph) were told that the Messiah must have this name.
It is a beautifully presented Bible, and a MUST for any Christian these days- particularly those who have been educated in the Replacement Theology area of the Church ( those who believe that God is finished with the Jewish people, that the Church is the new Israel, and that current events in the Middle East and the fact that the Jewish people are back in their ancient homeland have nothing to do with Bible Prophecy). Read this and you will realise how dear to The LORD our Jewish brothers and sisters really are. This Bible will also cause many Orthodox Jews to examine their hearts and KNOW that Jesus IS THE MESSIAH PROPHESIED IN THE HEBREW SCRIPTURES.
I urge you to buy this Bible, and if possible, get the Jewish New Testament Commentary too, also written by David Stearne, as this will help you understand his different rendering of the Greek of the New Testament.
Get this wonderful Bible; I really believe it is here for such a time as this; remember; there will not be two separate groups of believers when we are with Our Lord; we will be no longer Jew or Gentile, but ONE in the Messiah.
One more thing; Any Christians reading this; I urge you to find out the Jewish roots of our Faith; it will make the whole Bible much easier to understand, the Book is Jewish,and you need to come at it from a Jewish state of mind. Pray for Wisdom from The LORD, and He will give it to you.
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on 20 September 2010
At last! A Bible that I can trust for being a faithful translation of the Original without interference from the Greek/Western mindset. At last I am able to appreciate the Jewish roots of my faith. The lay-out (i.e of Psalms and poetry) is faithful to the original, which makes the understanding clearer. The dictionaries at the back are very helpful, as is the highlighting of the many places in the New Testament that are lifted from the Old Testament. A couple of minor challenges are: getting a handle on the Hebraic names of people and places, and finding Old Testament books in the original order with their original names. But plenty of helps are given to steer the novice through.
I am so delighted with this Bible. Highly recommended for anyone serious about appreciating the Jewish roots of Christianity.
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on 21 August 1998
Finally together in one volume, Dr. Stern's masterful translation the Jewish New Testament and a complimentary Tanakh (Old Testament). The Bible in it's Jewish context and message from Bereshit (Genesis) to Revelation.
Dr. Stern has translated the Complete Jewish Bible using Hebrew names and focusing on the Messianic storyline that flows throughout the whole of the Bible. Also of note is the breakdown of the Torah into the weekly parashah including Haftarah and complementary readings from the Brit Chadasha.
This is a must have for any true student of the Bible and a necessity for Jewish believers to have the Complete Bible from a Messianic Jewish perspective.
I hope that the Complete Jewish Bible is used regularly in synagogue services and in Bible studies to further the great revival of the Messianic movement. Dr. Stern has done a great service to the Messianic movement and hopefully for the Gentile Church to see that the message of the Scriptures both Tanakh and Brit Chadasha is the story of God's dealings with Israel and the glorious foretelling and revelation of Israel's Messiah, Yeshua.
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on 24 December 2007
i have had my CJB now for around a year and think it is great. Here is what I like about it. Only one column of text (like a normal book), clear print, plenty of notes, and the parasha readings.

So what do i not like... the footnotes are good, but it would have been nice to see allusions recorded as well were new testament passages hint at other texts without directly quoting them, such as multiple times in Romans were Paul alludes to writings in the book of wisdom.

In fact it would probably be nice to have the deuterocanonical works included in there as well (but that is just something i would like)... up until very recently i never read them at all.

Lastly it is a shame that the bible does not come with a free cd containing all of the reference material and the book itself in pdf format (cause i like to read at my computer as well).

All in all though, this bible is my bible of choice and is likely to remain so for the considerable future.
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on 5 November 2014
I am so blessed by this version of the Holy scriptures. Anyone trying to gain a greater understanding of their faith from the hebraic roots will find this version inspirational and full of new insights an understanding that unfortunately does not come through the New King James (which I have used for many years).

I was seeking more wisdom and knowledge of what was actually being said, which we can sometimes lose with other translations, due to the fact that the translator has little or no understanding of the Jewish culture of the day, which provides greater context, insight and meaning.

This bible also gives the real hebrew names of Lords feasts and the authors of and titles of the books of the bible, useful when talking to the chosen people about their Messiah, rather than talking 'christianese'!!!!

I highly recommend this version and would be extremely surprised if you do not gain new insight into the imperative foundations of our faith, after all Jesus (Yeshua) the Messiah was and remains Jewish and so were His customs and culture during His time on earth. Be blessed.
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