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on 11 October 2010
Bought this to replace a faulty unit on a KV8 based PC. It's slightly smaller than the original but has standard fixings so no problems physically if replacing any standard type ATX. It is not silent but runs reasonably quietly making no more noise than the case fan. It has the usual range of connectors including SATA and has an on / off switch on the rear. Time will tell how good this really is but for the price (£12) it is excellent value so far, I'm particularly impressed with the free postage, thanks Fast - Tek for avoiding the temptation to bump the price with P&P.
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on 16 June 2012
Purchased this PSU based on price and it is a good basic unit and was delivered quickly but.....

The product description states that it has 1 x SATA and 3 x 4pin MOLEX power leads - the supplied unit has only 2 x Molex leads each with a SATA spurred off the power connector.

I had ordered an addtional Molex to SATA adaptor to give me 2 of each type (which turned out to be a waste) and, because the SATA leads are spurred off rather than separate, they do not reach my other drives - so I now need to order two SATA extender leads!

If you have any more than a couple of inches between SATA and Molex plugs - Be Warned!
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on 2 June 2012
I've been repairing computers for 20 years and never wrote a product review before but here goes.The power supply was delivered this morning in a white box wrapped in a bin bag.I opened the box and first thing i noticed was the power lead was about one and a half foot long,nowhere near long enough to reach my wall socket (no worries,i had a proper spare).Next thing,there were no mounting screws (no worries,i had spares)Then i noticed there were only two 4 pin molex connectors,where it clearly states three.I have two hard drives and a Dvd drive all four pin molex.Never mind i thought,i can live without the cd drive for now.As i was connecting one of the four pin molex connectors to the hard drive one of the internal pin rings fell out rendering the connector useless,which left me only one molex.Plugged everything in using the very very cheap plasic connectors and powered up the computer.OH MY LIFE,i thought a plane had landed in my cul du sac,it was the loudest thing i've ever heard,and my fans were spinning that fast i thought they were going to fly out my computer case (no voltage regulation on the power supply) On loading up windows i had massive graphics artifacts (my card was being fried alive,meaning no voltage regulation on the power supply)I rapidly turned the computer off.The brand new power supply is now safely in the bin after 2 minutes of use.No point returning it as it would cost me more than i paid for it.I am still laffing now about it.In 20 years of pc repairs i have never see such a load of rubbish.If nothing else i've had a giggle this morning although the giggle has cost me 12 quid.Please note i couldnt give it no stars which is why its got one star
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on 1 August 2012
Went out with a bang and cloud of acrid smoke the second it had power.

I wouldn't have minded so much had my head been right next to it at the time and I nearly had to change my trousers.

Don't think I'll be getting a cheap PSU again, can't afford the pants.
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on 12 February 2013
Purchased this to upgrade a Dell Dimension 5150. More or less slotted straight in. Note that the leads for the drives are a bit odd - there are two long leads, each ending in one molex and one sata plug, with only a very short lead between the molex and the sata plugs. So you can connect four drives, but; you would need a molex drive and a sata drive very close to each other, and then a 2nd molex and a 2nd sata drive also very close to each other. But a few minutes with some additional lengths of wire and some chocolate-block connectors would sort you out.

The noise levels are reasonable, and for the price this is a pretty good unit. Been running for about a week now - no idea on its longevity.
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on 24 June 2011
Bought this to replace 300W Codegen PSU which died after 10 years' service (good innings; plus my laptop died too; gone to the grave of computers with a dead systemboard BIOS). Anyway back to this new PSU. It's not that quiet, but quiet enough for me. Above all, it's working well straight out of the box, and I would've given this product 5 stars but for two things; (1) the PSU I got only has 2 MOLEXs but Amazon's Product Description says it has 3. (2) I've also seen reviews about Fast-Tek's questionable customer service, Ah well, a cheap MOLEX splitter can sort the MOLEX issue.
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on 24 October 2011
I recently acquired a second-hand motherboard that had a PCI express graphics card slot. I am not a gamer and only wanted to watch iPlayer in full screen on my 19 inch monitor and 42 inch TV. I tried several PCIe graphics cards but had persistent problems with their stability...with some, my PC would not even boot the bios...just a blank screen.

The PCIe cards I tried were all relatively 'low-end' and were stated to need a PSU of at least 300W. My PSU was 370W so I figured I had sufficient wattage to power them. I eventually decided that there must be a problem with my PCIe motherboard slot. A friend then suggested that a higher wattage PSU might be needed. I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I read the Amazon reviews and decided this 500W unit was worth a gamble. The delivery was very fast...ordered on Saturday...delivered at 3pm on Monday. The unit seemed very lightweight, compared to other PSU's I had used, but was straightforward to install. It is as quiet and certainly no noisier than other PSU's I have used.

After installation it was PC booted first time and the card worked fine. That was a week ago, and my system is now stable and working perfectly. I can now watch iPlayer, full screen, with a good picture. I downloaded the ATI Linux drivers (- I run Ubuntu 10.04) and can now access all the features of the ATI Catalyst Control Centre.

I would highly recommend this 500W PSU and hope that it will continue to function satisfactorily over the long term...only time will tell on that score.

As a footnote, I would add that for anyone having persistent boot and stability problems with a PCIe graphics card the first priority is to install a PSU of at least 500W, irrespective of a lower wattage requirement being stated in the the card's specification.
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on 1 August 2013
I had my doubts about this product because of the price and some poor reviews. But I decided to take the plunge and am glad I did. The unit is robust and the wiring of good quality. Before removing the old power unit, I took digital photographs of where the connections were made. However, because the connectors supplied are clearly marked there was no problem with installation. So far the unit has been working very well and the fan is doing its job...even in this rare hot spell of weather we've been having. I highly recommend this product and would just add always go for the 500watt (not 250) as this can handle high computer usage.
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on 8 January 2014
Well, it's not a serial enabler.
Please be aware there is only ONE SATA power connector supplied - as advertised - so you will need to order additional Molex to SATA lead(s) if needs be. I've ordered 2X Cable-Tex MOLEX to twin 2 Sata Power Adaptor Lead / Convertor Cable. I have 3 SATA devices in the tower, about to fit a 4th, but was able to get 2 of them going as I'd retained an adapter cable from the original defunct PSU. I await their delivery.
It was easy to fit, as it was (within a millimetre or so) the same overall size as the original unit. Once in place, it worked first time. It's a lot quieter than its predecessor, the main source of noise irritation now being the fan on the CPU heatsink.
I'd fitted a new graphics card Asus GeForce GT 610 Silent Nvidia Graphics Card (2GB DDR3, PCI Express 2.0, HDMI, DVI-I, VGA, Low Profile Design, 0dB Silent Cooling) about 3 months before said PSU's recent demise as I needed the HDMI connection, so any extra loading caused by said card may have been a contributory factor.
Original PSU was rated at 300W max, & although much lighter in weight, this one is rated at 500W max.
It's been going for just over a day so far (fingers crossed), so only 3 stars for now.
I'll keep you posted!
So far so good. SATA power lead fitted & working. PSU still OK hence the uppance to 4*.
Had lots of trouble over keyboard, though. Bloody Bill Gates!
15/1/14 PSU still OK...
20/1/14 PSU still OK, but its noise has gone up a bit. It has been working quite hard, though.
02/02/14 Still going. Getting BT infinity tomorrow, so here's hoping!
20/02/14 Going fine(noisy though)& so is the now very much faster broadband!
16/03/14 Still working, hence the upping to 5*
12/08/14 Whoopeee! OK!
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on 28 December 2012
Only 2 molex P connections (e.g cd/dvd rom drive, IDE hard drive). I had 2 roms and 2 hard drives and a fan that each require a molex P. So short of connections I contemplated wasting even more of my time by ordering splitters. But I read on a site adding splitters increases the electrical demand on some wires or some trash. Anyway, I guess this is the PSU you want if you dont use the old IDE hard drives, but if you do, buy another with more molex and take the chance with several splitters.
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