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4.8 out of 5 stars133
4.8 out of 5 stars
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52 of 53 people found the following review helpful
on 12 February 2004
"Clue" is based on the now infamous board game of the same name. However, here in the UK of course, it is more famously known as "Cluedo".
You may not have heard of a film based on a board game before, indeed I certainly haven't. However, this film contains far more to it then some un-original characters and a famous "sponser".
The film is extremely under-rated, but for me is a perfect blend of physical comedy and witty dialogue. The interatcion between the large cast of suspects and the butler (played by the fantastic Tim Curry) is fast, furious and puts many other dialogue-driven comedies to shame. But there are also some fantastic slapstick scenes, and even some tension thrown in for good measure. The film gathers momentum from the very start, getting faster and faster until the butler then frantically reveals who-did-it.
Then the film plays it's (unique?) trump card: It has three different endings. When shown in U.S. Cinemas, each theatre had a different ending. However, because of the luxuries of DVD, we have it even better. You are able to choose one of the three endings to be chosen, at random, when you view it. Because of the never-ending barrage of jokes in this film, you can re-watch it many many times, still enjoying it - and then get a different ending into the bargain!
The TV and VHS version of the film had to include all three endings in one, and this version is incuded in the DVD as well. In fact, the way the three are linked together in this version is a funny joke in itself.
Sadly, presumably because the film had to suit the multiple endings, not many facts could be revealed during the film - so you may get a little thwarted at the endings, when they reveal their secrets that you really couldn't have guessed at all from the main feature, and it may take several views of the ending(s) to really understand how it resolves. However, let's face it - you are likely to be watching the film for the comedy, and all three endings have plenty of that as well.
Sadly, the entire content of Special Features on this DVD consists of one trailer. Shame, since I expect there were many tales to be told from the produces about the multiple endings.
Overall, It's fast, atmospheric, witty and very very funny. This one is a bargain - you can watch over and over again, and still find much to keep you ammused. Highly Recommended.
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on 1 May 2006
I was less than enthusiastic when the DVD version of this film was produced by my young charges while I was babysitting recently.

Ordinarily, a film based on a popular board game would not sound the most exciting of prospects, indeed it is the type of film that most sane people over the age of nine would go out of their way to avoid. However, when I discovered that it stars both Tim Curry AND Christopher Lloyd (both veritable kings of cult cinema) as well as that bloke who played the principal in the 90s TV series version of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch", I decided to give it a chance.

Am I glad that I did!

The film takes a playful approach to its subject matter and, as mentioned by several reviewers on here, the script sparkles with a disproportionate number of highly quotable, expertly delivered one liners. The acting is excellent throughout, with Tim Curry's breathlessly energetic portrayal of Wadsworth, the stereotypical butler, being especially memorable.

The children, who had seen it before, enjoyed this almost as much as I did and were acting it out for the rest of the day.

The filming of three separate endings was an ingenious idea and it is worthwhile purchasing the DVD release version simply for the ability to choose to watch all three together, or to simply have one of them appear randomly at the end. The only small problem that I have with this is that there are not more special features included.

However, this is the best version I have so far been able to find of this a truely excellent movie that thoroughly deserves the cult following it has gathered over the years.

A classic!
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44 of 47 people found the following review helpful
on 27 May 2006
...too late! What a brilliant film! I've been watching it since I was about 7, and it gets funnier every year (as I was growing up, I wa able to understand more every time I watched it). It's a classic that no-one seems to know about.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 August 2012
Once I saw on that this disc was region free I had to order it. I've always loved this film. I think it's extremely funny and very clever in places and manages to capture the 'feel' of Cluedo (as it is in the UK).
The blu-ray doesn't really have much in the way of extras: a trailer and the option to view the alternate endings separately.
Main audio is an English Mono DTS-HD Master which is actually very effective for a mono track.
There is the option to watch the film with all three endings (as the DVD did) or to watch with ONE ending randomised as it was in the cinema.
I'm really pleased with the picture. It's miles above the DVD quality and the majority of the time it looks amazing. There are one or two scenes where a certain amount of grain emerges; but I personally feel this adds to the atmosphere of the film. Definitely worth the upgrade from DVD and Region Free for all UK buyers. I bought mine directly from as it was cheaper than sellers on here.
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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 1 January 2006
Based on the popular board game "Clue" various people are invited to a mysterious old house. Similar to the movies "Then There Were None" and "Murder by Death" they must ban together to find out who killed Mr. Body and why. Every guest of course carries their won secret; the secrets get reviled at strategic moments.
The movie is peppered with one liners and double entendres. Wadsworth (Tim Curry) holds it together.
Wadsworth: Professor Plum, you were once a professor of psychiatry specializing in helping paranoid and homicidal lunatics suffering from delusions of grandeur.
Professor Plum: Yes, but now I work for the United Nations.

Wadsworth: Then your work has not changed.
In the theater you got one of three endings they are all on the DVD so you will not have to buy three DVD's
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 16 September 2007
At time of writing this review, this DVD is an amazing £2.99!!! I simply urge anyone who enjoys a laugh to buy this superbly observed film.
If you haven't seen it - I shall not spoil it but restrict myself to saying it is loosely based on Cluedo. It is almost a farce in terms of genre, but that would belie the sheer brilliance of the acting (a host of stars and Tim Curry as ever steals the show) and the magnificence of the script... I am running out of superlatives.
Buy it, buy it, buy it!!!
If you have seen it, surely this belongs in your collection, and at this price it is UNMISSABLE.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 23 February 2009
This is just so funny. A great cast hamming it up for all they are worth, with Tim Curry going the whole hog, geddit?? The action is fast and furious and, like another reviewer, I have watched this film over and over and keep finding new elements to laugh at and enjoy. Colleen Camp stands out (in more ways than one) as the French maid (which really got my attention as a young lusty male. I loved the continual usage of the "To cut a long story short . . . " "Too late!" idea and the triple endings were just so hilarious. This, I feel, is a much overlooked classic of 80's comedy and I seriously recommend it to anyone who likes murder mysteries and comedies. Truly the best of both!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 10 April 2013
I love this film for sentimental reasons (watched it as kid many a happy time) and because it's fricking awesome. It's cluedo come to life and I don't care that I know who done it, I still re-watch it for the great performances from all the actors, especially Tim Curry and his amazing facial expressions and wit. 'I buttle sir'. It's slap-stick but not ridiculous and has dare I say, a more mature quality about its nonsense? I love the fact it's a snazzy dinner party in a snazzy old mansion, with pompous characters and secret passageways. I love re-watching it and catching all the little things thrown in that make it perfect. I challenge you not to enjoy watching this.
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21 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on 8 July 2003
To me this is the greatest, Its the only film I have watched more than twenty times and at every viewing I am still rolling with laughter - and how could you not - the cast is fantastic, each giving a hilarious performance especially the ever funny Madeline Kahn (Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstien), Tim Curry (Rocky Horror Picture Show), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) and Michael McKean (Spinal Tap).
Based on the board game Cluedo the six characters meet for a dinner party and guess what? - SOMEONE IS MURDERED!!!! (Shock horror) This film has something for everyone from side splitting slapstick to one liners that run thick and fast (aswell as one of the accents) as the top cast and the audience try to learn who did it,and where and with what?
There is not one part of this film that I dont like. From Tim Curry's first...em...step to the three alternate endings you will laugh untill your face is sore. Who would have thought that mass murder could be so funny. Excellent every time.
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11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on 27 June 2003
This classic comedy features the brilliant talents of Tim Curry (Rocky Horror Picture Show) and Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future, Star Trek III), and is based upon a classic whodunnit board game.
The film itself is a wonderfully funny whodunnit romp, with a group of dinner guests meeting for the first time, and then getting embroiled with fast paced murder plots and dead bodies. The film has a great atmosphere and is superbly directed, and totally engaging.
The DVD also features three different endings that each offer a different result as to who actually did do it. In all, a wonderfully funny farce, and a must for any Tim Curry fan!
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