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4.4 out of 5 stars84
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 15 June 2006
I love this book, I've been struggling with conjugation in french for what feels like years. I recently realised that this was my biggest problem at school, because at the time, I really didn't understand why I wasn't getting it.

When you first open the book, it can be confusing for the beginner (I've been trying to learn french on and off for quite some time but I still consider myself a beginner). However, going through it initially page by page, it becomes really simple. The instructions are all in there for the different tables and this guides you in how to use the book. There is also a helpful french to english index section at the back of the book, though not comprehensive.

I cannot recommend this highly enough, it's just perfect to use in conjunction with whatever form of lessons you are taking (tutor, audio etc). In respect of this, you will find it useful for constant reference in finding the right forms for your sentences. Using this book has given me a clearer understanding of French grammer which is all important when learning another language.

Another note, is that the book is small and light enough to carry with you everywhere, not pocket small, but still a great size.
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on 11 March 2005
I have the French edition of this wonderful book. When I was at school the head of languages brought a crateful back from France for us. It is very easy to use, even for language beginners. No more problems conjugating your verbs with this little book! And the best thing is that it is set out clearly so it is easy to understand. (If anyone can tell me the German equivalent of this book I would be most grateful.) I cannot believe the price either; I paid £10 for mine nearly 20 years ago! I you want to learn or improve your French then please buy one, you will be doing yourself a big favour.
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on 10 October 2004
I work in BNP Paribas, which for those who dont know is one of the largest banks not only in France, but in Europe and the world.
I am trying to pickup French where I left it off after school and I do not just recommend, but I know that this book is something one needs whether he is a student or if is your native tongue. I bought an English edition, but I know some French people in the bank who have the french edition as they also sometimes have doubts about conjugations. This book is absolutely worth £7 and more. It will be the reference guide you use most while learning french, just like the dictionary.
Also this book has a reputation. This publication has been reprinted for years. One French person in a senior position noticed my book and immediately recognised it. He has one and been using it for years. So there should be no doubt in your mind whether you need this book or not.
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on 21 September 2000
This well presented book, in English edition, is the book you will find in every French houshold. There they use it to help conjugate the thousands of irregular French verbs, in all their tenses, for their childrens' school work and for use in everyday speech. Here, for anyone learning French, grammar is a top priority and this book's simple format with each verb set out on it's own page with conjugations for every tense you will ever need (and probably some you won't too!) takes out all the effort. No more darting backwards and forwards in a dictionary working out whether it's an 'er','ir','re' or an irregular verb. It's all done for you. Indispensible!
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on 9 July 2010
Well. Its definitely a complete dictionary of conjugating probably - all - the French verbs under the Sun.

While looking to buy this book, I was bit taken in by the number in its title - 12000, and I expected a big fat book to arrive, listing conjugations for each French verb. Instead, what came was a real slim thing, all in about 174 pages.

This book is more like a map for each class of French verb - the regular -ER, -IR and -RE verbs, and also each class of irregular verbs, all conjugated with a single verb example in each category. For example, to conjugate -ER class of regular verbs, conjugation with 'aimer' is depicted as model. Thus, if you have to conjugate 'parler', you go to the back of the book in verb dictionary, look up for 'parler', and it refers you back to the 'aimer' page. Thus, you know that 'parler' will be conjugated just like 'aimer'. Well, not too complicated at all.

Followed by all verb conjugation models, there is a comprehensive dictionary section of all the verbs, with their meanings (important/ verbs are marked in bold), and they refer to particular verb class (whose full conjugations are shown - as per my above para), and then you can work out the conjugation for yourself. Thus, it helps to understand how each verb will be conjugated.

Well this book is more like a collector's item for reference for the rest of your French speaking life, rather than for a novice. If you have interest in deep diving in French, I recommend this, else stay away.

Manish G
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on 5 June 2009
My Fiancé had the French version for school when he was younger, his mom gave it to me as I have moved to France and am studying French...I was finding it very hard until I got hold of this book. Now my vocabulary and Grammer is much better! (Its true all French children use these books)
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on 24 October 2014
Excellent- far more useful than a thick textbook conjugating a list of verbs- this book shows you the patterns of how to conjugate and so this is how one can conjugate so many verbs in a thin volume like this. To conjugate a verb (it can be confusing at first) look it up in the index toward the back half of the book- there will be a number to the right. This is not a page number but the number in the book that groups all verbs like it together- for example all regular -er verbs are number 6 and the page with number 6 will show you how to conjugate this type. All verbs with a number 47 are conjugated the same and the page with the number 47 will show you how and give an example. Hard to explain but once one works it out it proves an invaluable tool for learning French conjugation.
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on 11 February 2010
I have just started to learn french (yes I'm a grown up and only studied German at school) and conjagating verbs is the major minefield to navigate. Conjagating verbs correctly really makes the difference between good and bad french!

Bescherelle really is an essential reference book; yes buy a good quality dictionary (not a beginners - it just gets frustrating when you can't find what your looking for). Secondly, buy your Bescherelle. I'm afraid those irregular verbs just have to be learnt parrot fashion and here they all are too.

It really is the most practical guide to the most commonly used French verbs. The introduction is 'reasonably' logical too. Bonne Chance!
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on 9 February 2014
A thin text, but does what it claims. I bought this along with 501 French Verbs which is much thicker and for me more useful due to its added content. That said if I needed to pack the book I would be packing this Bescherelle as it is compact, hardbound and thin.
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OK, so it is impossible to make a book like this interesting - at least for me. However, I have had this book for about six months, and I still find it's the first book I reach for when I get stuck. 82 verbs are given a whole page, with 16 tenses written out in full - which is plenty. Although the cover says that there are 12,000 verbs, only the 82 verbs are explained in detail, though these are the ones you'll want most frequently. After that you are referred to one conjugated in the same way as the one you are interested in. At first this niggled because I like to see the word on the page, but then the book would be huge if every single verb was written out. Please not that you need to know the French word you are looking for as this isn't a dictionary too, and although the French verb is translated, there isn't a translation the other way. If you want to know what to climb is, you need to look it up in a dictionary first, then look up the word. Also where there is a reflexive and non reflexive form, you may not get both. You'll need a teacher or some form of course as well as this book because where, for example, you get 'je suis monté' (I came up) and 'je les ai monté' (I brought them up), you aren't given both versions, and in fact in this case you are referred to AIMER anyway. I hope I haven't put you off with these little niggles. I do think this is a really excellent book, and as I am learning from Michel Thomas tapes rather than from a teacher (see Michel Thomas Foundation Course: French (Michel Thomas Series)), I found this book brilliant when it came to extending my knowledge or filling in the gaps. You'll also want a good dictionary. I can't recommend Collins Robert French Dictionary: French-English/English-French enough. Though expensive, it's got lots of useful phrases etc and if you are serious about learning French it is a must.
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