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4.6 out of 5 stars176
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 14 February 1999
Namaste, fellow seekers. When one is ready, this book opens the door to discovery of, not only self but, of Christ Consciousness. I have read the book 3 times already, cover to cover. I continuously discover new truths and lessons to guide me on the path to God. It is, truly a book for the lay seeker and the experienced traveler alike. Any devotee, no matter how new, will benefit from this wonderfully enlightening book. Autobiography also shows that true Guru's have a terrific sense of humor as well as true devotion to God and to helping others find their way on the path.
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on 12 September 1998
I spent my freshman year at The College of New Jersey reading Huston Smith's World Religions in an attempt to prove the existence of God, with no success. At the outset of my sophomore year I made a declaration to solve all of Jesus's parables, hoping they can help me. I made this decision with such intensity that I stayed up many long nights analyzing the gospels. The 'next week' I picked up and read Autobiography of a Yogi. I have never read any literature on yoga before in my life and never intented to, so I find it miraculous. The book reveals the true Second Coming of Jesus Christ-the Christ-consiosness (that is why it was first published in a blue cover -1946). The single most important book ever written.
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on 4 February 2002
In the study of comparative religion there has been few classics such as this Autobiography of a Yogi. It is unique in that the Master Paramahansa Yogananda clearly displayed by his life in our modern world during the 20th century, much that he tells us about in this fascinating and informative work.
It not only ties together the many threads of the world's spiritual contributors throughout history, but comes with very new and innovative ideas to challenge any seeker of truth. Helping to show more sense and purpose to the whole picture of a divine plan ongoing. A plan that was never intended to be the monopoly of any one race or religion.
It had the effect of taking my own spiritual search from the level of shallow intellectuality to a meaningful renewal of spiritual experience and life living. Expanding my horizons and awareness to all the joy, peace, love and beauty of life within and without.
The latest editions of this work are essentially the most complete and accurate. As they include the 49th chapter and many other changes made by the author and his appointed editors-in-chief.
I would also recommend reading Yogananda's 3 volumes of collected talks and essays, which will verify the above.
Paramahansa Yogananda is known as the father of Spiritual Yoga in the west, and was a major force for the introduction of Kriya Yoga meditation. And possibly the world's first correspondence course in spirituality & meditation. Because of the master's fluent English, we have a pure work that needed no translation for the world's most popular language. His love and integrity and wisdom pour through each word.
This book will help in addressing many of the misconceptions held by westerners about both Hinduism and Christianity. There is an emphasis in this sacred work on changing oneself first, (while helping others) as our contribution to changing the world to a more civilized and humane community.
Herein are available, many powerful answers long sought by those looking for more meaning and direction to their spiritual and community lives. A real way to peace and Self-Realization. The meaningfulness of our very existence.
The principles in this book, along with the author's powerful still living presence, emit a life changing vitality and inspiration that has already affected millions of lives.
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on 2 April 2005
Paramhansa Yogananda's book is utterly absorbing. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Paramhansa Yogananda has written a book that captivates ones heart - What's written is all possible for both you and me, and truly, truly amazing it is too - if we want it with all our hearts we can have it and inevitably through miriads of incarnations one by one we will.
Enjoy - I don't doubt you will.
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on 23 August 2008
This is the story of one man's training in one of the esoteric Traditions of India. It was Yogananda's task to bring that particular Tradition (spiritual path) to America so that, in the fullness of time, the Wisdom of the East can transform the Activity of the West.

We are used to thinking of Traditions as eternal but in fact they come and go. More accurately, they are obscured from human gaze until humanity has matured enough to utilise them. Although ancient, the Tradition to which Yogananda belonged was withheld from the human sphere until the mid-nineteenth century when it was revived by Yogananda's Guru's Guru's Guru.

The book describes in detail not only the remarkable Being in who's ashram Yogananda was trained but also the others in the lineage. Although the outward appearance of such Beings is unexceptional, they are transformed at the level of consciousness and are capable of feats far beyond that of ordinary mortals. When he died, for example, Yogananda's Guru materialised before him a physical body indistinguishable from the one Yogananda had known - one which he could actually embrace.

At the head of this lineage is Mahavata Babaji - the Deathless Guru. He remains in obscurity in India accessible only to those who are ready. He will remain upon the physical plane until "the end of the Age" which, I guess, in the language of Theosophy, is the end of the current 5th Root Race.

The Tradition which Yogananda brought to America is that of Kriya Yoga. It is billed as a scientific method - with the precision of mathematics - of bringing rapid Enlightenment to the individual who practises it. A correspondence course is available from the Self-Realisation Fellowship in America with application forms on the website at:

In addition to the above, the book contains chapters on Yogananda's meeting with Gandhi, Non-eating and Sleepless Saints and Therese Neumann the Catholic Stigmatist who effectively neither ate nor slept - a remarkable feat before the advent of the Xbox.

Before I read this book I assumed Yogananda was just another Eastern Geezer peddling unassimilable spirituality to an non-critical Western audience. Now I think that assumption was a little hasty. Although his devotion to his Guru is comical to the Western mind and his mode of expression is of a bygone age Yogananda has something to say to those who have an open mind as to the nature of reality. The whole point of the book as far as I'm concerned is to show clearly that the materiality of the West is not the complete picture and that the so called miracles of the East are possible for anyone who is prepared to investigate the phenomenon in a scientific manner. The Eastern Yogi knows that science is not just about the investigation of the physical world and that rational thinking is equally applicable to the investigation of inner phenomena. For a phenomenon to be investigated scientifically it must be repeatable - and that is the explicit promise of Kriya Yoga. Hopefully the correspondence course will open for many the gates of Internal Science which have remained closed for so long and give them their first indications that the claims of the ancient sages is reality based - that scientific rigour and intuitive perception are the two sides of the same coin.

Race you to Enlightenment!
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on 10 October 1998
This book has profoundly changed my Life. Parahamsa Yogananda was a god realised master from India who came to the west with the mission of bringing mankind closer to God. He stresses on the oneness of god and the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of god. The book describes his yearning for god, his meeting with several Sages & Saints of his time in a very inspiring and touching way, and his meeting with his guru Sri Yuketeshwar. It is filled with several miracles that tend to flow from his life into thet of the readers.
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on 31 July 2000
This is essential reading for anyone with an interest in developing their spiritual understanding. However, it is not always an easy book to read, and perseverance is part of the journey. Probably, the most important thing to say about this book, is 'read the footnotes'. These contain more value than the main dialogue for those who truly want to understand.
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on 25 June 1999
Autobiography of a Yogi is the most treasured book one can ever possess.It gladdens and purifies the soul to the deepest core of its being.Coming across this book has been the most wonderful experience of my life.Paramhansa Yoganada has inevitably become an indelible soul ever residing deep in my heart.O how I wish to paint his image in the enless sky so that he becomes a picture for every eye to capture.Its a great blessing to have this book ..........In great reverance I bow to the beloved master.......
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on 14 December 2004
This is not a book for the casual wanderer but one for the walker of the spiritual path who is seeking definitive and Divine direction.
The fact that a person would read a review for this book, is probably evidence enough that they are meant to read it. ;)
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on 11 September 1998
Christianity generally does not provide the tools and techniques for deep meditation (beyond mind and body) even though Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within you. Christianity emphasizes devotional practices such as prayer and service to others. Deep meditation is necessary for "union with God" (yoga). This profound and life-changing book provides an introduction to yoga meditation and leads one to the methods and techniques for the serious seeker. At the same time, Paramahansa Yogananda broadens one's understanding of the life of Jesus Christ and His mission on earth and in every way acknowledges the Messiah. This book is for all spiritual seekers who still find something missing in their life, or those who already know that only God can satisfy their deep longing. One need not even blindly "believe" what is written in this book, but merely practice the methods provided and discover for oneself the truth of these teachings. This book will lead many souls to God. The monks and nuns of Self Realization Fellowship who practice these teachings are proof positive of the truth to be found herein.
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