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4.5 out of 5 stars17
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 24 December 2011
I'll keep this short and sweet. This manga was originally meant to be a present for my sister who is typically into this type of stereotypical genre (you know high school, slice of life, romance etc etc etc). I read a few pages (you know just wanted to see if its any good before i give this to my sister) and eventually the pages turned to chapters and before I knew it I had finished Volume 1 and was starting Volume 2 (I ordered both!). What i had initially thought to be a run-of-the-mill shoujo manga had completely engulfed me into this new world, this is definitely kudos to the mangaka as his story is amazing so far (yes i've already order Volume 3&4). Big thumbs up for Sailor Moon!
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on 2 February 2012
As someone who was too young to buy Sailor Moon when it was first released in English, despite enjoying the anime series, the idea of a rerelease excited me immensely. And I was not disappointed.

Kodansha have done themselves a great service by retaining the Japanese feel and not trying to over-Anglicize or censor the manga, as was done with the original translations.
While the decision to keep in Japanese names, honourifics and pop references may alienate some readers, it actually keeps the manga closer to the feel of the original, a good goal for anyone translating a work into another language, and a goal I think Kodansha reached.
Also, for those not quite so Japan-savvy, they have included a glossary of sorts at the end of the story, explaining some of the more obscure phrases and even how some of the puns which would not make sense in English have been translated.

The dialogue runs smoothly, though the story is a lot faster than I had anticipated, being used to the "filler" of the anime. But the fast pace drew me in, and kept my attention, rather than making me want to skip ahead to get to the next interesting part - it was all interesting!

The art, of course, is beautiful, particularly the brightly-coloured pages at the beginning of the book, which have been rendered beautifully.

I would reccomend anyone to pick this up and give it a go. The story of Sailor Moon is both a timeless romance and a decent action. I would suggest, however, not to allow young children to read it, as despite the pretty cover there are some dark themes throughout the entire series.
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on 7 January 2012
Sailor Moon is by far one of the best shojo mangas in the world. I recall when I was a child running around pretending to be Sailor Moon's sidekick (because I could never amount to Sailor Moon's splendour!), and at that time I had only watched the English anime. The whole concept of Sailor Moon is incredible, one of a kind.

In this volume, Usagi, a normal high school student who is a lazy, gluttonous, crybaby, meets Luna the cat (from the moon!) and transforms into Pretty Guardian (Solider) Sailor Moon! She protects Tokyo from evil enemies who intend to steal the energy from humans and help awaken a mysterious creature who is not yet mentioned. During her battles, she comes across handsome thief, Tuxedo Mask, who seems to be always helping her in time of need. As it turns out, he may be her enemy. She also meets Ami (Sailor Mercury), Rei (Sailor Mars) and Makoto (Sailor Jupiter). They learn that their mission is to find the Legendary Silver Crystal that the villains (and Tuexedo Mask) are looking for, and to locate the Moon Princess to protect her.

Sailor Moon has touched the imagination of millions, and given so much joy to girl's (and maybe some boys) all over the world! Being 20 years old and reading this manga means nothing to Sailor Moon - the magic still inspires you and reminds you of being a child again. Immerse yourself in this story, I beg of you!

Why are you still reading this? BUY IT!!!
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on 9 November 2011
Sailor Moon was one of the most iconic characters in my childhood.
Just when I thought that the Sailor Moon manga series were hard to find (and if I HAD found them, they would be really expensive to buy due to it being so rare) and are out of print, I was just really happy to see that they are re-printing the manga series again! =D
I can't express how happy I am even more so now that I have been given the chance to collect the Volumes (waiting for when the other Volumes of Sailor Moon are released!).
But in terms of the Amazon services, I would also like to mention that this product came before the expected delivery date and as usual, Amazon has always sent me items that are high quality and in excellent condition. THANKS A BUNCH!
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on 23 December 2011
i was really doubtful about this product, i wasn't sure whether the translation or layout would be good but i was delighted when i recieved it. the translation is very good, it uses the original Japanese names and layout. there is the addition of the first few pages being in colour which is nice. for any sailor moon fans i definably recommend this volume, the manga is so much better the anime, it was a really enjoyable read.
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VINE VOICEon 10 March 2012
Usagi Tsukino is a fourteen year old schoolgirl with poor grades and is a bit of a cry-baby but when she meets the talking cat Luna, she is told that she is destined to be Sailor Moon, a guardian of justice, and must find her fellow guardians so that they can protect their princess and the powerful "Legendary Silver Crystal".

'Sailor Moon' is one of the classics of the shojo genre and is something of a must read for any manga fan. Despite being over twenty years old, the artwork of the series is still good and is quite beautiful in places. The story is reasonably good but I do feel that the pacing of this first volume is somewhat too quick and it could have done with taking some time to develop the characters and setting. The translation is generally good and although there are a few places where the dialog doesn't flow as well as it could, I have seen far worse. The volume also includes translation notes, as well as including some colour pages.

'Sailor Moon' is a good series and although I am not much of a fan of the first story arc it is still entertaining enough to give this first volume four stars.
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on 23 April 2012
The first thing you notice this the gorgeous cover, the second thing you notice is the book is reserved. This is typical Japanese Manga style with the back being the front and the front being the back.

The 20th Anniversary of Naoko Takeuchi's creation Sailor Moon has resulted in the manga being re released and translated into various languages for the whole world to enjoy once again. Possibly bringing back a lot of childhood memories for quite a few people.

These books are a definite must have for any Sailor Moon fan. Although honorifics are used when addressing people by name in the books it has been translated well. I think the publishers tried to stick as close to the original manga as possible and doing so have re produced this beautiful books.

Delivery was prompt and turned up well before it's arrival date. Couldnt be more pleased with it
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on 27 October 2011
I absolutely love Sailor Moon and have read the original manga but to have it with the original names it more amazing. I have always been a Sailor Moon fan and buying this with Codename Sailor V it more than brilliant.

If you love the original Japanese and old American Sailor Moon manga with the English names. These manga books are for you. I admit that they're show at the end a bit of the next volume of this manga but it in Japanese writing so i think it be better to wait for the next volume to read what the Japanese is saying from vol 1.

It great that they're show how the first 4 scouts met and now we have to wait for Venus to come it in vol 2.

I would totally recommend to all Sailor Moon fans and friends. everyone should have a copy of both Sailor Moon and Sailor V mangas
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on 6 July 2013
Very good for any hard core sailor moon fan it is a must have. Very good price considered cheap.
I love the quality it's amazing. Nothing bad to say only praise
Must have, get it now :)
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on 12 July 2013
I'll start off by saying I've never read any Manga before and this was my first. I'm a big fan of the Sailor Moon anime so decided to expand my horizons with the franchise and try the manga. I was a bit confused at first because for those who don't know, manga start from the back page and work their way backwards, which took a while to get used to.

I wont spoil the story line but it was great, it introduced the reader to Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Tuxedo Mask. Cant wait to read Volume 2!!
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