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4.1 out of 5 stars18
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 13 August 2010
I have been writing javascript for many years now and for the first year that jQuery was available, I played around a little bit and said, "Yes that is nice/cool/easier". Then, when I read a colleague's copy of the first edition it all fell into place. This book is an easy to read guide to getting started, as well as a great reference once you are underway and experienced with JQuery. As soon as the second edition came out I bought it. The Labs are very helpful too.
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on 3 July 2011
When I first started looking at jQuery, I debated long and hard between this book and jQuery Cookbook. Eventually, I bought the other one, read it cover to cover and thought I had a grasp on jQuery. Being an insatiable reader, I ended up buying this one as well, and read it through.

It didn't take very long for me to realise that the cookbook hadn't really given me the depth of understanding that I would need to write jQuery code myself. I had a high-level overview, but no real clarity.

By contrast, this book held my hand and took me step by step through the problem, how to solve it, how to do extra things I hadn't thought of and so on. Each new feature was carefully explained, and had a summary box that showed the syntax, along with the parameters passed to each method. I can see that this will be very useful when I want to come back and look up specific methods, without having to re-read all the explanations.

Another of the great features about this book is that the accompanying code isn't just a "download and look at this" set of code, it's a collection of labs, designed to allow you to experiment and see how jQuery handles various things. This is a brilliant way to learn. You have to play with these labs to realise why this is such a clever way of doing it. I haven't seen anyone else present code like this, but I really hope the trend will catch on as it's very, very good.

My knowledge of Javascript is moderate, mainly based on having used other c-style languages. However, this wasn't a problem as very little of the Javascript code was complex enough to require specific Javascript skills. Even a moderate beginner should be able to get going with this book. One of the best things about jQuery is that you don't need to be a Javascript expert to write impressive web pages. I had some really neat things going with very little code, and nothing that the average Javascript programmer couldn't understand (once you've got some experience with the jQuery syntax).

Overall, I'd give this book six stars if Amazon would let me! If you're looking to learn jQuery, then I can thoroughly recommend this book.
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on 10 September 2010
It is a good introduction to jQuery.

Well written and nicely produced. Combined with some online searches should get you up and running with the javascript library in very little time. The Ajax coverage might have been a bit better.

Recommended if you are interested in using jQuery.
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on 24 December 2010
I bought this as a 'primer' for jQuery, and, at first I found it quite hard going. For me the book's style is somewhat too concise in some places, and there seemed to be a lack of emphasis on the important things to note. My lack of experience with javascript was a hindrance, but my knowledge of CSS has proved invaluable.
I have persevered, and I am finding that on re-reading the book, and going through the downloaded stuff more thoroughly, some of the concepts and techniques are beginning to make sense to me, and I am incorporating some jQuery into my web sites!!
I would say, however, that the claim that some readers would be writing plug-ins on the first day is highly unlikely - unless you have some skill and experience with JavaScript.
'jQuery in Action' is out-of-date in one or two places, but that's always likely with any such work.
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on 9 January 2012
I've only read the first five chapters in book, enough for now for what I need to do.

The book is well laid-out book and an easy read. JQuery is difficult to learn because there are so many inter-dependencies among its various features. Consequently it is difficult to find a gentle starting point for the complete beginner; in this regard the authors succeed brilliantly. Some may object to the authors' folksy style, and their gushing praise for all things JQuery, but it improves the book's readability.

The example code (which can be downloaded from the book's website) consists of complete examples to demonstrate the points introduced in each chapter. However, only about half of each chapter's features can be experimented with in this way.

I would suggest working through the various tutorials at the official JQuery site before starting this book. They are not as complete as this book, but the examples supporting them are very well thought out:
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on 21 October 2011
Well a book of a good first three quarters and a poor last bit. I like to read computer books cover to cover like they are novels - bizarre I know. Well although this book is very much a reference book it's almost possible and enjoyable to do this.

The first three quarters is about JQuery core and is very well written. Delves into the detail where necessary and does the reference book thing where appropriate. The second part is about JQuery UI and reads like a badly constructed instruction manual. The author phoned in the performance on this one.

I would imagine that one of the two authors wrote the first half and the second author wrote the poorer second part - frankly letting down his colleague. I'd be astonished if this wasn't the case.
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on 17 September 2010
I already use jQuery regularly but wanted to get an in depth guide to highlight areas of it that I wasn't so familiar with and overall I'm very pleased. I found the style of the book very readable and the first few chapters are a particularly good introduction to both how to use jQuery and why you would want to. Although there is some material in an appendix for people with less experience of JavaScript, I wouldn't particularly recommend this book for those with no experience of it at all. The authors do also assume you have a familiarity with CSS selectors, which I don't particularly, but enough was explained within the text that this did not matter. The emphasis on creating jQuery plugins even very early on in the book is also helpful as I've noticed some people tend to consider this a more advanced topic than it really is.

My copy included a code for several eBook versions, including a kindle compatible .mobi file and a PDF. This is a great idea and really adds extra value to the book.
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on 11 September 2014
I had experimented with jQuery but really wanted to get to know it well. This book helped me do just that.

It is the first book that I have read by these publishers, (Manning), and I am kicking myself that I have not read any of their 'In Action' series sooner.

The book anticipatated almost every question that I had about the jQuery library and answered them clearly. The authors have clearly spent a lot of time listening to their readers and editing the book in response to their feedback.

The book also 'spoke my language' in terms of IT best practice in the real world. I have read many other books where the author seems to be expert in their field but their code examples scream with 'coding horrors'. This book, however, chimed with my own beliefs about how good code should be written. So, that was nice.
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on 8 October 2011
I was new to jQuery and nearly new to JavaScript. From a novice point of view, there is too much detail in the book.
Probably a more advanced jQuey developer would find it great, but I would have liked a few higher level chapter, leaving details (all those jQuery function descriptions) for an apendix.
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on 31 October 2010
This book takes you logically from the basics of JQuery through to advanced stuff like ajax then, in a separate part, the higher level JQuery UI web components.

JQuery is built on top of Javascript and css and this is an ideal book if you have some existing knowledge, although an appendix on Javascript will refresh your memory. There is no css summary so I'd suggest you get a css book as well, e.g. CSS: The Missing Manual (Missing Manuals)

I would not suggest this book for a graphic web designer starting to get into web development but for anyone more advanced in software, whatever language, it would be hard to find a better book than this.
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