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4.1 out of 5 stars16
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 5 December 2008
Perhaps I was spoiled by the Joseph Farrell books 'Reich of the Black Sun' and'Brotherhood of the Bell'. Henry Stevens did a reasonable job with his book on German UFOs, but this comes over almost as an afterthought (which, according to the author, it may actually have been, originally...).

Yes the information is quite interesting, and yes it is often difficult to quote sources. But his typos are too frequent and very annoying, and his written style is almost 'careless'. It comes over as something between a dictionary of German secret technology and a thriller, but does neither of these categories sufficient justice.

If the reader is a beginner in this or wants more or less just the bare bones, this may be a satisfactory read. Otherwise, J.P.Farrell is much better on all counts.
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on 11 November 2008
I hate to disagree with previous reviewers but I found this book to be pretty dreadful.

It is riddled with errors (typos, missing words, nonsense sentences, grammatical errors). Although I didn't count them, I reckon there is an average of one error per page. For me, it meant trying to read the book was irritating.

I have less of a problem with the content although in several places it seems that the author has very little scientific knowledge which makes his explanations poor.

The author also seems to lack any ability to critically appraise any of the "evidence" he presents.

The book would be more credible had it been written by a someone with better scientific knowledge and had a good editor been employed.
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on 15 April 2008
Well what can I say about this book that the previous reviewer has not said already, well a lot of the topics covered are already in the public domain although they are not all in one place so this is a good book for those interested in such things. The author has a bit of a beef with the freedom of information act as well as the US government that anyone who has tried to get anything under the FOI will clearly understand. There are a number of typos in the text but these do not distract from the overall story greatly. Overall this is a good book to start your own research into these topics as there are loads of references to seek out or it just makes very interesting if sometimes controversial, worrying reading. The author has done a great job with the subject and the chapter / subject order works very well. You may not agree with his conclusions but it does beg the question "what was really going on"?
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on 5 June 2014
Puts the public minds into the factual knowledge of how advanced the scientist's, designers and engineer's of this then great country, were light years ahead of any other civilisations on earth. A reason for USA, UK and Russia, to hastily round up these scientist, designers and engineers at the close of the Second World War, as they did, granting them immunity from any war crimes others lost there lives for; in the creation of a smoke screen made to deceive the public as to the true purpose of involvement in this war. A quick look at the designs of these machines leave the reader in no illusion as to why the allies wanted to band together for this war. Not to protect any people, but to advance there own aim's of total control, to become a fourth Reich and dominate the world themselves, for there own interests. Another good read that substantiates this is ' Hitler in Argentina' it will show you without any pretence what really happened to this dictator, a truth really known by these same allies. Do if interested in these deceptions, read this also; it does help fill in the details properly of the true purpose behind much of this deception and unnecessary loss of life.
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on 2 June 2011
If only half the technology depicted in this book actually existed it would still be unbelievable. X-ray lasers in 1944? Ultrasound Containment Fusion in 1950? Despite the typo errors in the text, this is still a must-read for anyone interested in the rewriting of history by the Allies after 1945.Some of the "secret weapons"are more convincing than others;-for instance,the book convinces me that the A10 actually existed and flew.Henry Stevens also addresses how these "quantum leaps"in technology came about, and this is the truly worrying aspect to it all- the technology revealed here was intrinsically linked to the ideology that gave birth to it-buy into the technology and it comes with an ideological cargo. Operation Paperclip,as the Americans found out too late, was the ultimate Trojan Horse!
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on 11 August 2015
Great book with lots of great information. It delves into things that are unusual. Sometimes not deeply enough. There could have been more info on Kammler and die Glocke, for example.
The thing that was not so good is that this book really does need a good editor/proofreader, as there are numerous typos throughout. Considering the price I would expect better quality in regards to at least spelling words and names correctly. For example at times a name is spelt two different ways in the same paragraph.
I still think it was worth buying and reading, but I would like to see the typos fixed by a professional proofreader/editor.
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on 28 May 2011
This is an interesting read; although the author and/or publisher do not have access to either proof readers or spellcheckers, there are numerous spelling errors.

However, the content is interesting and appears to show how advanced German science and engineering was in WW2 and quite why the American led axis was so concerned about this technology and the means of appropriating it.

Overall, then a good read spoilt by lazy grammar and spelling but the content in and of itself is worthy of attention.
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on 19 November 2013
I was interested in one item only of for which the purchase of the book was justified concerning an alternative engineering process.
The rest of the book is of interest but one gets the feeling that it's a personal crusade by the author - rightly or wrongly - against the authorities.
The weight of evidence does confirm that those in high places (both government and industry) control what is allowed to be seen.
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on 24 June 2014
Not sure if the title is a bit misleading as I cant see that Hitler directly had much to do with the development of much of the engineering, but reading between the lines a very interesting read with plenty of documentation for further research.
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on 23 August 2011
This book is interesting but some of the "secret" projects are common knowledge anyway. Also some of it is more like science fiction than fact. Having said that it is a fairly good read
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