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4.5 out of 5 stars23
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 8 June 2013
I had a bad experience with using a whitening toothpaste (Arm & Hammer) for only about a month. I lost some enamel and my teeth had gone grey with some translucency.

Despite having visited a couple of dentists, I wasn't receiving much help. All the dentists said the only way to 'correct' the damage was to have my teeth professionally whitened.

The only person who has suggested that teeth whitening is not a good idea is Dr Ellie. I have bought her book and received a really positive email from her suggesting how could improve the health of my teeth.

I now have a positive remineralisation plan in place, which is based mainly on xylitol gum, fluoride rinses, and change of diet. After only two weeks I can see (albeit minor so far) improvements. My teeth are slightly less grey. As I say, the changes are very small so far, but I am so pleased as I did not expect to see any after so short a time.

I can see now where I had been going wrong in the past which had led me to reach for the whitening toothpaste in the first place. Very importantly, I think, is that Dr Ellie's book and attitude gives you the feeling that you are in control (at least to some extent) of your own teeth and are not reliant on dentists,a number of whom are worse than bad plumbers, who have always got one eye on how much money they can make. Such a relief.

N.B. For those of you who buy the book and then think 'where can I buy these products?', they are all sold individually on amazon. Dr Ellie says that the Closys ph mouthrinse is Retardex in the UK. You can buy spry or miradent xylitol gum (rather than zellies) on amazon. (A word of warning: xylitol does not behave in the same way in your digestive system as sugar, I found that I can only take a very small amount daily before it upsets my stomach.)I have looked at buying the same products from Dr Ellie's own website but the shipping costs are really prohibitive if you are in the UK.

Update 24/07/13: Since publishing this review and following Dr Ellie's regime, a lot of the grey has lifted. Unfortunately, I think this may be in part to the fluoride stripping the enamel, which runs contrary to both her and every other dentist's argument.My top four teeth now have more translucency than they did before I started using the rinses although the colour is much better. Therefore, I am combining Dr Ellie's book (e.g. I still use xylitol gum daily after meals) with Ramiel Nagel's much praised book "Cure Tooth Decay" which takes an anti-fluoride stance and focuses much more on the diet in order to remineralise teeth.

Update December 2014: Teeth look a lot better, although they will never recover the enamel they lost thanks to Arm and Hammer. I think it is the Listerine which was causing the enamel stripping, which I commented upon in my update of 24/07/13 so I use that to disinfect my tooth brushes and not to rinse with. I use the other rinses as Dr Ellie says in her book, and it's working well!
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on 6 January 2013
Ellie Phillips, a dentist trained at a prestigious dental school, explains the slightly unorthodox tooth care routine (elaborate if done fully) she favours after long professional interest in the subject. Because of the limited information dentists give I bought the book despite its off-putting and misleading title. Is her advice based on decent evidence, or is this yet another dubious healthcare book?

Reassuringly, Phillips gives references to scientific sources for many of her claims although I don't have time to check them properly. Her book carries endorsements from people who appear to be experts. To my uninformed eye, most of her book seems to make sense and provide important information new to me.

A few things cause me concern. Briefly she refers positively to a 'holistic medicine' approach. Popular as this is with many people, it is a slippery term generally used to endorse practices not supported by the evidence nowadays expected in medical practice. Doctors have learned the hard way that treatments which seemed self-evidently good were in fact useless or harmful. Much of Dr Phillips' evidence is her own experience with some patients. Such experience is known to be fallible and more rigorous doctors use elaborate research designs to minimise and check for the effects of chance and all-too-natural bias. She is not keen on the fairly popular oral irrigators such as WaterPik, but her view is not based on objective oral health outcomes. To be fair, neither is the supporting evidence and she makes it clear that her personal view is just that.

Dr Phillips is a strong advocate of xylitol, a readily available sugar claimed to have protective properties for teeth and gums. She recommends a routine and makes striking claims (with references) for benefit. Even here there are problems. What is the evidence that swallowing the xylitol rather than bathing the teeth and gums in it does any good? Have possible harmful effects of swallowing been looked for? Although pure xylitol is reasonably cheap and available in supermarkets, products such as sweets and chewing gum incorporating enough xylitol seem worryingly expensive. And it seems she sells them and other recommended products, so she has a commercial interest. Again, to be fair she clearly and repeatedly points out the cheaper alternative which she does not sell.

The book is repetitive and contains quite a lot of blank pages as part of the page count.

If the book is broadly right, as I think it could be, it describes a revolution in dental care.

In summary: thought-provoking, informative, seemingly weak evidence in parts. But how do we know the information in your dentist's office is any better? They don't have time to put their evidence on display for critical examination. As the book points out, The American Dental Association and British Dental Association dental care sites don't mention xylitol. The California Dental Association supports xylitol in its Evidence Based Guidelines for Health Professionals (PDF). I would welcome comments adding other consensus statements by mainstream academic dental experts on the topics the book covers.
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on 21 March 2011
This book contains clear explanations of the research behind its approach, is free from commercial promotion, and has an easy-to-follow regime for improving the health of your mouth.

As Dr Phillips is originally from the UK, though now in the US, her book contains useful alternative recommendations for buyers in the UK and other countries.

An extra star for Dr Ellie's website, with a good blog. And when I emailed with 2 questions I got a very prompt and helpful response. Excellent service!
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on 7 April 2016
I haven't read the book but studied all the available literature and videos about 3 years ago. Since following Ellie Phillips regime( with adaptations) since then I have only had one filling replaced after a tooth broke. It may be useful to list my dental regime over the last two years:

Morning: 1.Mouthwash with Ultradex (currently£5.65 from Weldricks)
2.Brush teeth with Braun electric toothbrush for one and a half minutes using Crest decay prevention toothpaste (about £1)
3.Mouthwash with Listerine advance defence cavity guard mouthwash. (This has Xylitol listed as third ingredient and has far more sodium flouride than Colgate fluorigard so I dispense with the Colgate. The Listerine is often available at Sainsbury's/ Boots at up to a third off,or 3 for 2-about £4)

Evening: 1. Mouthwash with Ultradex.
2. Brush teeth for two minutes.
3.Use Braun electric flosser filled with Listerine (as above) for one and a half minutes.
4.Mouthwash with Listerine.(as above)

I hope this may be of help for thousands of teeth!
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on 20 October 2015
Probably the best book I have ever read. Despite visiting NHS dentist every 6 months for my entire life (57years) I discover from a new dental practice that I have chronic periodontal disease. Why? brush and floss. I came upon this book by pure luck after reading many others and it MADE SENSE. Dry mouth, being a woman of a certain age and definitely acidic mouth due to stress. WHY is this not a question asked by dentists on their little forms? Why are dentists not paid to keep people healthy? I found so many answers in this book to my situation and of course then you can work on a solution. My new dentist has been very good as did his job, diagnosing and monitoring me, but no advice. I had spent a fortune in Boots dental department and hadn't a clue what to buy so bought everything. Now I know and it WORKS!. Although I only have 50% bone left in my entire jaw I still have hope that can keep my teeth. My mouth feels wonderful even in the morning. I do spend a lot on Xylitol and have to ship it in from America. I am very hopeful, why aren't all dentists so sensible.
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on 28 March 2011
In her excellent and readable book Dr Ellie sets out a dental health care routine using products readily available at chemists and healthfood stores. She sumarises current scientific knowledge on dental health and she bases her plan on her own experiences as a dentist for over 40 years and scientific research. In addition she advises on diet, foods that are bad for teeth and foods that protect teeth. Her methodology is backed by 28 pages of citations from research papers.

I do not believe there is another book available that can makes this information available to the lay person. The fact that other dentists and also the Surgeon General of the United States endorse this book should serve as a recommendation.

Dr Ellie makes it clear that dental decay is not inevitable, even in old age, and can be halted with the correct methods. I have started using Dr Ellie's routine and my teeth are already feeling cleaner and stronger. It is too early to tell for sure but I am confident that I have the knowledge to avoid any further cavities and to keep my teeth for the rest of my life.

There is a lot of confusion in the public mind over how to keep their teeth healthy. I am very grateful to Dr Ellie for making this information available to the public. I hope many people buy her book to raise public awareness of the issues she raises.
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on 3 February 2013
This book is a must for everyone who wants to have good oral hygiene. The book discusses bacteria, cleaning toothbrushes, food ph and how to prevent dental problems such as cavities/ gum disease. The book is invaluable and extremely interesting to read. The complete mouth system is amazing if you want to feel really clean teeth and gums. The author who is a Dentist has a facebook and website which is brilliant. Xylitol is also part of the system. Highly recommended.
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on 10 January 2016
I am very passionate about Dr Ellie’s approach! I bought this book in 2012 and I am so happy I did. Her guidance together with food supplements (Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Butter Oil from Green Pastures) which I am equally passionate about, transformed my teeth health. I have always had problematic teeth but after I noticed signs of gum receding over three years ago (I was 34 then), I panicked and started to research online on ways to improve my teeth health. I have been following Dr Ellie's routine and eat the food supplements from Green Pastures (Dr Weston Price) for over three years now and I can happily report that my gums stopped receding, my teeth are stronger and despite having been pregnant and currently breastfeeding I haven’t had any teeth or gum problems since. That is a major deal for someone who needed new fillings on most regular visits to the dentist! So in my experience, Dr Ellie’s approach + food supplements + flossing worked brilliant. If you want to improve your teeth health this book will definitely help!
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on 2 April 2013
I foundthis book very informative and eye opening. An excellent read and helpful in identifying harmful tooth substances and helpful tooth substances.
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on 21 February 2014
Boy do I wish id read this book years ago!!! Very interesting reading. What I like about it also is that when it gives you the list of products to get, it gives you both the American AND UK name for them.
So easy to understand, I would not of had the years of dental problems I've had if Id read this book sooner, but luckily, you can improve your teeth no matter what stage their at using the advice given!!
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