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4.6 out of 5 stars45
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 9 May 2013
Soon after I heard about something called "The Three Principles" which explains how our thought process REALLY work - I got a hold of Jack Pransky's fantastic book "Somebody Should Have Told Us! Simple Truths for Living Well" - and I am SO happy I did. Since then I've read many other books related to how our thought process creates our moment to moment reality, but Jack's book I will for always come back to and read again. Jack writes in a way that really makes it easy to let the flow of words bring calm to your mind, and most importantly, he is showing you they way to the three principles in a way that opens up for INSIGHT. In the book you will find a way to unravel the enigma almost all of us have yet to crack on how our feelings give us crucial information about our thinking that we have misunderstood for so long.
There are many books coming out now that are starting to spread the word about "The Three Principles" and it is fantastic that More People Now Are Telling Us - about the simple truths for living well.
Jack Pransky's book 'Somebody Should Have Told Us' will always be one of my absolute favourites together with the books by Sydney Banks and Elsie Spittle. I warmly recommend it as one of the foundational books to read when you are deepening your understanding on how our thought process works, as unravelled by the late Sydney Banks.
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on 7 September 2014
I am not a self help book reader but I am so glad I found this. I stumbled across Sydney Banks and his three principles through something I saw on Youtube, intrigued I searched and downloaded some samples of books relating to the principles on my kindle and this is the one that grabbed me. I am so grateful it did, there is no magic to the three principles but I defy anyone to say they do not ring true. They are common sense through and through and yet why do we not realise them by ourselves? Simply put we are creatures of thought, consciousness and mind and with these 3 things we create our total experience of the world. We create our lives and our experience of living not only through the thoughts we think but more importantly through the weight and attention we give to those thoughts. We decide whether we listen to our thoughts or not, we can choose to follow our thoughts, to laugh at them or take them seriously, or just allow them to flow through us. Once we discover we don't need to take our thoughts so seriously what is left is purely and simply peace of mind. The sun is shining inside us all, our thoughts and our thoughts about those thoughts create the clouds and storms that hide it from us. Jack Pransky explains all this much better than I ever could with warmth, humour and illustrated with stories from his own life as well as people he has met through the 3 Principles workshops he has lead. Somebody should have told us is not heavy going at all, anyone can grasp and follow the 3 principles and as you do they will not fail to change your life for the better. Doctors should be giving this book out on prescription, there are so many people it could cure. The remedy is inside us all and it is a painless, simple and permanent cure. This is a book I will be giving to my children when they become adults, it holds the key to living well and that is all I could wish for them.
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on 17 May 2013
This book is one of the most important books I have ever read, and probably ever will read. And I will never tire of re-reading it!
Jack's lovingly written and clearly focused book was recommended to me by someone I trust implicitly as the best introduction to something that I was learning for the first time - that we create our reality from the inside-out. Without Jack's book and teachings to show me what this truly meant for my life (for anyone's life) I would have made a slower journey to the freedom that I now enjoy in my life.
Understanding that your life IS your thinking can be strange to start with, which is why it is so important to learn from someone who epitomises this understanding in his own way of life.
Somebody Should Have Told Us! exudes wisdom and authenticity. The truth has never been easier to hear (read)!
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on 11 September 2013
This book should be on the curriculum for all schools. If everyone used these understandings, there would be no more war or conflict and everyone would be more compassionate, wise and healthy.

This is the only self help book you will ever need. The Principles outlined in this book changed the worst US housing project from a crime ridden haven for drug gangs, where prostitution was happening openly and the police were fearful of going into because they would have rocks thrown at them, into a haven of peace, where all the children went to school where previously very few of them did; where the mothers realised they needed to stop taking drugs and drinking and take care of their children properly. The mothers, who had mostly been on welfare got either jobs or training or both; crime became a rarity, the drug gangs and prostitution stopped and the project became a true community, where people cared about each other where before they had feuds and fights with each other. (See Mordello - A Story of Hope for the Inner City and Beyond by Jack Pransky).

My whole perception has changed about how the world is and my relationship to it. I kept getting "Wow" moments as I started to understand the Principles about which this book is written. My life will never be the same again.

I have read many self help books over the last 25 years, listened to CDs, done affirmations but none of it worked. These understandings are the answer. There are no exercises, no techniques, no affirmations, no goal setting, no meditations.

The best and easiest way to change your thinking so that your whole life is better, work, relationships, money, health and relationship to self.
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on 18 June 2013
This book helps you understand that the chaos we call life can run with us on an infinite number of levels.. which level you travel on is "really" up to you... what experience you have is manifested by the thoughts you have, your the artist, the picture is uniquely yours..... you "always" have an option to change the picture... we all do.
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on 15 May 2013
This is probably one of the most important books that I have read. Jack Pransky shares his deep understanding and wisdom of the 3 Principles in this wonderful book. Full of real life situations and explanations that helped me to understand how I was creating my own experience of life, as opposed to life happening to me. If you are wanting to increase your own peace of mind and sense of wellbeing, and give your life a natural direction and purpose, I strongly recommend reading Somebody Should Have Told Us.
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on 5 July 2013
For anyone who has struggled with self confidence issues this book is a godsend. It shows you in an easy to read way that the world that can seem so scary and threatening is actually yours to control, just by accepting the fundamental truth of 3 simple principles.

If you've ever wanted to change but found it difficult, I'd recommend this book.
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on 21 August 2011
This book has the power to change the way you respond to your thoughts. Our thoughts are responsible for our feelings which in turn affect our behaviour. Reading the contents of the book is very easy - the stories inside make it easy to understand and digest. However, to be able to apply what the author says you may need to read it again and again.
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on 15 June 2012
I have bought this book for a number of people now. It is my 'go to' book for this understanding, which points you to your true self. I even gave the book to a stranger once who was having a particularly difficult time. A few months later, she got in contact with me to tell me that she had finally read the book and that it had helped her immensely. In fact, she had just discovered that she had cancer, but even that now seemed to be less of an issue for her because she 'heard' the message in this book. Powerful...!
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on 8 July 2013
This is another book based on the revelations of Sydney Banks. The Three Principles are revealed through the stories Jack Pransky relates with humility and humour about himself and his patients.
Sydney Banks was an ordinary welder, working in a shipyard, when he was suddenly 'struck by the light'. The Three Principles are in line with mystical teaching down the ages, brought to us in a format which is simple to understand by everyone. They have spread into a movement which has now helped thousands of people, including the disadvantaged and prisoners.
As a seeker, I have read many similar books, but have not managed to get hold of copies of any of Sydney Banks's own books. Please Amazon, put them on Kindle!
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