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3.1 out of 5 stars124
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 2 August 2014
Remember The Time reads like a book that was written by formula. The material has been chosen and fashioned to sell books. It is presented to co-opt Michael Jackson fans, omitting coverage that would cause distress. Is that a bad thing? No, if it is honest rather than just manipulative and calculating. As someone else who has posted a review questioned, why is there not a single person who was affiliated with MJ who has endorsed or supported this book or even published a positive review using his/her name? No family member of MJ, no colleague, no relative, no collaborator, no friend, no associate, no employee has come forth to validate this book in any way. The only credible individual who has made a public statement about this book is the third bodyguard from the Las Vegas security group. Mike Garcia, who worked side-by-side with Whitfield and Beard, distanced himself from them early on, denied any connection to their book, and criticized their motives as greed and exploitation. According to Garcia, his two colleagues have "disrespected" Michael Jackson. However, they have seemingly done that in such a way as to ingratiate themselves with some MJ fans who are hungry to read something positive about him. Bottom line, by exposing MJ's private life and paradoxical details of his financial difficulties, they have provided roughage for the tabloids and the haters for months and years to come.
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on 9 October 2014
A lightweight book-it should be free
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on 20 July 2015
Across nearly 18 months, there has not been a single individual who knew Michael Jackson that has endorsed or verified this book in any part. It has no credibility -- written by renegade employees who misrepresent their affiliation with MJ. Exaggerations, inaccuracies, misleading references, incorrect dates, sloppy writing -- this book has it all!
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on 21 July 2014
This is a brief list of some of the weaknesses in Remember The Time;
1) profane and vulgar language throughout
2) intermittent patronizing attitude of the bodyguards toward MJ
3) boastful quality of the BGs' stories
4) inaccurate information [examples are cited in other reviews on Amazon]
5) ambiguity regarding MJ's death and the time preceding it
6) ending of the book seems to be incomplete and without closure
7) exaggerations of the bodyguards (elevating themselves to the level of his assistants & friends)
8) the men who were hired to keep MJ's life private have revealed his privacies to the world
9) idiosyncratic presentation of MJ's financial affairs
10) attempts to present themselves as "MJ's last bodyguards" in their title and advertising

It seems that these men may have been more a part of MJ's problem than his solution.
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on 9 July 2014
This book is the model for false advertising. These bodyguards advertise themselves as serving Michael Jackson "in his final days," where as they had no contact with him for 8 months before his death! How can the publisher and Amazon allow this totally misleading title? It is a lie. In their advertising, they boldly proclaim that they are "the only ones" of 60 million MJ fans who "really know what happened to him," whereas they know nothing more than you and I, since they were in a different state and knew just what they got from the media. There strong public support of Conrad Murray also indicates that they knew little about the cause of MJ's death. They proclaimed Murray "innocent" on national TV and insisted that he should not go to jail [of course the judge and jury disagreed and convicted Murray]. They claim to be MJ's best friends. Please....Elizabeth Taylor, Miko Brando, a number of individuals in the music industry, at the very least, would have been MJ's best friends rather than these guys who were with MJ for maybe 20 months. Another untruth: they refer to their time with MJ as a span of 2-1/2 years- not so. The best friends assertion is both arrogance and lying. These bodyguards have been billed as MJ's last bodyguards- untrue of course. MJ had many bodyguards after he left Vegas for LA in the fall of 2008- again 8 months before his death. They also claim they were going to London to work for MJ. That simply can't be true because many witnesses at the AEG trial testified under oath that AEG was in control of hiring for MJ. AEG did not know these guys, as Whitfield and Beard acknowledge in the book. AEG wanted to control MJ and ensure that he appeared at rehearsals and would appear at his London show; they hired their own people to carry out their goals. These guys would not have been hired for one day! The third bodyguard on the Vegas security team has disavowed this book and referred to it as "fiction" on his Facebook page. There is more but I will stop here so that more people are apt to read this review. "Remember the Time" appears to be more fiction than non-fiction and should possibly be reclassified. One star.
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on 12 July 2014
MJ Fans! Take comfort....
This book emphasizes the half-empty side of Michael Jackson's life in 2007-08, and it cannot be trusted as a truthful or accurate account. There is no corroboration readily available for most of the stories that they present now that MJ is no longer with us.
MJ fans should take heart by realizing that these bodyguards' goal is to sell books. They were generally not exposed to the half-full side of MJ's daily life because they were not even allowed in MJ's home except with special permission for a special reason. They were assigned to MJ's security trailer. They were with the trailer -- not with MJ -- "on a 24/7 basis."
The descriptions and advertising of their book are misleading and inaccurate. They were not with MJ during his "This Is It" preparations. They were not with him in California at all.
“We were the sworn keepers of his [MJ's] secrets in life,” they state, but now they have violated that trust. Don't believe everything you read, especially from the two men who were shamefully opportunistic by publicly advocating for Conrad Murray, the doctor who was convicted of killing Michael Jackson their employer. There is no doubt a reason why they barely cover Murray in their book even though he is the #1 major player in MJ's "final days" and he started working for MJ at the beginning of their watch.
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on 16 July 2014
In Remember the Time, the two bodyguards have lost their credibility:
They used a very misleading, incorrect title – they were NOT with MJ “in his final days.”
They misrepresented themselves in their advertising and their book's description on Amazon & elsewhere. For example, they are NOT the “only men among 60 million fans who know what really happened to MJ." They don't know at all!
They lied about their public disclosures about MJ in the book to make themselves look like they betrayed him only a couple of times: they claim to have disclosed “only twice before” – on television in March 2010. In fact, however, they both also went public on TV in 2011 when they gave strong support to Conrad Murray -- declaring him "innocent" -- during his criminal trial for causing MJ 's death. They are trying to hide this fact, by lying, for obvious reasons. The vast majority of MJ fans would vehemently disagree with their advocacy of Murray.
What can be believed in this book when (1) the title, (2) the advertising, (3) the book's description, and (4) the self-description by the authors are lies?
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on 29 January 2015
Total fabrication.
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on 14 August 2014
Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard promised on television in 2010 that they would take "the high road" in their prospective book about Michael Jackson.

Whitfield promised on FB that he would obtain Katherine Jackson's approval before ever publishing a book about her son. Whitfield also promised to donate a significant portion of the proceeds of the book to a number of charities.

None of these promises was kept. MJ fans must have short memories to overlook all of the problems with this book, including the broken promises and the prevarications. They have also seemingly overlooked or forgotten that these two men were vocal advocates for Conrad Murray and that they proclaimed his innocence in the death of MJ on national television while the jury was deliberating the manslaughter case against Murray.

Pretending to have protected MJ "in his final days" is just another "low road" example.
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on 20 July 2014
It’s easy to understand why this misleading, third-rate book about Michael Jackson hasn't been endorsed by ANY of his friends, family members, creative collaborators or professional associates. If those that knew Michael personally learned of the many distortions in “Remember the Time," It's likely that they would strongly object to its publication.

These bodyguards’ account of their interactions with Michael and his children comes across as both grandiose and egotistical. They spend way too much time boasting about how important they are, having worked for the world’s most famous person. Bill Whitfield arrogantly refers to himself as the “gatekeeper for the King of Pop," and both he and Javon Beard clearly want to make the story all about them. You can tell that they're loving the attention.

A number of glaring inaccuracies with respect to dates and locations point to shoddy research and questionable -- if not fabricated -- sources. To correct the authors: Michael did NOT leave Neverland for Bahrain on June 19th of 2005. Also, Michael did NOT live on a horse farm in Virginia for five months in 2007. Finally, these bodyguards did NOT protect Michael in his “final days.” In fact, they had virtually no contact with him for all of 2009.

I felt that several passages in the book were very disrespectful to Michael's memory. One such passage, discussing the bodyguards' impressions of Michael's favorite foods, included Whitfield's off-putting remark that, "This man is black, ghetto, and hood." Also, when discussing the circumstances surrounding Michael’s death, Whitfield goes off on a tangent and seems to suggest that there is a possibility that he may have committed suicide. On page 302, he is quoted as saying, “Part of me honestly believes that he didn't die. He left. I'm leaving this place. I'm leaving this sh*t, this life. I'm out." This is absurd. Who is he to speculate like this? And finally, I found the excessive profanity throughout this book to be disconcerting and completely unnecessary (more than 115 curse words were noted). Michael's fans deserve better...

You can add these two dimwit bodyguards to the long list of characters that wandered into Michael Jackson’s life, stayed long enough to earn his trust, betrayed it, and then sold their embellished story to the highest bidder.
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