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2.9 out of 5 stars23
2.9 out of 5 stars
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on 15 May 2013
You know when you have read a good book because all the way through you are hoping it is going to last forever.
You also know that it is a good book because when you are not reading it, you can't stop thinking about it and can't wait to pick it up again, but all the time desperate to savour it and keep it going as long as possible!
This is one of those books.
I love reading history books, particularly about Richard III, both factual and historical fiction.
This book is perfect because it brings the characters and the settings so vividly to life.
For example, I have visited Bosworth Battlefield twice in the past and can honestly say I learnt so much more about that particular battle from this book than both those visits!
I can't begin to imagine the hours and hours of research which the author must have done to get the facts and information to write this book.
There is no unnecessary padding out, just a brilliant story, brilliantly put.
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on 5 May 2013
Might I say firstly that I was very much impressed by Richard Mark Hogg's (surely a nom de plume) historical knowledge, depth of research and an enviable grasp of topography and location in his scene setting. The battle scenes are extremely well done and he has avoided, as he states in his preface, the trap of writing a love based novel. Some readers may not be too keen on his portrayal of Richard as a quite ruthless individual but all the characters, including Francis Lovel, display the same ruthless streak.

The reason I have only been able to award three stars is due to the lack of editing which allows a constant repetition of certain words and phrases which rapidly become annoying and detracts from the flow of the narrative. The amount of times 'Francis smiled', 'smiled again' and 'couldn't help smiling' is quite unbelievable...sometimes two or three times a page.

This is regrettable because this could have been a much better finished product and I would loved to have been able to justifiably have given it a higher rating. With the greatest respect I hope the author learns from this and continues to write because so much of the work is commendable and I wish Richard Mark Hogg all the best with any future endeavours.
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on 21 June 2013
From the outset I found this to be a most interesting and informative account of the War of the Roses which is very well written The amount of background detail relating to the various individuals, the different locations and the progress of the battles shows the authors painstaking research and eye for detail which means this book really must have been a labour of love. I found that the authors decision to write this book from the viewpoint of Francis Lovel was inspirational and I quickly felt an affinity with this character. The easy style of writing left me on edge wanting to know what was going to happen next thus setting this book, in my opinion, apart from the usual history publications. This book has rekindled my interest in the War of the Roses and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who shares a passion for this period of English History.
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on 27 July 2013
In the light of a couple of recent reviews I felt compelled to write a few words about myself and my book. Please note that I have given the Book 3 stars so that this review does not affect the overall rating of the Book as it now stands. Unfortunately once I had completed the Book I found it impossible to get an agent/publisher (if there are any such people out there who are interested in taking me on please get in touch), as such as I was desperate to see the Book in print I paid to have it self published through new generation publishing. Sadly I could only afford the very basic package (no editing), hence the Book does contain a number of errors in Grammar/punctuation and spelling. I thought that the first review was extremely fair in this respect, in that it highlighted such issues. That said for someone to say that the Book is 'unreadable' due to poor Grammar etc is in mine and a number of other peoples opinions hard to accept. I just hope that that review, which is clearly aimed towards my Mother, who did the proof reading etc and whom I credit for this in the Book, was left for the right reasons. I hoped that the reviewer would have replied to my post asking for specifics, unfortunately they did not. As for the final review, this is a review about the Title and not the Book. Its author (who appears to be a historical novelist herself) does not appear to have even read the Book and merely refers to the Title, which she says is a mistranslation. As I replied to her in my comment, again there has been no reply. It is not a mistranslation it is a play on Richard IIIrds motto as it relates to Francis Lovel i.e 'Loyalty in me (Francis Lovel) Lyeth.
I must however apologise to those of you who have purchased the Book for errors in it and I truly hope that they do not detract too much from what is a fascinating story. I am especially sorry for the number of errors in the Authors note which can be found at the start of the Book. This was written by me (not edited) in haste as it needed to be at the publishers very quickly, whilst I was recovering from surgery and was under the influence of a number of drugs. Hence if I could rewrite it I would.
I thank you for reading this review and for looking at my Book,
Kind regards
Richard M Hogg.
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on 28 December 2013
I can not think why editors would not publish this book! Yes, there are spelling errors-and many of them-but surely that is why we have proof readers! I had previously read many history books and recently one mentioned Francis Lovel therefore I was very pleased when I stumbled upon this one. Very well written if you can get past the spelling errors-how many of us do not make mistakes??? There are no romantic overtones to mess the story up either although I understand Francis did have a long standing relationship with a lady-not his wife. His description of the battle of Bosworth is top notch. Please carry on writing Mr Hogg-I will be one of those in the queue waiting!!!!
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on 18 July 2013
I enjoyed the story from start to finish. I'm not an expert on the history, so I don't know which bits were factual and which weren't, but (there's always one of those, isn't there?) I did find it difficult to read, because of the poor grammar and some US spellings.
Want some examples? There, instead of their, and the dreaded grocer's apostrophe. Perhaps the last one should be grocers' apostrophe, as they all seem to use it.
Overall, a good tale, very topical, but could perhaps have been cut down by around 100 pages.
11 comment|6 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse get back to this book tonight! I am now reading it for the second time. It is a long, long time since I have found a book so compelling. The depth of detail is extraordinary and inserted in such a natural way that it does not seem as if the author is just trying to show off as so often happens with lesser writers, when one gets so bogged down in their ego that the story is lost.
A truly wonderful novel.
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on 23 May 2014
Francis,Viscount Lovell was one of the main supporters of R111,up to and even after Bosworth. Lovell the dog was a pillar of the Yorkist cause. His life was fairly tragic as a result.
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on 30 July 2013
Far too many grammatical & spelling mistakes on every page.Factual errors too-Eleanor Talbot was not the daughter of the Earl of Wiltshire,as one example.
The overall theme of the book was interesting
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on 28 March 2016
This book has been thoroughly researched and I learnt a lot about the Wars of the Roses that I did not know previously. It is full of detail. However, I must comment that the grammar and spelling left much to be desired. The author thanks his mother for the proof-reading. It was a mammoth task and no doubt she did her best. But the reader needs to ignore these mistakes on many pages and concentrate on the content. I think it is a book worth reading to get Francis Lovell's side of the story.
As the author states that he wanted to write a history book in novel form, I would have found it helpful if he could have foot-noted his sources, of which, no doubt, there were many. Thus we would have been able to recognise the sections which were his educated guesses..
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