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on 2 April 2012
The positive reviews on amazon influenced my decision to purchase this book. I regret buying this book. The authors did a good job promoting it on Amazon, i.e. 31 five star reviews is rare and unusual (that was the rating at the time of purchase).

The book is far from being perfect, high level and it offers very little original content. There are also some misleading statements, such as:
"The important thing to remember is that using social media is absolutely FREE and can take very little of your time if done intelligently." OR "The great thing about online marketing is that much of it is free".

When was the last time you managed to run a free online marketing campaign?

This comment in relation to the bounce rate metric is also wrong. "Generally speaking, the lower this is, the better - anything between 30% and 60% is acceptable". Anyone who has been involved in any conversion optimisation knows that bounce rate is only useful if it's reviewed in a certain context. 70% bounce rate could sometimes mean success too.

Overall, I do not recommend this book you can find more informative and free content online.
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on 24 August 2011
If a) you know you need a website and are wondering how anyone will find it among the millions of other websites; b) you hate the term social networking (or even just networking) and c) you feel the social networking world left you behind many years ago and is now completely incomprehensible - then read this book because a) it is short (and life is too short to be reading books on marketing), b) it is written in plain english and c) it tells you what you need to know simply.

I now have a website, it has people looking at it every day (I know this because I now know what google analytics is and how to check it), I love twitter (it is an amazing source of information and knowledge - much more interesting than the TV) and am getting new business. Suddenly I get it!
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on 2 August 2011
Fusion: The New Way of Marketing Fusion is written in a way that is crystal clear and easy to read, yet manages not to be patronising. Avoiding the over-the-top language that peppers so many how-to books, it puts its case perfectly, showing not only WHY we should all be embracing the new media of the 21st century, but also HOW. The simple everyday style is a godsend to those of us who back away from technical manuals filled with jargon, and the step by step instructions mean that even a technoninny like me has a chance of succeeding in the brave new world of the Facebook Generation.
Mine is already a well thumbed copy, and I will be recommending Fusion: The New Way of Marketing to friends who are trying to grow their businesses. A must have in your marketing arsenal.
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on 16 June 2011
I work for a small family run business and getting our heads around online marketing has been tricky to say the least. Being the youngest I get to deal with all the social networking and boosting our website up the Google rankings, not an easy task when you've not a clue where to start! There is the option of paying a clever online marketing company to take care of all that 'techy' stuff but let's face it, in a recession who can afford to pay a specialist.

So I got my hands on a copy of Fusion: the New Way of Marketing and so far it's making perfect sense. I love the lay out, I can skip to a section very easily with the bold headers to guide the way. It's inspiring actually and it has enthused me to make more of an effort with our social networking and blogs. This book serves as a reminder that you have to work for your position as an online retailer.

The best thing about it is that it offers a range of ideas that are free. Yes, free online marketing tools. No company has any excuse to sit around moping about the recession when you can get a copy of this book and make a difference without spending another penny.

If you can't get your head around online marketing this book is great.
If you have got your head around online marketing take a look at it from another angle.
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on 16 April 2012
Having been told by several marketing gurus over the past 12 months that I MUST do Social Media properly, this is a great book. I had done a couple of Introduction to Social Media courses, both of which had been very good and helpful, but a day of training by David TAYLOR as well as reading his book has opened up Social Media in a totally new way for me and stimulated my thinking about how to market my business. I have a lot of work to do but the book is full of sensible and practical advice. If you can get on one of David's training courses - even better.
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The "fusion" of fusion marketing is not just the combination of new, online, inbound marketing techniques with more longstanding marketing techniques like print advertising and face to face networking. It is much more than that - it's about how online and offline marketing techniques can work together to support each other and to achieve a synergistic effect. So, for example, a blog raises the search engine rankings of your website by creating fresh content, your tweets and LinkedIn posts promote your blog to interested readers, your Facebook page collects feedback and drives more business to your website, your YouTube videos create interest in their own right and make your website more interesting, and active face to face networking draws more people into your digital space in the first place...

In a nutshell, David Taylor and David Miles point out there are at least 13 marketing techniques to drive business to your website, and you can use at least four of them at no cost. Those who get them working together most effectively not only save money but win a great deal more business!

Complete internet newbies will get a feel for what the online aspects of fusion marketing are about, but as a manual it does assume reasonable familiarity with web techniques - the authors do not talk you through every small step needed, e.g., to set up your Twitter account, your LinkedIn page or a Google Adword campaign, but they give the reasonably "net savvy" reader many useful pointers. Each chapter concludes with a series of action points that act as a summary and a checklist.

Advice on offline techniques includes being clear about your VUKM (Vision, Key Messages, Unique Selling Propositions and Mission), putting yourself in your customers' shoes and possibly using mystery shopping, being rigorous about testing and measuring offline as well as online marketing activity so that you know what is really working and can cut out ineffective activity, and getting out and making new contacts through face to face networking. The strong emphasis on face to face marketing - a whole chapter is devoted to it - reflects the fact that, while there is a great deal in this book for the large business, especially one of those large businesses that has not really woken up to Web 2.0, the authors are writing primarily for the small business.

Do I have any quibbles? The book has a number of illustrations, and a lot of web links, but more illustrations would have been nice. The use of and other abbreviate web addresses, so beloved of the Twitterati (because they help you keep within the 140 character limit), will be tricky to type in and will become meaningless if the links get broken (while you might just be able to find another page on the same site where you have a full web address). This might indeed point to the fact that an electronic version of the book will be easier to use than the printed version, and of course the authors may be happy if you get that message.

These are minor issues, however, and there was much that I liked and found new - I found the advice on pay per click advertising and website KPIs was particularly valuable. It's great to read a book written by British authors, referring (in the main) to British websites, too - most of the books that I've read about internet marketing to date have been American.

I should add, in full compliance with Amazon's rules on the subject, that David Taylor, whom I've met networking, kindly sent me copy of this book for review. I'm looking forward to getting a printed version in due course - even if it does make checking out the links a bit more difficult!
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on 1 July 2013
After attending a seminar that David Miles ran, I bought this book. It is a really down-to-earth way to approaching digital marketing.

Obviously, this sector is changing constantly but this book covers how to use PPC, SEO, social media to your business' advantage, and gives diverse case studies.

I have dipped in and out of this book for regular inspiration and would recommend it to others who are getting into (or already in) digital marketing.
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on 29 June 2011
If you need to learn about marketing with social media -- and unless you have a full-time publicist to sell your product, then you do -- it's hard to imagine a more readable, less-BS-filled guide than this one. I was expecting jargon-filled obviousness, things any layman knows dressed up as "insider knowledge," but I came away from this impressed by how much I managed to learn in a painlessly short time. Highly recommended.
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on 11 July 2011
I was lucky enough to attend a social media training day (which I also recommend) run by one of the authors, David Taylor. It was at this course that I picked up my copy of Fusion - the new way of marketing. Based on the quality of the course I knew the book would be a great and also serve as a reminder of things spoken about that day.

I've actually read the book twice now and still refer back to it on an almost daily basis. I love the fact that it's so easy to read, the language is simple and easy to understand whilst remaining informative and interesting. I found the suggested action plan at the end of each chapter extremely useful also.

I've already recommended the book to several friends and colleagues, and those who have read it have come back to me with much more enthusiasm for the subject having gained more of an understanding of online marketing in the modern world and the impact that not only doing it, but also not doing it can have on a business. Not only that, they also realised it's really not as scary as they first thought!

As the quote of the front cover depicts this book really is "A no-nonsense road map to marketing in the 21st century".
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on 10 October 2011
This is an excellent book especially for people who are mystified about how to market their business in the internet/social media era. The early chapters provide an outline of how the internet has changed the way people obtain news and information and how important websites and social media have become. Even if you think you are pretty savvy about these things there is plenty to learn. What I particularly like about the book though is how it ties so many different themes together - websites, social media, branding, adwords etc - to gives you a very clear idea of how to structure your marketing so that all the different elements work together. Most businesses have a website, and some use adwords and social media, but very few know how to use them to create a coherent marketing strategy. The book is well set out and very easy to read. Highly recommended.
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