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4.2 out of 5 stars53
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 1 July 2010
I would recommend this to any Sherrilyn Kenyon fan- I was a bit hesitant when I first bought it as I was sure I wasnt going to enjoy it as much as her other novels- I was wrong!

You can tell that this book is aimed towards young adults as the writing style is alot more simplified, however I found that it didnt detract from the storyline at all. It was nice to just read without having my head ache afterwards from trying to figure out what was happening!

I really enjoyed seeing characters which appear in the dark hunter series as their younger couterparts- especially Tabitha. You also meet new characters - Bubba and Mark are my favourite as a couple of men who own a gun and computer store where Nick works for a while. They have all the best lines and add most of the humour to the book, especially when they get together with Nick.

The only criticism I have for the first novel was that it was a bit short, I was able to read it in just under 2 hours.

Other reviewers have mentioned that you get hints about developing storylines in the dark hunter series from the Chronicles of Nick and its true - I won't put spoilers in here though so you'll just have to read it yourself!
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In "Infinity" we meet 14 year old Nick Gautier, the young Cajun friend of Acheron's who we now know from later "Dark-Hunter" books is more than human. Yet as a teenager Nick is fighting school bullies and his mum's horrendous fashion sense, not supernatural killers; that is until one night a man named Kyrian Hunter saves his life. Suddenly Nick's young eyes are well and truly opened; zombies, vampires, demons and even Gods exist whilst his new friends are immortal warriors fighting to save humanity.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book despite my initial reservations due to the young age of the hero. Yes Nick the adult is known to fans of this series, and yes we know that in the "Dark-Hunter" books he faces some tragic moments ahead, but as a teenage hero does he stand his own ground against a more mature cast? He most certainly does. Nick's sarcasm and verbal sparring with other characters (particularly Acheron and Kyrian), his interaction with Simi and his gung-ho attitude towards danger; especially when his beloved mother appears threatened, make him a perfect fit in the kick -a** world of the Dark-Hunters.

SK provides her familiar thrills and kills in a fast paced adventure as Nick begins to understand he is more than human. New characters are introduced, whilst some familiar faces crop up such as Tabitha, some of the Peltier clan and a couple of Squires; in fact it was interesting catching a glimpse of their teenage lives as well as Nick's. Lastly SK provides a real twist to the story leaving me eager for book 2 "Invincible" due for publication in Feb 2011. We know Nick's future, but SK always has something up her sleeve and continues to surprise ;)
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on 24 May 2010
While I feel INFINITY loses no value as a YA novel if you haven't read the Dark-Hunter novels, I am already entangled in the adult life of Nick as I'm an avid reader of said DH series. This is why perhaps my review probably will make more sense to those who are also familiar to this series.

When I heard Nick's back-story would be told in a Young Adult series I promised myself I would buy INFINITY and my reading experience would decide whether or not I would continue buying and reading this series. I'm not an avid reader of the YA genre and the only reason I bought INFINITY was because it was connected to the Dark-Hunter series and the fact that Nick is still one of my favorite characters. This was my mind-set before I understood that the Chronicles of Nick would also reveal secrets regarding characters such as Cherise and especially Jaden and Jared. It makes reading this chronicle more of a necessity if I want to understand the whole Dark-Hunter arc of Jaden.

When I received my copy of INFINITY my everlasting curiosity spurred me on to crack the spine and I began to read immediately. I met Nick as we got to know him in the early days of the Dark-Hunter series, only a bit younger. His mother, Cherise, is a stripper trying to make a living for herself and her son in New Orleans. She teaches him to be honorable, but when your peers know what your mother does for a living, and you have a shirt on your back with fishes in neon colors, it is hard to get by in high school. It is why Nick cloaks himself in a devil may care attitude and give lip the moment someone makes a snarky comment. However, the fairer sex also has his undivided attention and his desire to charm them is present at the core. Then one night he is invited to join a few friends for some delinquent activities and he almost crosses a barrier. It is also the night he got beat up by his so called friends and the night he is saved by Kyrian Hunter. From this moment on there is no normal anymore in Nick's life and it all begins with the choice he made that night. The first day he goes back to school zombies create havoc on the grounds...

Nick's vivid personality, his cunning ways and his acerbic sarcasm pulled me in and I was surprised at how the story development kept my unwavering attention. Nick is a teenager who knows the rough side of life, he has a chip on his shoulder, an attitude to match, he loves his mother above all and has a penchant for trouble. If that isn't all, he enters the world of Dark-Hunters, Were-Hunters and all things that go bump in the night. Even though Nick is a teenager in this series all the things I like and love about his persona are already present in this Chronicle starter.

The story begins from an uncomplicated angle where the focus lies on Nick's school life and his relationship with his mother. It is largely due to Sherrilyn Kenyon's way of writing and letting me be a part of Nick's inner thoughts that instantly grabbed my attention. Nevertheless, as the story progressed, as more characters got introduced and the plot thickens it loses some of that easy going charm and bantering dialogues. There were a few characters who I already met in the Dark-Hunter series like; Kyrian Hunter and Acheron but also the younger cast of characters is not without its familiar faces like Tad and Tabitha Deveraux. It really feels like traveling back in time and meeting all these characters only that much younger but with the same attitudes. Still, there is one new character who really got to me and that is Nekoda Kennedy, a.k.a Kody. She has an interest in Nick that is not all teenage lovey-dovey and it involves so much more than meets the eye. Kenyon also ups the ante with a few plot twists that really infuses this series with major possibilities for Nick's character development. It gives a new perspective for the future of Nick and one that really excites me. It was an element in this book that caught me by surprise, next to the well-paced flow of the story it was something that held my undivided attention. The dialogues between Acheron and Nick are some of the best in this book but I must admit, I got lots of snappy bantering and humorous dialogues between a multitude of characters like only Sherrilyn Kenyon can deliver.

Next to meeting all the characters, getting all sorts of titillating information about Nick, the great interaction and humor, it is the zombie plotline that was probably the least thing that interested me. It is the origin of how teenager's got turned in to zombies that was just lost to me and I just couldn't surrender myself to that fact, which was probably a glitch of the adult me. What it did do is provide a turn of events which introduced Nick to a whole new world, he finds out all sorts of background info on some of the golden boys at his school and even some of his friends. Bubba and Mark are probably some of the most prominent supportive characters whose view on life and fighting zombies will make you grin.

If young adult readers find themselves introduced to Kenyon's characters and world in INFINITY then I think they will have a blast. Nothing is present to really make the reader think they're missing something, everything is present; from a main character who alternates his humor, sarcasm and charm with also his teenage fears, confusions and hopes for the future. A plot arc that fascinates and many characters who add their own personality flavor. A huge entertainment factor for me was to meet characters like Nick, Acheron, Tabitha and Kyrian again but I was caught off guard by how the story kept me in its grip. I couldn't stop reading and while I started at night, you can bet by the next evening I was finished, already contemplating how things would advance in future installments.

INFINITY was the kind of story where I expected nothing but turned out to be a surprising and highly entertaining read. Some YA elements might not catch on with me but I feel that Sherrilyn Kenyon set-up a dynamic and intriguing angle to one of the most beloved characters in the Dark-Hunter series. I'm confident Nick will find its way to many readers, both in the YA genre as for the fans of the DH series.
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I make no bones about being a fan of Ms Kenyon's Dark Hunter/Dream Hunter series. From reading 'Acheron' out of sequence from the other books, I have found these titles well written, with enough of a plot twist to make it interesting. However, this book takes things to a whole new level.

Nick Gautier is the smart-mouthed Squire to Kyrian of Thrace, when we meet him in the second Dark Hunter book. Through a long train of events, he ends up as a Dark Hunter himself. We also find out that Nick is, in fact, the Malachai, with a pivotal role to play in the Grand Scheme.

This book takes us back to 14-year old Nick, just before he meets Kyrian. Nick does not know he is the Malachai, and is blissfully unaware of the other side of New Orleans life. Those who have read the Dark Hunter books will begin to see hints of what might happen, with appearances from the Simi and assorted Were-Hunters, including the Peltier clan. The Simi's early appearance in Nick's life is one of the twists to this book. There is a new character in Nekoda. I think I worked out who her brothers are, but I suspect that confirmation will have to wait for a later book.

I have read through this book twice, and have found new bits that I didn't notice the first time round. This makes this a top book in my reckoning, because it is one that can be read repeatedly. Rather than becoming boring, it is likely to retain interest, and thus not gather dust on the bookshelf!

Finally, don't be put off by the Young Adult classification. All I can say is, so was Harry Potter.
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Infinity is the first book in Sherrilyn Kenyon's Young Adult series following the story of Nick.

I will freely admit that I am not entirely sure what I made of this book but I was sufficiently entertained and intrigued that I will definitely be continuing on with the series in the not too distance future. There were several things that I liked about it but almost other things that I wasn't too sure on.

I loved the main character in this book. I loved that Nick was a bit of a underdog and certainly one I could champion. I loved that he loved his mum and has this innate need to do what was right. I loved his sarcasm and how generally streetwise he was. I am looking forward to getting to see a bit more of him in the next book.

The story itself and particularly the dialogue was funny all the way through which kept making me chuckle out loud as I was reading along. There was also lots of action of the supernatural kind and an awful lot of ideas and plotlines thrown out there to be developed in future books.

The book itself was a little bit too random and at times a bit confusing. Characters popped up or things happened very quickly and I couldn't decide whether the author was deliberately throwing me in the deep end or assumed that I knew a bit more background than I in fact did. This is the main reason why I'm not sure what I think about this book.

certainly an interesting start to a series ... I wonder what it is going to do next.
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on 3 July 2014
Where to start? I have no idea because this book was so confusing, so weird and so strange I have no real feelings for it. All I can think about is. “what the hell did I just read?”

Infinity is about Nick and his sudden thrust into the supernatural world, the Dark-Hunter universe created by this author. Nick is actually the Malachai, a dark creature that will lead the dark army of strange creatures into the destruction of human kind and, perhaps, every good kind in the world…

Yah, alright, that sounds interesting and all but the book isn’t about that. The book is actually about how Nick is thrust into that world by fighting off zombies…

Yap, zombies.

My first full book featuring zombies!

As soon as he saves a tourist couple from being robbed and is almost shot by his friends, everything goes crazy. And I mean it the literal crazy way.

Everyone in his school starts talking about weird things like demons, zombies and shapeshifters to people who say they are gods! And that’s when I lost myself in the book.

I did not understand a thing about this book, honest. I forced myself to finish it because I thought that in the end we would get some answers. I mean, we do get a few answers but not enough for me to really want to continue this series. And I only gave it 2 cups because Nick was a great character to read and I laughed out loud with him. But that was all, really.
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Having come across Nick in Sherrilyn's Dark Hunter series I was pretty amazed when it was announced that it would be a young adult series rather than an adult. What happens within contains all the hallmarks of Sherrilyn's writing style. You have a great principle protagonist, you have great dialogue and above all a great sense of self about the hero of the piece. He's fully rounded, he has hopes, he has fears and above all else he has a voice that will speak to the generation to which the title is aimed.

It's a wonderful piece of writing and whilst I was beginning to feel that Sherrilyn was coming to the end of her adult writing career, I do feel that she has a real future for the YA market. A great offering and I really can't wait for the next novel in the series.
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on 12 May 2014
A Spoiler Free Bit About The Book

Nick lives a normal life until his classmates start eating each other. All of a sudden, pulled into the Dark Hunter universe, Nick realises his world is much larger and more dangerous than he ever imagined.

My Review

I found this book a LONG time ago and I can still remember the drive I had to read it. I was super excited when I found it again recently on line because back when I first saw it I didn’t have enough money to actually buy it. That was a good sign straight away, after what must’ve been five years, it still sounded appealing to me. This was also risky. Could the book be as good as I expected to be? For me, it was excellent, but then again it was my type of book through and through.

I don’t know how Kenyon did it - maybe she’s a genius - but I was with Nick from the first page and anyone who was against him was my enemy. I was so angry at people for looking down on him because he was poor and from a bad area. I’ve never been so angry at a character so quickly before so I immediately knew that Kenyon was doing something right. Although I was with Nick all the way, I did get tired of his sarcasm and sass as the book went on. It wasn’t enough for me to stop reading, but I sort of wanted him to grow up a bit for the next book. (I can only hope). Don’t get me wrong, he needed to be like that and it suited him as a character, I think it was just a bit too exaggerated duringInfinity.

The other characters were awesome too, but it was a bit too bizarre for me that there were more demons than humans in Infinity - by a long way. Plus, they all seemed to want something from Nick or wanted Nick himself, some for evil, some for their own gain, some for reasons I can’t even remember. It was very confusing and difficult to remember who was with who. Saying that though, I did enjoy very much jumping into various characters heads for a page or two, I always came away liking them more. I suppose that’s the beauty of third person that doesn’t usually shine through. Well it did in Infinity. When Kyrian and Acheron were introduced I knew this was the book for me and at once I expected perfection.

My proofreading/editor did come out a few times while reading Infinity. A few sentences were left in that I thought didn’t add anything and I would’ve cut. Also once the character Eric was spelt Erik. Just the once. This one is just my personal opinion but other than this one sentence where the characters discuss a phrase with the word infinity in it, there was no reason for the title Infinity. Same with Twilight if you ask me. Why was it called that? I suppose it makes more sense than this book being called Infinity.

What else can I say but this book had everything? Dark Hunters, zombies (two kinds), vampires, gods, werewolves - everything. This is my kind of book right here, ladies and gentlemen. I can’t wait to get round to reading book two. Fair warning though, there are four books to date and I believe Kenyon is writing more (I’ve done a little research and her series are always HUGE!). So if you don’t want the commitment of a huge long book series, maybe the Chronicles of Nick aren’t for you.


Plot - 9/10 - supernatural creatures, awesome.

Way Plot Was Pursued - 9/10 - I liked the jumps of point of view

Characters - 8/10 - loved them all but got a bit confused

Style - 9/10 - loved the way it all came together

Pace - 10/10 - didn’t want to put it down

Would I recommend it? Yes. If you’re looking for a new series packed with supernatural creatures, look no further.

Would I look up the author? Yes. I already have. She has written a LOT of books.

Infinity was an action packed intriguing start to what I hope is going to be an amazing series.

First posted here: [...]
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on 9 December 2012
Exciting and engaging from the first moment, `Infinity' has a real air of mystery that draws you in and really ensnares you in the action. Nick is a character I have heard from people time and time again that they don't like him. Honestly, I've never had a problem with him, his sarcasm has always humoured me and whilst he can be a little cynical and offensive, his intentions are never bad. Nick is frankly a very likeable character and he unravels deeper in this novel in his own way that creates a greater understanding and might make him more likeable to you.

"What rock you been living under not to know that?"

Some people would probably call that rock "reality", but Nick valued his life enough to keep that sarcasm inside."

It clearly felt strange to read this book alongside the Dark-Hunter series, which is Kenyon's adult series where Nick is first introduced. We jump back in time to when he is much younger and not yet as heavily involved in the Dark-Hunter world; well actually he's entirely oblivious for the start of the novel and his understanding of the world is rather entertaining to see, especially when reading this alongside the Dark-Hunter series two very different worlds are seen. However, I wouldn't say it is necessary to read the Dark-Hunter series because this clearly stands on it's own as a series and whilst those who read the Dark-Hunter series will clearly be able to appreciate Kenyon's style and versatility to move into young-adult and a separate series that develops Nick (who is primarily a secondary character in the Dark-Hunter series) as his own individual, those who haven't will still gain equal enjoyment and may be encouraged to venture into the realm of adult books.

Kenyon has to be applauded for venturing into using a male protagonist because so many authors stick to the same female protagonist that becomes a little expected at times and I find a very different experience comes from male protagonists. Most of her adult novels take on a dual tone with male and female perspectives interspersed for each half of the couple and generally the female tone is more dominant, this is all in Nick's perspective with intermingled scenes from others who are generally the `bad' guys or mysterious creatures who are all part of the paranormal world. I really enjoyed the humour Kenyon managed to really put into Nick's narrative and it was clear whilst being a teenage boy, his relationship with his mum was really developed and he clearly loves her deeply. The dynamic of their relationship was really evolved and nice to see that Kenyon didn't put Nick as shying away from his emotions even as a teenage boy and presented him as very much a guy with an attitude who loved his mum.

"I swear you're the lippiest child on the planet."

Onto the actual plot, we get lots of characters, but they're all introduced at different points in a way as not to confuse you so I felt like the plot slowly revealed itself which really allows the smooth flow of the story. The plot is a little slow to start with, but this is all character introductions and setting the scene which allows Kenyon to set this novel aside as a separate series that you are not expected to know any of the characters. Once we get into the bulk of the story and the zombies, demons, vampires and everything else that is hectic, mayhem and paranormal things really get exciting with enhanced cow prods and rocket launchers, there is humour, action and excitement galore. I don't think I found a point of this novel to be boring once we got past the mundane introduction.

"But once you let me live ... your big mistake ... now I know you think I'm too cute and fluffy to kill."

Overall, `Infinity' is a novel that I urge all fans of Kenyon and fantasy young-adult fiction to pick up. Nick is a character that I think is likeable if you enjoy sarcasm and aren't easily offended, so don't be intimidated for him because beneath the surface is a "mummy's boy" who is humorous and caring he just needs to find the straight path. I'll be looking out for the next book in the series and whilst the recent read of `Seize the Night' has confused by view of Nick and some of the relationships he has with characters, particularly Simi in this novel, but I'm sure Kenyon will enlighten me in the future of both the Dark-Hunters and the Chronicles of Nick since I feel they will both lead to a pinnacle point where they intertwine.
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Nick is from the wrong side of town, his mother had him young and was kicked out by her family when she refused to give up her baby. As a result of this she struggles to make ends meet working as a stripper, she may hate her job but she will do anything to make sure Nick gets the education she missed out on. Nick struggles to fit in at his posh school, as a poor scholarship student he is bullied mercilessly by other students and hates that his mother makes him go there. Nick's life is changed forever when he is nearly killed, rescued by a mysterious stranger who also pays for his hospital bills Nick feels obliged to accept a job with him so he can repay his debt. Through this stranger Nick is introduced to a supernatural world he had no idea existed and suddenly school seems like the least of his problems.

I have been wanting to read Sherrilyn Kenyon's adult Dark Hunters series for ages but despite the fact I own the first four books I still haven't got around to starting it. I have to admit that I think I would have found Infinity less confusing if I had already read the other series, we are introduced to a lot of different characters in this book and unless you already know who they are it can be hard to keep track of them all. Having said that I still really enjoyed Infinity and I am definitely going to get started on the Dark Hunter books soon because I really want to find out more about Kyrian and Acheron!

Nick is a great character, he is streetwise and sarcastic and often had me laughing out loud at the comments he came out with. I really liked the fact that he has such a close relationship with his mum, since his dad isn't in the picture they only have each other to rely on and you can tell how much they love each other. Nick isn't ashamed that his mum works as a stripper and will defend her to anyone, in fact the best way for anyone to get a rise out of him is by insulting her. His mother has a strong moral code and has brought Nick up to know the difference between right and wrong. Although he makes mistakes he does try to do the right thing which is an admirable quality in any main character.

I've already said that I can't wait to find out more about Kyrian and Acheron but I also desperately want to know more about the Dark Hunters. We don't get much of an explanation about what they are and what they do in this book, possibly because most people will have already read the other series or possibly because this will be explained in more detail in future books in this series. To be fair Nick doesn't spend a great deal of time learning about the Dark Hunters in this book, he has more important things to worry about with some very strange occurrences at his school. I just found that a few things were a little confusing and I had to backtrack a bit to make sense of them.

Overall I thought this was a good start to a YA series and one that I'm sure will be popular with both boys and girls. The storyline is action packed and this is one of those books it is easy to read in one sitting. If you're already a fan of the Dark Hunters series I think you'll enjoy this even more than I did because you will already be familiar with the world and some of the characters. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series (Invincible) and have a feeling I'm going to love Sherrilyn Kenyon's adult series too!
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