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4.6 out of 5 stars17
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 5 March 2016
Love this book.
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on 21 August 2012
I had very high expectations for this book, as I had researched Mike Harris before buying "Find Your Lightbulb". During my online browsing, I discovered that Mike Harris was very good at helping people come up with their "perfect pitch" through his involvement in Daniel Priestley's "Become a Key Person of Influence" programme. Amongst other things, Mike Harris had also been involved in some heavyweight businesses. Which lead me to believe he would be an interesting person to learn from. Especially when promised that a business idea, no matter how crazy it may seem, could potentially be successful, or in his words, turn into a million dollar company. Although I've never been interested in running a multi million dollar company. And that's perhaps exactly where the problem is. That and the fact that I feel like the title is both misleading and accurate.

You see, Mike Harris draws from his vast experience in the corporate world, but really doesn't come up with anything worthwhile for the 'average guy'. Don't get me wrong, there are things you can learn from and no doubt you will learn from his book. I particularly liked the passage on Apollo 13 and why according to Mike Harris is the best example of Leadership (funnily enough, I've seen this example used in a few different books lately). But if like me, you're not a large multinational in the making, and you're looking to launch a business that has a social impact, rather than an ever growing bank account, this book is not for you.

And if you're wondering why I mentioned that the title of this book is both misleading and accurate, well I don't believe by reading this book you'll find your lightbulb. At least I didn't find mine. Still very much in the dark. Mike Harris covers this aspect briefly with some strategies which don't necessarily apply to you and me. Non of which will help you find your lightbulb. If it has, I'd like to know how.

But on the other hand, I'm sure that if you're after a successful corporate venture you'll get to the top of the corporate ladder in no time. After all he's done it over and over again and has been successful at most of his ventures.

Now what I'd like to see, is a book on Perfect Pitching. I've learned more from watching a few of his videos online about that subject than I have from reading his book on finding your lightbulb. And even though I didn't particularly enjoy Find Your Lightbulb, I have no doubt "Find Your Perfect Pitch" would be a much better book.
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on 4 July 2012
A lovely read including how to fire up your team

Mike Harris launched FirstDirect and Egg and has just sold Garlik. His book "Find your Light Bulb" is an entrepreneur's handbook and step-by-step guide to move successfully from idea, through start-up and launch to revenue and expansion.

With many quotes, stories and models, Harris shows us in clear and manageable chunks, what is required to launch your business - unquenchable enthusiasm and a vision of a Bold and Inspiring Future - BIF.

He flips the inevitable criticism that you will encounter into constructive research and advise, calling them insights.

He details how to brainstorm properly and to create your brand identity (name what you promise to deliver and expand upon your company's personality and values.)

My favourite part is his explanation and examples of the Dynamic Action Plan for the first year of your business, with its flexible means and non-negotiable ends.

Another excellent contributions was in explaining what makes a team "hot" and how you can engineer a winning culture from the outset and therefore bypass the default and uncertain culture that will emerge unaided.

If there is a criticism, and there must be one in every review, it is that he inevitably refers back to his own war stories many times. Whilst the stories make a good point, they may distance the reader not involved in digital security or consumer banking.

His wisdom is at its best, and it is where most text books and leadership training do not go - Phase two when you have successfully launched.

After initial success a new enemy emerges. The danger shifts from time and cash flow to the activity of the competition. You can patent and protect technology and method but not your ideas.

Success has many fathers and your main competitor wants to become your prison daddy.

Bonus material on moderating meetings when things are not going well more that pays back the cover price.

Mike Harris has delivered a valuable guide to the phases and actions required to move from thinking about it to succeeding with your idea.

Matthew Hill is the author of the new book "Learn How to LEAD; Believe, Behave and Become" [...]
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on 28 May 2012
I wanted to read this book for long time and I finally made the leap.
I am so pleased I did because it's definitely worth it, a thousand time worth it I should say.

My feeling is that, it's more than a book, it's merely a practical manual for inspiring entrepreneurs.
It's exactly what I look for and throughout the book you embraque in a seminar with Mike.
Truly, Mike shares his wisdom of reflexion on his experience; his lessons, his methodes of achievement from his hugely successful ventures!
I really want to emphasis on the practical side of this book, it's a very valuable guide that shows you the route to launch your life into your Bold and Inspiring Future you have somewhere in your head.
His book inspires to take action, at least write down the plans and goals for what you aim, and helps you scroll out the different approaches and way to attack your dreams!

The read is actually coupled with some writing of your own: following his advices of planning and crystalizing your ideas, your vision and your goals will be clearly expresses and designed in a way that greatly inspires to make the leap to action.
The structure of the book goes crescendo towards the building of your road that gets you to your dreams, vision and goals.
I want to congratulate and thank the author for this great big piece of value. The tittle truly speaks of itself, as well as the catch phrase.

Mike Harris's stories, struggles, achievements, massive success from massive action and his Vision of the way to do Business is something I recommend to any aspiring entrepreneur, anyone who aims bigger, and any professional who whishes to take it to the next level.

Ps: I very much loved all the quotes in all the chapters from famous successful people that are very inspiring
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on 14 May 2011
A good book before you start your business. Just flip few pages, you can make your choice whether to continue reading or give up yourself at first. Well, this is the book i recommended, hope you enjoy and like it.
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on 26 March 2011
Man, I am so glad I read this book. I received 'Find your Lightbulb' book in a pitch workshop a year ago and as I had so many other books on the go in my reading list, I didn't read it. I also sometimes felt like I would get management book fatigue so was not keen on anything samey. But I am so pleased I have read this book.

It's genius and utterly fantastic. It's the companion to my business now. It's been dragged around everywhere, highlighted, circled, dog-eared and I love it. I laugh with it, cry with it and it came at the perfect time, just when I was feeling so beaten, thwarted and unsure in my own business - just when I needed to move things to a new level and get over some criticism (which I now listen to intently thanks to this book).

Mike Harris is also such a dynamic and gentle giant of a person. Whenever I encounter him in a workshop or event, my molecules get rearranged and I have rejuvenated energy and passion for my business.

Just buy it and more importantly - read it.
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on 14 February 2010
I was looking for some practical advice was extremely disappointed with this book. It is stuffed full of quotes from the likes of Henry Ford, Roosevelt, Pathos, etc. They failed to motivate me as I have read them all before in the many other business books on the market. This book contains nothing new; except for the author's own personal experiences (how he has met Bill Gates and bumped into Warren Buffet) and how terrified he felt when embarking on a new venture. I also doubt whether the average person can relate to the start up business examples the author includes in the book such as Egg, First Direct bank, etc.

For those of you who are trying to start a new business from scratch, with no previous track record, or cash of your own to invest, the author offers little practical advice other than to state the blindingly obvious, E.g. the banks won't touch you, go find a business angel and/or fund yourself with the help of friends and relatives; and then goes on to recommend that you will need sufficient funds to live off for at least one to two years, whilst you get your business up and running...

If you are looking for a book with practical constructive advice and information I can strongly recommend "From Acorns: How to Build a Brilliant Business by Caspian Woods", which is an excellent book.
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on 8 January 2009
This is a lot more than a good read. This is a reference guide that could literally sit by your side for your entire business career. I personally take this book with me wherever I go and constantly refer back to it.

Mike Harris didn't create three Multi-Billion Pound businesses by accident. In this book he lays down the formula.

Each chapter starts with an amazing real life story and then takes you behind the scenes at what was going on. This practical real world look at building a big business from scratch is rarely found.

If you have a shred of ambition this one is a must.
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on 30 December 2008
Mike Harris has written a generous book in a simple and engaging style.It takes some of the deep lessons from innovation leaders such as IDEO and summarises in a step by step guide which could easily become a great workshop for budding entrepreneurs.
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on 9 September 2008
Having spent a rollercoaster part of my career working with Mike and his colleagues in creating and launching egg - in many ways the most challenging yet the most satisfying 6 years of my working life - I was looking forward to seeing how Mike's energy, enthusiasm and passion for creating and delivering innovation could possibly be captured in a book of this size! In short Mike has (again) delivered, with each chapter so effectively bringing to life the key building blocks that any budding entrepreneur will find invaluable as he or she looks to bring their ideas to reality

I read Mike's text this summer whilst travelling through the Southern States of the US by coach - and although I found it an easy read, that should not in any way be taken as light or superfluous. The text brings to life great practical advice from someone who has achieved success not once but several times, and although some of the chapters may simply seem like common sense to some, they are written in a thought provoking style that reminds the reader of just how often common sense is cast aside in the tunnel vision that can often take over (and cloud) the launch of a new business

As a passionate believer that "an idea without execution is just a dream" I applied this personal litmus test several times as I was reading the text, and each time it served to rubber stamp my own views on how to make things happen. Several times Mike brings to life the importance of living the dream, executing seamlessly and remaining bold to ones vision, through quotations and paragraphs written by leading global authorities within their fields. It is this diverse selection of contributors that I personally found further enhanced my enjoyment of the book, and reminds one that whatever the industry, whatever the challenge one is facing, however easy or difficult accessing funding may be be, there is a common DNA that threads its way through all these individuals

One chapter in the book that particularly resonated with me when reflecting back a decade to the launch of egg - and all the chaos, energy and fun that surrounded that time - is Mike's advice of "writing your last chapter first". I have personally applied this philosophy in various organisations since my time working with Mike, and reading it again just served to remind me of how important it is to know exactly where you are seeking to get to (and when) with the journey to get there forming the everyday challenges your team have to overcome

I am now delivering innovation for a large multinational bank that is very effectively transforming its focus from product innovation to true customer innovation, driven through consumer segmentation, and analysing customer needs through insight. The chapter's in the book that demonstrate the importance of putting your customer at the very heart of your strategy constantly resonate and re-enforce to me just how many organisations forget this key guiding principle - so simple in many ways, yet so effective!

Net net I really enjoyed reading this book - I can in fact see myself picking it up at least annually as a refreshing reminder of what is important in both work and life. Great value, and a great read - cheers Mike!
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