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4.4 out of 5 stars767
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 1 October 2010
My Husband bought me a J.M.L Halogen oven 2 years ago. It has remained boxed under the bed. The reason being there was no information on how to cook things.

Now i have this wonderful book which only arrived yesterday. It gives you everything you need to know. Apart from recipes it tells you the temperatures and which racks to cook them on. You can't go wrong!!!

Last night i cooked chicken portions which were crispy and golden and the ammount of fat that drained away was unbelievable. I also did jacket potatoes (medium size), which were crispy and fluffy inside. I am now converted and will clean my gas oven and only use it when necessary.
My neighbour only uses hers at Christmas for the turkey!

I am now going to look which lovely meal i can cook today and am thinking of buying my newly- wed nephew a Halogen Oven for Christmas. (Complete with this cook - book).
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on 6 April 2011
This book is a must for people like me, who bought a halogen oven and then didn't have clue how to cook in it.
I bought the JML halogen oven, its absolutely great but doesn't have a very informative hand book.
I wasn't even sure what had to be cooked on the low rack and what had to be cooked on the high rack. Apart from giving loads of easy delicious recipes, the author explains everything that you need to know about your new oven.
Such they work, getting the right equipment, timings, size, defrosting, using tin foil, how to cook in it, high racks and low racks, baking, and much more.
I have bought three copies of this book. One for myself and the other two for friends, who like me, were using their oven and learning by trial and error.
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on 15 February 2011
I am eighty plus and recently purchased a halogen oven, as I thought it would save wasting fuel when I only wanted a snack meal and it is wasteful to use the whole main oven. I found the instruction leaflet less than adequate, and had only used the oven a couple of times, when I spotted this book on the Amazon website. What a change its made to my cooking! I now have confidence to use the halogen oven most days - I steam some of my lunches and have baked cakes and puddings which delight me. I barely use my main oven now! The author uses simple language and is very clear regarding ingredients and weights etc. Anyone can be a good cook with this book! Thank you Sarah Flower and Amazon!
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on 6 November 2010
Lots of recipes to try, good ideas. Would be much improved by having pictures of the meals, although appreciate that this would probably have cost implications for the book, however I personally would not mind paying that little bit extra to have the pictures. brought the book as had the oven but was not sure what I could or could not cook in the oven. Now use the oven much more, it's not hidden away in the cupboard anymore!
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on 6 September 2010
This is not a microwave and will not work like one, the biggest saving is perhaps the reduced amount of energy used rather than the time saved, but the halogen does heat up extremely quickly. The book is fantastic, as expected Sarah's recipes are clear, easy to do and always go down a treat with my family. The meal planning section is so helpful with lists for shopping and menu plans for the week ahead. I was worried about baking cakes although these worries were unfounded, follow the recipe and everyone is happy!
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on 12 September 2010
This book is by far the best I have seen for a halogen cooker.Gives presise instructions about times and trays to use etc. The recipes are useful everyday ones and also include some more exotic ones. This has been a worth while purchase and I recommend it.
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Sarah Flower is possibly the person best qualified to write such a book. A journalist by profession, she loves to cook and came to halogen cooking originally by chance when sent a product for review. She subsequently authored a recipe book for the manufacturer of that machine which is still provided with the product by some retailers (it may be part of the 'kit' but not always mentioned). She has since progressed to other similar cookers.

All the recipes in this book, and they are many and varied from starters to desserts, main courses including fish, meat, and vegetarian, in fact just about something for everyone, are UK-friendly and use ingredients that you will probably have in the larder, fridge or freezer. There does not appear to be any 'exotic' ingredients that you may use once and then discard because it passed its use-by date. Most of the ideas could also be made by more traditional methods, but the halogen oven will be quicker in many instances and rarely, or never, any longer.

Although not extensively illustrated, there are a few photographs of finished products but in black and white only. The recipes are predominantly for a family of 4-5 but some would keep for another day or two although many would be suitable for refrigeration or freezing, just as if traditionally cooked. Most of the recipes are one-per-page and, discounting the index and Introduction that together consume almost 20 of its 264 pages, means that there must be close to 240 in all.

If there is any criticism to be levelled at any cookbook it is a fault not of the author but of the publisher, and it is evident here - the binding will not lay flat during that time when you will need to refer to the ingredients, what to do, when to do it, for how long and at what setting.

Probably as good as you will find!

The recipes are not machine-dependant and cooked be prepared whatever brand you happen to use.
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on 11 October 2010
The Everyday Halogen Oven Cookbook: Quick, Easy And Nutritious Recipes For All The Family
We bought a JML Halogen and found the included book was rather limited in detail eg which shelf to use for some recipes. This is the third book we've tried ( thanks to the reviews on this page ) and I think this is, by far, the most comprehensive book on the subject. Not just a list of menus and how-to's ( both of which are very helpful because of the adequate detail ) but the Planning and Shoping Lists are very useful additions.
Using the Halogen Oven has been hit-and-miss but with superb results, in the main, despite a somewhat hesitant approach on each occasion. Now, the doubts have been waved away by Sarah's book. Tackling new recipes with utter conviction is a great feeling ! ( Specially for a novice like myself )
In short, dare I suggest, even non-Halogen novices could benefit from this book and in a word, it's a MUST !
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on 8 September 2010
Simple, clear, concise! What more can be said about a book which urges you into the kitchen to try out its delicious recipes. The Authors` enthusiasm is infectious and confidence boosting, the culinary results obviously well researched. Very good value for your money.
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on 10 January 2011
Out of 3 halogen oven cookbooks bought, this is the best. It is basic enough to be used when you first buy a halogen oven but also has more complicated recipes as you gain experience. Since buying this book I have started using by halogen oven 2-3 per week.Good opening chapters on how to use & equipment info. Recipes have timings for each stage of cooking (which one of the other books does not) - essential when first trying the halogen oven as it tends to cook most food quicker than conventional ovens etc.Good value for money.
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