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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 4 January 2011
TAT (The Antiterrorist) has written 2 books which are essential reading for anyone seeking Freedom from the increasingly totalitarian governments we live under. The first and last chapters of his first book, "The Antiterrorist's Handbook" offer the most intelligent and complete analysis to date of lawful/legal of any of the half-dozen plus books I have read so far on Freedom (aka Lawful Rebellion). Most of this book also provides information not available anywhere else.

For example, Chapter 1 explains the three different ways to get married (two of which are never taught to us), Chapter 2 addresses so-called State benefits and the difference between citizens and denizens, Chapter 3 has great advice about how to deal with police interactions, Chapter 5 is an introduction on how to prepare for disaster, Chapter 6 looks at the ever-intrusive questions being asked (even at the dentist) and exactly what questions you are obliged to answer on the census form (just one!), Chapter 7 explains that you are jointly and severally liable for all cheques - even those you pay into your own bank account, Chapter 8 raises a number of problems relating to trying to become Free.

Chapter 4 covers Corporate Tax Collection and how it is passed on to us as well as the benefits of trusts. It is a curious chapter, partly because the corporations with charters covered here are mainly utility companies like electricity and water, partly because it treats US and UK statute law as if they were the same (not so), and partly because it suddenly jumps to the benefits of trusts, which don't belong in a chapter about corporations or corporate tax. Instead I would have liked to see the chapter cover the fact that most large corporations pay little or no tax because the tax system is specifically designed by and for them.

Further, the few pages explaining trusts are both oversimplified and sketchy as well as again conflating UK and US law. Trust is not overlooked in law school, as TAT alleges - there are specialised courses as trusts are used by big money. Further, TAT confuses some trust law concepts with tax law concepts, particularly antiavoidance laws. Worst of all, my eyes glazed over during TAT's very worthy attempt to cover trust law; fortunately the rest of the book did not suffer from glazing. (Dear TAT, I know a good international tax specialist who owes me big time, so may be able to get chapter 4 edited for you (at least to remove inaccuracies). If you are willing, please get in touch.)

Whilst other books on Freedom can be more exciting to read, most (dangerously) give the impression that all you have to do is follow them to achieve Freedom. TAT's books are far more realistic. For example, as to "Acceptance for Value" (A4V), TAT writes: "There have only been sporadic successes although the principles are sound. It takes a significant amount of patience and skill to instigate the A4V remedies which leads me to believe the process is still not complete."

Banks and the authorities (especially the low-paid lower level ones who generally deal with Freedom letters from the public) haven't a clue about A4V, UCC, redemption, bills of exchange, or any other term, phrase, or philosophy we're using in trying to set off the trust debts and any expectations we might have that they do is just pure folly.

TAT emphasises throughout that, if you refuse to take responsibility for your own Freedom at every step of your life and expect someone else to do your homework or the hard work needed to restore your sovereignty, your Freedom is going to last for about 5 minutes. The measure of whether you can keep it is the degree to which you take complete and exclusive responsibility for yourself.

Nor can you be in TRUE `Lawful Rebellion' and refuse to honour the taxation contracts you volunteered into whilst still taking (so-called) benefits from the State (for example, voting, welfare/unemployment benefit, employment, schooling, hospitals/NHS, insurance) or still having even the simplest contract in place with the State. This is a fundamental misunderstanding in the movements. You signed the contracts and are bound by them until you rescind the signatures based on non-disclosure.

ALL law is contract and you have the right to contract, the right NOT to contract, and the right to challenge any fraudulent contracts. Of course, knowing HOW to challenge the contracts is key. What you need to do is your due diligence to get a firm grasp of the solutions. Further, if your communication is unclear, if you've not made the right requests, if you've not asked the right questions, if you've not addressed your concerns, claims or complaints to the right person, if you've used a template that they have seen a thousands of times before, if your spelling and grammar isn't up to scratch, if you've not made a timely response to their offers, you're not going to get what you want, and you really can't blame anyone but yourself.

The 2 books by The Antiterrorist are highly recommended; if you are new to this subject-matter do start with an excellent basic introduction by Veronica Chapman called, simply, "Freedom".

The best books so far: "The End of All Evil" by John Locke, "Gods of Eden" by Bramley, "Intervention Theory Essentials (Everything You Know Is Wrong Essentials Book 1)" by Lloyd Pye, anything by David Icke, "the Most Dangerous Superstition" by Larken Rose and Tellinger's "Ubuntu Contributionism", also thousands of free internet pages by Frank O'Collins of Ucadia.

Also have a look at Google Videos & You Tube, search for Menard's "Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception", lots on the strawman, on birth/berth certificate and on accepting for value, Raymond St Claire going into a local court and very politely distressing all the court officials on a fundamental point of law - all are priceless. The basis of Raymond St Claire's challenge and the reason for their distress in court is not clear in the videos but seems to be explained towards the end of the book "Freedom" by Chapman - namely that judges swear to uphold common law but they are actually sitting in a civil/statute law court where they have no power over you unless you agree (which we are always fooled into doing, because we don't know any better).

Also look for "The Law and You" by Bill Turner NZ (please don't think the info here applies only in New Zealand - every Act mentioned in Bill Turner's video has an almost exact equivalent in England and in all colonies and former colonies, including the US), "The Law - stand up and reclaim your rights" by MrAstrotheology and Mark Passio on "What on Earth is Happening".
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on 6 January 2011
Having read and enjoyed Timothy's first book i was looking forward to his new book.I was initially disapointed by the new cover being rather flimsy ,But after the first chapter it was forgotten about. The content was as informative as ever, Subjects are dealt with by AT sarcastically, As only someone who can understand and enjoy a very British sence of humour. Some have likened his writing style to that of Jeremy Clarkson and i agree.
Like the first book(handbook) parts are reiterated(around ten percent), But given fresh life through his insights. Something I enjoyed were the cartoons inbetween chapters, All the content was taken from comments left on his Youtube channel and are totally hilarious.

The thing thats really new about this book is the feeling of empowerment it gives you, Reading conspiracy books can make you feel helpless, Thats not the case here.
A great read for any tinfoil hat wearing nutjobs out there.
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on 16 February 2011
This is the first time i have ever done a review on anything so it will be short and sweet.
This is AT's second book (if you have not read his first then go and do it now...)this book follows the first nicely, expanding on some subject matter and covering new ground also.
It is written in AT's slightly uncomprimising but humorous style, which is not easy given the seriouness of the subjects he is writing about, but again he pulls it off making it an enlightening and enjoyable read, which will leave you empowered with knowledge that most of the population have no idea about but certainly should.
AT presents the information in an extremely well structured easy to understand manner which at times leaves you with a smile on your face despite the fact you might not like what you are hearing from him.
If you want to start taking control off your own life, and breaking free of the somewhat at times invisable shackles placed on us all from birth, then this book will go some way to staring you off on your journey.
For others who already have an inkling of whats going on in the world today, or those who have already started their journey to their own personal freedom then this book is still essential reading.In fact they should have this book in your childrens school library, then instead of churning out a string of brain washed, zombie, cloned worker bees ready for the world we might have a generation of free thinking, enlightened individuals.

So, do yourself a favour, buy this book, read it the pass it on to friends and family.
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on 3 March 2011
The first AT handbook was a Tour de Force in critical thinking. Step by step the major issues that effect us most on a daily basis were researched, evaluated and presented in a common sense fashion. Facts laid bare, conclusions reached and reference provided offering the reader enough tools to lay a sturdy foundation of priorities for a healthy perspective on life today.

Standing Under Freedom builds on his previous work as AT takes his readers beyond thinking more openly about the wider world in which they live and relates how to live more freely as an individual day to day. The style remains, (no josticks, humming or meditation yet!), as AT shares valuable information for those interested in freedom and outlines practical ways to apply personal freedom in life. As with the Handbook, expect wry humour.
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on 17 August 2012
If you are not aware of the major issues facing humanity in general and you specifically, in my humble opinion you couldn't do any better than to read this book and educate yourself.

Covering areas such as: why we need marriage licenses, the real purpose of your birth certificate and how this impacts the 'straw man', dealing with the police, Common Law, Contracts, Trusts, Money - all of which come under the broad heading of 'Contract Law'. Everything apart from Common Law is Contract Law, yet most people I suggest are not aware of how Contracts actually work and how we get ensnared by our lack of awareness/knowledge. The 'system' is corrupt and is set up to always favour the Legal Fiction, however, the book attempts to show those who are willing to accept the information and learn, how to deal with such structures on their own terms by using their rules against the perpetrators. Learn about the real purpose of Government, policing, and membership of all societies.

The Debt/Credit system is explained, along with the differences between extinguishing a debt and discharging a debt. Find out who owns your house (even though you may have paid off your mortgage), who owns your plasma TV (even though you may have purchased it outright), who owns the clothes you stand up in, who owns YOU. Discover how banks and mortgage lenders pull a fast one over you, over all of us, and continue to get away with it, and find out why writing 'Cashed At Law Without Recourse' on cheques can protect you, the user from being liable for others' debts, but the banks will not let you do this.

Published in 2010, the author forecast the issues in Syria and Iran, both of which have come to pass, the collapse of the world economy (about to happen). The book is packed with information, and offers guidance on how to deal with the potential world crisis we now appear to be facing.

Blew me away, made me cry, made me angry, made me aware - cannot recommend this book too highly...
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on 23 March 2011
I bought this book after reading "The Antiterrorist Handbook"
Both essential reads for anybody who wants to know what the hell is going on in the world.
The lays out the subject text in an easy to follow well-laid out manner. He also has a sense of humour which makes the reading experience even more pleasurable.
I bought this book and read it 4 times in a week. I could not put it down and only wished I knew these things when I was 16 years old as my life would have been entirely different. The author gives you some very important and useful infromation which should be dealt with with care. He is not there to fix your problems and, as far as I can see, never intends to. Instead he gives you the material you need to start taking your own steps. Everything stated in the book can be backed up by independent personal research and thats what you have to do if you do not wish to be a manipulated slave.

I would also like to point out, that although some other sources I have found seem to encourage readers to go whole hog and protest, shout from the roof tops about how free they are etc etc, what I like about this book, is that the author points out that most of us are already signed up to contracts (drivers/marriage) and that if you want to shout about how free you are you better be able to prove it. His approach is far more sublte and practical than others, by keeping calm and getting authorities to prove to you they have jurisdiction.
This alone will stand you in good stead as far as any dealing with authories are concerned. Don't go roaring about your freedoms, get your adversary to disprove them.
This is invaluble advice and worth the book price by itself, and I thank the author sincerely. There are some information sources out there that will encourage you to tie yourself up in knots. Read them by all means, but make sure you read this first to give a balanced perspective and make your own judgements.
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on 26 October 2011
Even more than his first book, I highly rate this read. It would be easy to imagine the Anti-Terrorist being a doom merchant given his media image but the etheric beauty of his message is loud and clear, for those willing to persevere. I alternated between laughing out loud and feeling the cold boot of reality stamp it's print upon my face. This book was like passing through a long dark tunnel... deeply harrowing at times... but having made it to the light at the other end... the air I'm breathing now is intoxicating. The last chapter is absolutely sublime and a great reward having walked through broken glass for so long. Highly recommended.
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on 17 March 2011
I don't normally write reviews but I felt compelled to after reading Standing Under Freedom and TheAntiTerrorist Handbook. Once I started reading I simply couldn't stop! It all starts to make some sense now and I'll be doing a lot more reading for myself on the topics covered. Thank you AT for planting the seed, things are about to get better :-)
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on 27 November 2010
I read Standing under Freedom cover to cover in three days and I have to say, Timothy has outdone himself. A little revisiting of the Handbook here and there but necessary for a full overview, as I see it. Funny as hell in some places but, again, never undermining the subject matter. The Man Overboard and Questioning Authority chapters just rocked my world, not because the information was all a complete surprise but because my missing jigsaw pieces fell into place as I turned each page. I now know how to get out, if i want to. It may or may not be easy but the simplicity of it makes perfect sense, common sense. No mystery, no smoke, no mirrors. As Timothy says, no one else is going to make you free, no one else can, but if you don't feel able do it for yourself having read this book, read it again in a few years.

I laughed like a loon when I finished, and so will you when you realise how much of all this freedom stuff is being mystified, for whatever reason. Powerful but simply told, as the best stories are. I understand. Thank you for saying so, Timothy.
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on 9 January 2013
Written in a light-hearted and inoffensive style this book deals with some very serious subjects intelligently and engagingly covered. If only we had taken the red-pill earlier.
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