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  • Lucas
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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars51
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 20 May 2004
I was persuaded to buy and read this book by the reviews on this page. Someone mentioned that it was fantasy, so I thought I'd be on safe ground. It's not a fantasy - or not what I think of as a fantasy. This a disturbing slice of *real* life - or it could easily be. Still, it's a 5-star book. It's beautifully written and the characters are real ... some of them are horribly real. It's hard to believe the author is male because he's written this girl, Caitlin, so convincingly.
This is Caitlin's story. She's a wise and sensitive 15 year-old at the time these events occur. She made a connection - a seemingly magical/spiritual connection, with a beautiful and resourceful mystery-boy of about her own age. She's going through a difficult time: growing up, living on an island, finding it hard to communicate with her best friend and her brother who have started behaving like morons. Other members of their peer group are mixing with or turning into thugs and generally behaving abominably. Then Lucas appears. She first sees him walking along the land bridge that connects the island to the mainland at low tide, and is instantly fascinated by him. They make eye contact at that time and the magic starts. Lucas and Caitlin both seem to be exceptional individuals, floating above the base squalor of irrational human spite and malice that surrounds them. They don't have a physical relationship at all, but an almost mystical bond.
It's a very sad story and I'm embarrassed to admit that it made me snivel at the end. This is a very good book but it's the sort of book I try to avoid. There's more than enough real life in real life and on the news for me, but I'm an escapist so don't listen to me. If you're made of sterner stuff than I am, you should enjoy this book because it's very good indeed.
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on 25 February 2004
Being a great fan of fantasy novels I have read all the great authors today, Philip Pullman, JK Rowling, Garth Nix, Philip Reeve, Malorie Blackman, etc but Kevin Brooks is easily the best of them all and Lucas is his best novel to date. It is a powerful, emotion, darkly funny and immensely gripping book of hate, passion and insanity. The story is wonderfully written, poetic in places even. The characters are brought to life in stunning reality and it's like they jump off the page. Brooks' imagination is superb, the plot is thick with twists and turns. Enriched with horror, romance and all the ingredients to the best book on the shelf.
The story focusses on a girl called Caitlin who lives her widowed father and brother on an island. One night she sees a strange yet oddly beautiful boy and from then onwards her life flips dramatically. She feels that all of her friends have matured faster than she has, she feels threatened by her transformed brother and his ghastly friends and she feels she can be herself with this strange newcomer, Lucas.
The story gets better and better until at the end when it reaches a fantastic climax. A litery landmark indeed. An ending that I promise you'll never forget, a most emotional and touching finish to what is set to become a classic.
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on 4 January 2006
This is the most compelling book i have ever read. It is filled with a mixture of humour, exitement, fear, love and loathing. The characters come to life and I really felt as though i knew each of them as a friend, or in some cases as an enemy. Brooks has writen a wonderful and unusual story of teenage love which deals with life's ups and downs in an incredibly realistic yet poetic way. The storyline was so unbelievably gripping that i found myself thinking about it and what happens to the characters, during the day when i had stopped reading it. I really empathised with Cait in many places and could feel and understand her emotions and thoughts. I cannot fully describe just how beautiful this story is! It is the first book that has left me in tears, and it is a story that will stay with me for a long time. It is truely fantastic writing. A must read!
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on 31 May 2004
Oh My God! This book is from another world! I have read it countless times - the pages are bent and worn - and I never tire of it. The love between Cait and Lucas makes me cry every time...and I am certainly not one to cry when reading books...
Before I logged on to the internet today, I imagined what exactly I was going to say about Kevin Brooks' genius in 'Lucas'. I came up with several ideas, but all of them failed to capture the overwhelming talent that pours out of Kevin Brook's fingertips from start to end. It is truly powerful and swallows you up deep into the heart and mind of Lucas - and the injustice of hate that surrounds him.
If you want to read the best book that I've EVER read - and I am quite a bookworm - then pick up this book today. Or tomorrow. Or whenever - as long as you do...
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on 20 January 2003
When Lucas arrives on Hale Island the islanders are upset that a "gypsy" has moved in. A group of local thugs and drug-taking teens start off by throwing stones at him and calling him names because they're so afraid of anyone who's not exactly like them.
Then when Lucas is falsely accused of a serious crime thing get really nasty.
There are many sickenly realistic scenes describing mob mentality, violence and hatred. It really opens your eyes to the sad way some people think and act.
There is also another side to the story which is, being confused between feeling like a child and being so disgusted by the actions of so-called "grown-ups" that you'd rather to stay a child forever.
In short, a very thoughtful and real book. I recommend that you read it.
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on 30 May 2008
I Picked up this book, not realising it was aimed at teenagers, the reviews were glowing, and righlty so. I could not put this book down, I gobbled it up, there is not a single dull part to this story, but then I reached the end......Possibly I should read the end again, to make clear what actually happened. I will not ruin the story for others but I feel as though the writer didn't really know how to close off the story, so he chose to obvious rute, I think that Lucas being such a fabulous character could have amounted to more.
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on 25 October 2008
I first read this book when i was about year 8... Im now in uni and wish i had the time to re-read it (not that i haven't many times)! You can read it from young teenage to older teenage (afraid i can't say for older, but imagine so!) and still be totally sucked into it!

Its a totally addictive read. The writer has the amazing ability to make you feel so strongly about his characters; in the best stories you truely care about what happens to the characters no matter how the story goes.

Its a beautiful, gritty, frustrating, emotional story; exploring first loves, fights, confusion, jealousy, obsession, secrets and regrets and greif. Told by a girls point of view, who is supported the advice of her father, its about a mysterious boy who appears on the island she lives on. Throughout her growing obsession with him, the others on the island grow to dislike him and fight against his being there, a fact which she struggles to understand. I could say so much more, but it's my opionion that you need to read it yourself. You could never put this book down as a wasted read.

Simply put, it's about love, hate and everything in between. And i love it.
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on 28 February 2004
oh my god.this book was amazing.i dont know where to start.
i bought lucas because i thought it looked good.i love to read and can usually tell if im going to like the book by reading a few pages and studyin the cover.i didnt think it looked spectacular, but when i read it i saw that it was.
it captured my imagination right from the start.some books take a while to get into, but this one didnt at all.the description was perfect, just the right amount, and the characters...they were fantastic.the two main people, cait and lucas had every emotion possible which was amazing, because no one has just one emotion at one time.they were realistic too, not at all exaggerated and when they were happy, i was happy.when they were sad, i was sad too.
the story really is quite sad.i myself have never been able to cry at a book or a film.i may have felt sad, but ive never needed to cry, but kevin brook's intruiging words made my eyes well up with tears at one point near the end - i wont say which part because it will ruin it for a fellow reader.
his ingeneous baffled me and i wish i could write like that.with such quality and sadness.but happy sadness that makes you realize that sad things dont have to be sad all the can bring them to life, which was just what kevin brooks did with lucas.
the ending was so bittersweet cait and lucas' relationship was made me understand their love for eachother and i wanted to stand with cait and felt her sorrow for not bein able to change was all fate and lucas knew it too.
lucas' mysteriousness thrilled he was so knowledgeable from experience and instinct - something not many people have much left.he knew what he had to do instantly, even if he didnt show it.
the blurb is very catching, too.'dont let the sadness die inside you.give it some life'. after reading that i felt happy and convinced that life isnt that bad.there will always be someone who knows and loves you and who wont let your spirit die inside their heart.
and finally, on the cover, nicolette jones from the sunday times says, 'it gets to you. then when this has passed, you want to tell everyone how good it is'. and its true.
read this book.its well worth it.a strange love story that will be my favourite book for a long time to come.
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on 9 July 2004
I received my copy of "Lucas" as a christmas present off a distant Aunt. I read the blub and didn't really think much of it, however, On the off chance it might be good i began to read it - i'm so glad i did it is one of the best books i have ever read, it is on a par with the Harry Potter books and lord of the Rings. I thought the way that Brooks was able to describe how Caitlin was feeling was amazing, i felt i was re-living the whole experience for my self.Lucas was my favourite character i felt he was mysterious, brave and wise. The ending was totally unpredictable and i actually cried. The story is a suprising romantic but underneath it brings to head some important social aspects such as prejudice. I think that Brooks is an exciting and wonderful author who can really stir up emotion and Lucas is his best title.
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on 28 October 2008
This book was stunning. Beautiful. Thought-Provoking

I loved it in so many ways, Kevin Brooks is an amazing writer and this book is wonderul. It is very insightful and really makes you think about things you will not have thught about before, and it makes you reveiw everything. I loved it and i am writing this reveiw about 50 seconds after i read the book.

The writing is powerful and the book is a joy and a sorrow. I absolutely adored it. It was very insightful and Kevin doesn't describe every detail of the character, so it means you are able to make up some of them in your head, which makes it very interesting as each person will interpret it all differently.

I strongly recommend this book! especially if you are over the age of 14
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