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VINE VOICEon 25 November 2004
In this final instalment of The Black Magician trilogy, we finally learn all of Akkarin's secrets and the grave impact they have on the Guild, and indeed the whole of Imardin. As a result, Sonia finds herself having to make a life-changing decision. Dare she break one of the Guild's strictest laws and risk execution to save the world?
Cery and the thieves from the slums feature much more heavily in this third volume. They play an important part in the scheme of things, a development I welcomed as I missed their exploits in The Novice, the second book in the series.
Be warned: there are several unexpected deaths in this book including those of a few major characters. And if you think you know who the Black Magician referred to in the trilogy's title, you might want to take another guess.
Some readers have found that the climatic battle ends too abruptly. The expected defeat of the villains at the end does indeed happen too quickly but The High Lord still provides a satisfying conclusion to a compelling fantasy trilogy. Loose ends are tied up well, while at the same time making you wish for more.
I already miss reading about Sonea and her friends. But hopefully not for long for Trudi Canavan has promised two further trilogies (a prequel and a sequel) to continue their story. I can't wait.
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on 26 June 2007
Having read and reviewed the previous two books in the inevitable trilogy, I was looking forward to this final volume. I see it has mixed reviews and I now see why this should be so. There is at least one in-depth analysis posted prior to this review, which covers in a detailed fashion why this book is a disappointment. If you have yet to read this book, avoid tybalt-quin's critique as it gives away very significant details of the story. However, I can see why the reviewer has taken the time to be so thorough, and do agree to some extent that the trilogy ultimately disappoints, though I find it difficult to be quite so harsh. Again, as I mentioned in previous reviews, this trilogy is not aimed principally at an adult audience, so certain levels of sophistication have to be sacrificed.

On the positive side, I did enjoy the story, and even applaud the author's decision not to be too sentimental over the fate of key protagonists. Many questions were answered (if not already guessed at) and pieces fell into place as the story unfolded. However, there was a curious sense of disappointment overall. The ending was almost too neat. In some ways it was akin to eating a well-cooked and presented meal that is not quite enough to satisfy the appetite.

I would theorise that, since the author is compelled to write such that the material fits nicely into three volumes, suddenly the end of the allotted pages loomed and the story had to draw to a close. Everything came to a close rather quickly and superficially for my liking.

However, overall it is still a good yarn; entertaining, enjoyable and containing characters with whom you can feel sympathy or disgust, compassion or loathing. I certainly didn't sit there with a feeling of "I don't care about these people", and I wanted to find out how everything panned out. Which is probably why I felt the sense of disappointment - it didn't quite live up to my expectations in the final analysis.

Whether I will bother with subsequent Canavan novels remains to be seen, but I am glad I read this trilogy.
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on 14 February 2006
It's been a year since the Challenge, and Sonea is finally treated with some respect by the other novices.
This third and final volume first concentrates on the mysterious murders that have been recently committed in the city of Imardin. One thing is certain, Black Magic has been used to kill these people. Aware of the High Lord's secret knowledge of this forbidden power, Administrator Lorlen and Lord Rothen's are more and more lead to think that the murderer might be Akkarin.
However, Sonea knows these dead are actually Sachakan slaves sent by their master to kill the High Lord, so the latter was merely defending himself. But she still finds it hard to feel at ease around her Guardian, and Akkarin needs her trust. He has no choice but to share his secret story with her, telling her of Kariko's desire to avenge his brother Dakova's death, and of his impending invasion with other Ichani, outcast Sachakan black magicians, each a hundred times stronger than several Guild Magicians. As utter destruction threatens the city of Imardin, Kyralia and the rest of the Allied Lands face reduction of its entire people to slavery.
In the meantime, Cery has earned respect among the Thieves, and befriended a Sachakan woman who says she can help him predict the next murders. As for Ambassador Dannyl, he's back in Elyne to investigate on a band of rebel magicians.
I absolutely loved witnessing the evolution of Akkarin's character, as well as that of his relationship with Sonea. Their trek in the mountains created images that reminded me of the Kalbarri and Karijini gorges in Australia, the ambush in Calia was in the vein of a great Clint Eastwood Western, and the final chase in the twisted streets of Imardin was like a giant game of hide-and-seek. My only regret is I wish there were more loose ends tied up after the grand finale, which concludes a little too abruptly in my opinion. Otherwise it's a fantastic series, a very engrossing story.
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on 12 February 2006
As a fan of David Eddings and having been very disappointed by his more recent offerings, I have been looking for an author who can give me the excitement and great characters I've been hankering for. Ms Canavan gives you that in spades! I read the whole trilogy in 4 days (would have been less if it hadn't been for work). The first book "Magicians Guild", to me, was a little slow to get going. The beginning was great and had me hooked, but then it seemed to slow down. It took ages for Sonea to be caught! The pace stept up about halfway through and then didn't stop until it left you a big emotional heap at the end. Like the other reviewers I was gutted by the ending and needed a big box of hankies. However, I think the ending worked in the books favour. It left you thinking about it for ages after, and although I too am a romantic and really wanted it to end with a happily ever after, it wouldn't have had the same impact. I have already bought her new book and am looking forward to getting started as soon as it arrives, and will be buying any more books she writes in the future.
Definitely an author to keep your eye on!
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VINE VOICEon 21 March 2007
As you work your way through this book, you'll enjoy more of that great page-turning enthusiasm that you got from the preceeding parts of the trilogy. The lead character has matured, and so she has more "grown up" matters to deal with and the whole thing is written intelligently and is very entertaining. I just have two gripes:

1) If I ever have to read about someone's lip curling into a half-smle again, I'll probably scream.

2) The ending felt rushed and incomplete.

But, and this is the good news, there is plenty of scope for the story to continue. And I, for one, hope that it does!
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on 15 February 2006
I thoroughly enjoyed all the books in the trilogy, especially this one. A lot happens in this book, with events, places and characters changing rapidly. As with the previous book the characters and plot are engaging and really draw you into the story so that it's very hard to put down.
Akkarin is a main(and interesting) part of this book; you find out a lot more about his history, and the story spends a lot more time with him, although it still skips between the various characters. Although you don't see all that much of Rothen in this book, Dorrien makes a few appearances, Cery has a larger part and Dannyl still plays his role.
I really really enjoyed this book. It's interesting with engaging characters, a good plot, lots of adventure and just enough romance. The only thing I didn't really like was what you find out in the epilogue, as it's too common for that kind of thing to happen at the end of fantasy books, and I'd been hoping for the last 1/3rd of the book that it wouldn't happen...but that's not at all important to the story, and the rest was great.
If you haven't yet, read The High Lord and it's prequels(but do read them in order or a)it won't make sense and b)the story will be spoilt).
Altogether a brilliant books that was a realy enjoyable read.
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on 22 March 2007
I enjoyed this book the most out of the trilogy. It was very gripping and good to see all the main characters working together. Also good to see some of our favourite characters having a bit of romance at last (trying not to give too much away here!).

I, personally, didn't think the ending was too rushed as I have read in other comments. It could possibly have gone on for a bit longer and given us some more detail about the aftermath, but after reading Trudi Canavan's website I found out why it didn't. She tells us that she is writing a prequel and a sequel so although Sonea may not be such a prominent character in the sequel (I don't think she appears in the prequel), I assume it will give the readers who were disappointed, the closure they are looking for.
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on 23 October 2006
I'm not a great fan of fantasy trilogies, hard SF is more my bag, but this girl's got something. She certainly got me! I found "The Magicians' Guild" at the local library, expecting to read a couple of chapters and take it back, which happens a lot. But I read it at a sitting, went out next day and found "The Novice", and the day after actually bought "The High Lord". And that don't happen often! Almost unprecedented.

Now I'll be a "grumpy old man". The work is not unflawed. She is obviously a beginner at this kind of writing. The first volume begins as one kind of book and suddenly changes into another half way through. The second definitely knows where it's going. The climax in the third falls a bit flat, she knows what she is trying to do, but hasn't yet developed the skills to quite pull it off. And there's the "curling lip" syndrome.

But her prose is as transparent as the finest, it never gets in the way of the tale she's telling. And the tale itself may not be entirely original, but there are twists and perspectives I've never come across before (though as I said, I'm not a fan of this kind of fiction, so it's possible they might be commonplaces in the kind of novels I give up on by chapter three).

Trudi writes with a fire that makes it matter. Today I'm in the middle of "Priestess of the White", the first volume of her next trilogy and she has learned. She is maturing. She will be a star. I will watch out for her books the way I do for Sheri Tepper, Garth Nix and Ursula LeGuin. Trudi Canavan is a giant in the making and this is where it started.
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on 13 March 2005
Firstly I would like to say that I am devastated that I have finished reading the books. What will I read now? The Black Magician Trilogy is sooo BRILLIANT that I doubt I will ever be able to find anything to match its standards!
We return to Imardin in the third book, with the High Lord as Sonea's guardian, the novice's treating Sonea with a little respect and Rothen and Lorlen dreading what will happen to the guild and Sonea now that Akkarin knows that they know his secret. What will happen to Sonea now? Living with the dangerous and mysterious High Lord...not what you think would happen!!! With Magic, Mystery, Love and Danger how can you feel anything but LOVE for this book!
This book had me laughing, crying and giggling. In this book I related to Sonea in alot of ways. As a older teenage girl I found that Sonea and I thought about certain things in the same way, which was brilliant because she is a magician and obviously I am not. This is just another example of brilliant characterisation!! I loved the little twist at the end and without spoiling things I will say that I didn't just cry because the book had ended!! I am extremely sorry to finish this trilogy and I hope beyond hope that Trudi Canavan continues to write such enthralling and exciting tales such as the Black Magician Trilogy. All lovers of magic and fantasy tales will love this.
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on 5 November 2004
I discovered the first book of this trilogy by accident! I was at an airport looking for something to distract me and was, I confess, drawn to the simply cover! (I now like finding books at airports as I discovered George RR Martin at Heathrow!) The book was very well written "standard" fantasy. Book two added a few twists and was, again, a good page turner. In book two the plot didn't really go anywhere but the world was fleshed out, the characters developed and a few surprising traits unleashed on a, largely, unsuspecting reader. The fate of the series therefore rests with book 3. Will this be another triliogy that builds up hope and promise only to dissappoint? The answer I am pleased to say is a resounding no!
The seiries ends on a high and is well worth reading!
I will not give too much away except to say that, by the end, I had guessed one major outcome but was throughly pleased anyway!
Well worth a read! I recommend this trilogy to anyone who loves fantasy fiction. Especially now that the trilogy is all out in the UK and no frustrating waiting is required!
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