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VINE VOICEon 19 October 2004
After the slight dip in quality of the previous instalment, chapter 3 of Big Finish's Dalek Empire miniseries (confusingly sharing its title with one of the TV stories!) gets things back on track. The stakes are raised higher this time round, with Earth fallen to the Daleks and Alby now playing for much higher stakes than just a reunion with the woman he loves. The long planned slave uprising against the Daleks finally kicks off, and this stage of Susan and Kalendorf's story reaches it end in this instalment. Newscaster Gordon Pellen is surprisingly written out between chapters, but instead we have a new character joining the cast in the shape of a slightly cheesy American-accented policewoman who's on Alby's trail. Some great twists and character-building moments, Death to the Daleks! ups the drama and propels the series to it's 4th and final chapter. Great stuff!
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on 7 April 2015
"Obey the Daleks! Obey! Obey! OBEY!!!"

The `Dalek Empire' series continues!

`"Death to the Daleks!"' is the third chapter/audio drama out of the four CDs in the `Dalek Empire' series. It is a 70-minute episode. The first two episodes were 'Invasion of the Daleks' and 'The Human Factor' before this. In this episode, things become deadly serious!

This series is written, produced and directed by Nicholas Briggs who also voices the Daleks with Alistair Lock and Steven Allen (in this one). This episode stars Sarah Mowat as Susan `Suz' Mendez; Mark MacDonnell as Albert `Alby' Brook and Gareth Thomas as Kalendorf.

First off, I was shocked-surprised to discover that Alby's friend Gordon Pellan in the first two episodes was actually a Dalek agent - a super-enhanced Roboman. No wonder Pellan was getting more pessimistic as we discover the truth from Alby's space security boss in this episode.

It has been many years since the Daleks invaded the Earth Empire. Alby is sent on a mission by the Space Security Service authorities, which could mean killing the woman he loves. Meanwhile Suz and Kalendorf's lives are at risk as their secret plan to defeat the Daleks is soon discovered.

For this episode, the threads of the Dalek invasion of the galaxy start to become clearer. The stakes also get higher, especially when the message of "Death to the Daleks!" and the mysterious Project: Infinity becomes involved. It makes for tense drama and action-packed adventure.

Mark McDonnell as Alby Brook's personal mission to rescue Suz gets endangered, especially when his past catches up with him. Alby is horrified with the notion he may have to kill Suz to save the galaxy. I like how Alby is determined in the hope of seeing Suz again, even though things are bleak.

Alby has now got cyborg legs since his own legs were blown off in the previous episode.

There's a moment I like where Alby hears Suz's voice when accessing surveillance transmissions between her and the Daleks. He soon realises the Daleks know he's watching and he has to stop watching. But I like how Alby reflects on hearing her voice again which to him is somehow changed.

There's an interplanetary police officer 274 named Mirana (played by Teresa Gallagher). Mirana is on the hunt for Alby since he's commit acts of crime during his mission to save Suz. Alby gets annoyed with Mirana chasing after him, and tolerates her presence when she catches up with him.

Sarah Mowat as Susan Mendez, the `Angel of Mercy', has become more bitter and cold since she became a slave to the Daleks on Vegas VI. Her friendship with Kalendorf is on edge and she's sometimes confident that she can control the Daleks. But those words bite back at her.

There's a moment in the episode (and it's in the comic book art of the CD notes), where the Daleks exterminate the slave workers who removed the surveillance devices in her office. It's a horrific moment and it upsets Suz when she realises that she can control the Daleks as she thinks.

Gareth Thomas as Kalendorf delivers an interesting contrast to Suz's association with the Daleks. They've been working together in secret, but there is friction between them. Kalendorf's powers as a Knight of Velyshaa are touched upon as they become vital in overthrowing the Daleks.

I like the scene between Suz and Kalendorf when they're out in the open and they reflect on the eve before they're about to spread their message of "Death to the Daleks!" to everyone. It provides reconciliation between them and touches upon how Suz feels about Alby in this moment.

The Dalek Emperor makes another appearance in this episode of the `Dalek Empire' series. There's also a Red Supreme Controller Dalek that Suz and Kalendorf talk to that really means business.

Again Tim Keable's comic book art is very impressive inside the sleeve notes for `"Death to the Daleks!". The extract from a coded transmission by the Space Security Service about the Red Supreme Controller Dalek at the back of the sleeve notes is interesting.

Like the previous two episodes, there aren't any CD extras or `coming soon' trailers to be featured at the end of this disc.

The episode ends on a cliff-hanger and one I wasn't expecting.

`"Death to the Daleks!"' is a great third chapter to this `Dalek Empire' series as things become more deadly serious. With the episode ending on a cliff-hanger, I wondered what was going to happen in the final instalment of the series. I had shivers and worries. Would the Daleks ever be defeated?

The `Dalek Empire' series concludes in 'Project Infinity'.
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First released in 2001, this is the third in a Big Finish spin off series from the Doctor Who main range and, as the title indicates, centres around the Daleks. It's a single disc release, one episode about an hour long.

In this third episode the Daleks are on the verge of completing their conquest of the galaxy. But Suze and Karlendorf's plans are starting to come to fruition. And just why is Albie trying to hack into a secure Human communications network?

Another excellent story in this series. Centered more around Albie's tale it develops his character nicely. But there is still plenty for Sarah Mowat and Gareth Thomas to do as Suze and Karlendorf respectively. It's another slice of a dark and complex tale in which it appears that no matter what happens humanity's days are numbered. There is a feeling of doom and despair starting to creep in, despite the grand finale in which humanity makes its last desperate gamble. It can't be listened to in isolation from the other releases otherwise it will make no sense, but this is a slice of gripping drama, so 5 stars.
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