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4.7 out of 5 stars30
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 1 March 2004
Piggyback has delivered another high quality, accurate and full informed guide book once again.
The maps are well detailed, with easy-to-read icons for treasures and other important things. Combined with easy-to-read walkthrough, which combined with the maps, that helps you to get past any obstacles. All the accessories, Garment Grids, dresspheres and other important items that can help you survive through-out the game, are all listed here. The useful "Monsters" list is also included, listing all the monsters' strengths and weaknesses, including the bosses.
The main and important thing about this guide, is ever, the "Secrets" part. It will help you to get all the secrets and help you to boost your completion score further. Without this, you would take a very long time to reach the 100% completion score.
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on 14 July 2006
With RPG's I tend to complete the game myself first and with such games as this where you have multiple endings as well as a percentage completion I redo the game with a guide.

If you've ever bought more than a couple of different guides then you will most likely know that piggy back never fail to deliver when it comes to strategy guides. They are well presented, full of secrets and contain a more than adaquete walkthrough to boot.

This particular guide is not as good as some of the previous ones in Piggyback's repertoire. I myself think the Final Fantasy VIII one is much better.

The X-2 guide is extremely well put together. However, Even with the guide gaining 100% is a lot harder than it sounds. It is easy to overlook certain points and you could miss certain events that may be required to complete in order to achieve the elusive 100% completion. I believe with the guide I managed around 98% which isn't too bad and I managed to see the "best ending". I won't give that away though as it's a bit of a spoiler.

If you like guides for games then you will love this. If you genuinely need a strategy guide because you can't actually complete the game without it then this will help you as well. If you want to uncover all the games secrets then this guide is for you.

I highly recommend this....

I'm still missing one costume though, luckily it's mascot which is a poor costume.
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on 8 March 2004
Whether it just be you're stuck in a certain area or you want to know what you are missing this book doubles the enjoyment of your game and future games of Final Fantasy X-2.
I bought this purely because I wanted to learn how to get some of the more elusive dress sheres but now I'm on a quest to get them all! Just because this book gives you the answers to the puzzels (you don't have to read those sections) it doesn't mean you wont stop enjoying playing the game.
If you've clocked up 10 hours of play then now is about the time you should buy this.
It's also a beautiful book inside and out and very good value.
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on 28 April 2005
This book is super, great presentation, but before use read and get used to the layout and possble plan wot u do, i used book marks for each chapter area
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on 15 February 2004
This book has gotten me through a lot of tough times and it is worth the money.
The quality of information is brilliant, for beginners it has a small page about how to deal with the first fight in Luca - how to select commands, when to heal etc.
It then goes on to expert tips for all us Final Fantasy vetrans.
It lists all the dress spheres and where to get them and what abilities they can learn (which is very useful)
The guide is of very good quality with high quality pictures to help guide you.
At the back it has item and acessory lists and also the most helpful monster guide.
The secrets is the best part as it tells you how to do the secondary missions in order to get 100%
Finally there is a fold out page to keep open to tell the newbies to the series what the status aliment symbols mean and pages numbers to where the maps for certain locations start.
Overall this is a brilliant guide that will help everyone out (newbies to the experts)
3 cheers for Square enix, 3 cheers for piggyback and 3 cheers to authorised

one final note - hope you buy it because it is worth it
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on 1 March 2004
As always the Final Fantasy Strategy guides are extremly helpful! they tell you everything you need to know about that game! and with FFX-2 being different to the rest of the Final Fantasy series, this guide is a must! Especially if you are wanting to achieve the "Perfect Ending" scenario (100% Completion)
The FFX-2 title is such a massive game, although the main story will take you about 18 hours to complete, the secondary missions that aid to the development of the story takes the completion time all the way to 50+ hours!
This guide does justice as it tells you where to find everything, how to do things and important scenes that are not to be missed.
This guide is a must of ALL final fantasy fans, even to those who don't want to cheat, this is essiental if you want to see the full ending of the game (you cannot do this alone! trust me!)
The only downside is that you have to do alot of flicking through, the main maps of the locations are in the walkthrough section, but in the secrets chapter, it doesn't print you a map for some missions but tells you to "refer to pages XX & XX for maps and keys" which can be annoying at times.
Overall, worth buying! So stop reading and BUY IT! go on! Do it for the "Perfect Ending"!! :D
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on 24 December 2012
The ffx-2 official strategy guide is an extremely helpful tool for those wanting a 100% completion score.

This guide boasts fantastic artwork and an easy to follow walk through which explains all 'hotspot' missions (which are essential to the story) step-by-step. The secrets section contains information on the side missions and a checklist needed for the 100% completion score and thus the secret ending every fan of ffx needs to see. Maps for all areas are readily available in case you get lost. These include points on interest and chests holding valuable items. All foes are listed with stats and weaknesses if you're having trouble in an encounter.

Many aspects of ffx-2 differ from the previous game. As such, the beginning of the guide explains new concepts, like dress spheres and the garment grids, to allow the player to jump right into the game.

Overall, a brilliant guide. I highly recommended it for those looking to play ffx-2 for the first time.
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on 28 September 2012
Don't do review that much but this one deserved one.
The delivery took only 3 days, 2 once it was picked n ready. arrived via signature which was more impressive as it means they made sure i'd get it quickly and excellent condition.
The guide itself arrived sealed and in mint condition which explains the smile on my face when i saw it. :)

The guide itself is just like FFViii, it has everything you need to know from the enemy, the items in game to the little mini things that make the game more interesting and at times - easier lol
I still haven't FULLY read it just skimmed through it and couldn't be happier with the purchase. If anyone is wanting to play this game, or is currently playing it i would advise them to get this guide, it's well worth the little bit of money for insanely many hours worth of play :). (the key thing for me atm i would say is the full intel about the dress spheres)
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on 24 December 2009
If there was ever a game that needed a guide then it's FFX-2, not because it's particularly hard to complete but because of the sheer volume of side-quests and secrets there are to do. I have no idea how you'd go about completing them all without this guide because there are so many specific things you must to in each chapter of the game; if you miss it in a chapter then you can't go back and try again. The guide itself is extremely detailed and colourful with excellent maps and descriptions for each chapter and location. The key for the maps include the different items present in each Chapter and how to get them. The secrets section is completely exhaustive and will definitely help you get to 100%. You still have to play through the game twice to get to 100% though so you'll be spending a long time on the game.
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on 3 July 2004
Not much to say here really, this is a definite must for anyone who is a Final Fantasy fan and has FF X-2.
This walkthrough is well illustrated with a very convenient index enabling you to find out what you need to know quickly.
It is the official guide and gives you ALL the secrets, and the best hints for defeating bosses and solving puzzles etc.A problem I found with an earlier piggyback guide (the FF IX walkthrough) was that it didnt give you all the secrets, but it gave you a code that you could use on their website to find out a particular tip or secret.Thankfully, they have not done this in this guide.
The guide is absolutely flawless if you own FF X-2 and are a big Final Fantasy fan, but perhaps not worth the money if you are only a casual fan.
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