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4.1 out of 5 stars81
4.1 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 31 October 2000
This tape has helped me reach levels of relaxation I never thought were possible. It has helped me to be more calm and relaxed in difficult situations. The speaker has a perfectly calm voice and the music is so soothing... Thankyou very much.
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on 23 April 2009
Having read about "Qigong" from a friend, and as a very close member of family guided me, I bought this. I think that you need to be receptive and trusting so as to benefit from this superb, calming advice. Having retired from a massively stressful career, I have made time for listening to and following the advice, which has gradually become really therapeutic. While it may not work for everyone, it has cetainly worked for me. I think that the two essential points are (a) to believe that over a period of time, in my case almost immediate, that the therapy will work and (b) to set aside time that is totally your own and not, under any but the most dire circumstances, to be interrupted or intruded upon.

But I cannot emphasise too much that you really have to believe that the special form of relaxation will work for you. I can only say that it has worked for me.
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on 15 September 2010
When I came and blundered across this CD I was taking a shot in the dark, giving the idea of a deep relaxation CD a go, and with no idea what I was looking for. I am so thankful I found and ordered this CD. Glenn has a beautiful voice - deep and soothing, with a powerful, strong nurturing presence: this helps the meditations feel very safe and healing. The meditations are very powerful and the relaxation is very deep and refreshing. I love that there are two different options, both of which I love, and of the other CDs I have tried Glenn's is the one which I find most easy to slip into a dreamy trance state with, and the one which leaves me feeling most serene.

I started with the CD on Monday, listening twice a day, and today is Wednesday - I loaded up the car and drove off with my children, on my own, and we went swimming, something I have not done for 13 years, in a pool I have never been to before and despite doing so many things that were new and anxiety making for me, I was only anxious for a few tiny moments as I waited to go into the car park thinking "what if I can't park?" But a wave of strength passed over me and I knew I could park and that if I couldn't it wouldn't really be a problem. Such small and insignificant things for most people, but HUGE for me. I feel happy and positive and relaxed for the first time in - well, so long it doesn't even feel normal to be happy and optimistic! And now, we have a trip to London planned, and I am not even worried about that! So, truly, if you have anxiety and stress issues (and I was having daily panic attacks and struggling to cope with daily life), this CD could help you as it helped me and it would be worth every penny.
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on 21 May 2008
This is the first ever hypnosis CD I've ever bought, so was quite sceptical... but it certainly does acheive it's goal - I was extremely relaxed and I look forward to listening to the CD many more times. I expect I shall also buy another of Glenn Harrold's CD's also. Dont expect to be hypnotised to the point you dont remember anything, its nothing like that! Its just being able to fully relax mind and body. Each 30min session seems so quick as you drift into a peaceful state of mind... you want it to last longer! This really helps me to relax when my chronic illness is making it hard to do so. Thumbs up!
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on 8 March 2006
I love this cd. Glenn has a lovely voice, soothing yet assertive. I've only given it four stars because the first track is a little disappointing; i actually find the music quite eerie compared to that of some of his other recordings. Having said that, if you relax and go with it you will feel the benefits. Track 2 is wonderful, the best hypnotherapy recording I've experienced. He leads you down some steps and into a healing garden, then he takes you down a winding path to the beach. You really drift off here, and you really will feel that the sea is at your feet.
I've only listened to this track for a week but I do feel a change in me, my inner voice is changing and I'm having more positive thoughts. I can also tolerate others better, and I feel more in control of my emotions.
I used to suffer from social phobia, but I have drastically improved since using both Glenn's Develop Your Self Confidence recording, and Paul McKenna's Change Your Life in Seven Days book. To anyone who suffers from any form of anxiety, I would recommend that they also use one of Paul's books. His Instant Confidence book is fantastic and I'm currently using the suggested techniques he gives in conjunction with Glenn's Complete Relaxation cd.
To sum up, this cd feeds the soul and is a lovely way to end each day. It will help you view life more positively and look on the bright side of any situation. However, if you suffer from anxiety or have any confidence issues, Paul McKenna's books will help you to take action and change your life.
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on 14 May 2004
After suffering from very bad anxiety and depression problems and trying countless other relaxation tapes and cds (none of which helped at all), I was very sceptical when I tried this one. However, this CD really has made a difference! Listening to this CD leaves me deeply relaxed, and has even sent me (a life-long insomniac) to sleep on several occassions. The only downside is it hasn't really reduced my everyday anxiety levels that much, but it does calm me down and relax me while I'm actually listening to it.
I'd recommend this CD to anyone who has difficulties in sleeping, or with less-severe anxiety problems.
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on 6 January 2006
I avoided buying this item because of the reviews about Glenn Harrold's voice. When I finally decided to take a risk, Well I didn't know What to expect. I'd imagined all sorts, a wimpy voice, a nasal voice.
So whats the big deal? A very mild southern counties accent. It's not even a London accent, and I'm a northerner. Think a posh Paul Weller!
The voice is definately male and can be forceful, when he tells you to wake up, you wake up. However his voice is NOT efeminate, nor is it pretending some kind of false spirituality. This voice is the voice of a real person, but you can believe what he tells you.
Oh and by the way I felt I was making progress almost immediately.
I'd definately buy this again!
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on 7 November 2007
I have noticed that people react completely differently to relaxation recordings, and even the same person may respond very differently to the same CD at different times. So I'd recommend trying a CD at least three times before dismissing it. Having said that, everybody has individual criteria for what relaxes them, and I'd thought I'd write a more factual review to help shoppers make the right decision first time.

Firstly, Glenn Harrold sounds like a honey-voiced Eastenders character - if Cockney irritates you, don't buy it. Other than that, it's hard to fault his deep and smooth voice, I love it. He sounds quite forceful not namby-pamby.

There are left-right stereo effects, mainly with his voice (affirmations echoing and fading in volume, you know the kinda thing). The music is very simple, subtle, and subsides altogether for long periods I think, so for me perfect - not distracting. The left-right effects are supposed to have all sorts of beneficial effects on the brain, and I personally like them, but if you are very easily distracted by noises, maybe this could be a problem, like for one other reviewer? Dunno.

The sound quality is high. The CD is very hypnotic I think, the first time in my life I've actually felt in a bit of a trance (I am not very suggestible). As for the script, overall it works well for me, and I slightly prefer the second track with a visualised visit to a garden etc to the more affirmation / hypnosis-based first track, simply because I didn't like some of the affirmations much. 'You continue to remain more and more relaxed' is a bit of a grammatical puzzle I find, and this had me distracted trying to work out whether this actually makes sense or not. Other affirmations are better than that though, and I have found the hypnotic first track nonetheless very effective.

Because of the small issues mentioned, only a high 4 out of 5. I have yet to find a better author of relation CDs. The memory one is good too, the chakra one great, and I am awaiting delivery of Unleash Your Potential, which seems to be very highly rated.

In comparison, Lorraine Ireland has a great script but the music is just insane, there is so much going on, and it is as loud as her voice, so sometimes you miss what she says! Her voice and unusual accent took more getting used to than Glenn's but because of the music I had to give up on her CD altogether.
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on 10 July 2004
After a stressful day at the office there is nothing more rewarding that lying down and listening to the soothing tones of Glenn Harrold gently talking to you and bringing you to complete relaxation and with this disk this is what you get! Its absolutely marvellous - I feel completely rejuvenated, I sleep better, I'm able to control my stress levels and I can deal with people and situations better ... need I say more? Try it and see ... To Glenn Harrold a massive THANK YOU!
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on 2 July 2008
I love this CD, the breathing techniques are useful and on the second track there is a visualisation of a visit to a garden, supposedly going on to a beach - I have never got there because I am fast asleep by then, so it is really really effective.
Glenn's accent and voice are so soothing it is a must have as far as relaxation is concerned. The quality of the recording is astounding (no background hiss on the silent bits) and I will definitely buy more of his work - get it!
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