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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars92
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 October 2008
For so long I have looked for concepts and ideas to help bring some meaningful understanding to my life, and although I have read many wonderful books which have gone some way to explain, they have often left me with more questions than they answered, as well as a feeling that there was still something missing. In that context The Eternal Validity of the Soul is a ray of light. There is nothing it does not mention, from a particle to the creation of life including the meaning of reality itself, they are all embraced with such insight, clarity and detail you will want to read it again and again.

If it is simply spirituality you are looking for then it is maybe a little deep, but do not let this put you off. Keep an opening mind and persevere. You will not be disappointed. For the curious mind who is genuine in his/her desire to understand the meaning of life and where it is taking you then it really is one of those books that will never leave your bedside, and no matter how many times you read it you always discover something new.
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on 20 July 2005
I first came across Seth many years ago when I was young yet it was far too advanced for my then limited knowledge of reality or where I was going. I am much older now and after a long search for truth through many volumes both good and bad I have found that this book has been a revelation. The only warning I might add is that if you aren't too long on the journey of truth then it might be a little too heavy. Although the likes of Conversations with God and other popular books might prove easier to digest on the nature of who we are and where we are going, you would be forgiven for suspecting that it was from this book that these authors originally drew their inspiration. If you are serious about the nature of your existenece then I do not see how you can be disappointed. This is a fascinating book that will answer many of your questions with clarity and detail.
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on 30 November 2008
'Seth Speaks' confirms all the intuitions we have, the beliefs we held as children and were taught, alas, to put aside. It is an inspiration to live with awareness and mindfulness, for, as Seth clearly says, we are creating our next life by the way we live this one: our every thought, every emotion is important. It illuminates the great wisdom teachings and practices, such as Tibetan Buddhism; and has the effect of bringing profound peace of mind, since it resonates, like a beautifully-tuned musical instrument of great value, with our deepest heart-felt feelings.
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on 19 May 1999
This book is more than just a book. At first, the ideas presented seemed a little hokey to me: Ouija boards, disembodied souls.... I don't buy into that kind of stuff. But as I read further and further into it, the whole basis of the book became clear to me, and I found that one CAN be very deeply spiritual without having to be some sort of New Age sheep or religious feind. Seth Speaks isnt a self-help book and it isnt a bunch of New Age drek... It's real, and it has changed my life 100 percent.
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on 26 January 1998
When reading Seth Speaks, ignore anything writen in italics - it slows down the flow of ideas. I have read Seth Speaks about 15 times and each time there is more to consider. The Seth material, not what Jane Roberts offered, is one of the three best sources of material to the very
serious metaphysical student. Edgar Cayce was great at introducing concepts and offering a definition for most topics. Cayce's information was definitately rooted in a traditional religious
belief system but it is still the best place to start one's study. The Seth works, Seth Speaks being the cental book, builds upon concepts found within the Cayce files and introduces the idea of "You create your own reality." The final book that I believe one must read is A Course In Miracles. This is the CAP STONE. It also states
"You create your own reality" but adds that God
is NOT involved in this "illusion" since anything of God must be eternal and nothing we see, taste, touch, smell or hear is eternal. Topics like Grace, Reincarnation, Karma, Psychic Powers are all discussed in these three Major sources.
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on 2 April 2010
I bought this book about 5 years ago and the ideas in it have haunted me ever since. When you read it the obvious questions you'll find yourself asking are: can Seth possibly be real? Was Jane Roberts a charlatan? Or was she merely deluded?

Rationally speaking Seth cannot be real of course, and Jane was either deluded or a charlatan. But read the book, and you begin to wonder. There's something in here that rings uncannily true. There are those who say that Jane could not possibly have made Seth up - that she was an "ordinary" woman, ergo Seth must be real - I refute this: Jane Roberts was anything but an ordinary woman. She was possessed of a remarkable creative insight, and a rare intelligence, and she was perfectly capable of formulating a cosmology based upon her own studies and experience without bringing an imaginary entity called Seth into the equation to act as her spokesperson.

Once you're done with the rational analysis though, you then have to ask yourself did this book change your life? Let's face it: there are very few books that actually, fundamentally, change your life. But this one changed mine. And I'm a rational person.

Seth is a subject worth a lifetime's study, whether you believe you are studying Seth, or some mysterious output of Jane Robert's unconscious mind. There are so many Seth books, and they do require great concentration because the concepts are so startling, but with patience there is much here to inform the spirit, and rest assured: it is entirely positive. God bless you Jane/Seth/whoever you are.

If you are new to Seth and Jane Roberts, then Seth Speaks is the best place to start.

To quote the modern(ish) vernacular: this book will blow your mind.
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on 13 January 1998
If one is looking to discover a new way to perceive the world about themselves, they have found the direction in this book. The seemingly hard words chip away at the fortress an individual has built around their conceptional world. As the severity of one's thoughts begins to loosen, new perspectives can be obtained. Truly the work must be done by theindividual. Even though this can be a very strenuous task at times, the rewards are beyond comparison. When one restructures the way by which they take in information and internalize it, they build a new framework by which to respond to those things around themselves. This is the empowerment of self understanding;learning by and of oneselfcreating an unbreakable bond to one's own thinking. Learning which has been done through self awareness is undeniable.Seth Speaks extends to all a pointby which new perspectives can be achieved, if one so desires.
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on 11 June 1999
This is a one of a kind spiritual guide to truth. When I began reading the various Seth materials I wasn't able to understand. Then one day it dawned on me. I opened the book and all of the ideas I'd concieved of were presented in a thoroughness and clarity I couldn't even begin to touch. I recommend it highly and have gotten others to read it and still encourage its message to this day. As I am writing my own philosophical montage I will use much of Seth's material as relevant background. I couldn't possibly get away from it! Get it! Read it many times! It will change the way you live and look at life!
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on 8 May 1998
I looked far and wide for someone to explain to me the nature of reality. Seth was the only one who could. This stuff is amazing, but once you digest it and incorporate it into your consciousness, it is simple and quite normal.
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on 25 January 1999
I read Richard Bach's book Illusions years ago, and when I read The Eternal Validity of the Soul, it was as if I were reading the advanced honors course textbook that Illusions had been the primer to. If you are a searcher, and have felt that the religions of the world have the right"heart" but way too much paraphernalia attached, check this book out. It is life-affirming, and will release you from the shackles of your own fear about any number of subjects. Warning! This book is not for the lazy reader. Give it your time and attention, though, and your life will be the richer for it.
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